RHOBH SNEAK PEEK: More of PumpMyStomach v HagfaceKyle

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While selecting fabrics for her shirt order, PumpMyStomach gives the full run down of how she picked up her newest employee… who just happened to be walking to her job interview when PMS picked her up and the rest is … Continue reading

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RHOBH Preview: Sneak Peek… Yoda And DrunkOtis Walk And Talk After A 55-Mile Hike To The Beach!

RHOBH yolanda house before lemons RHOBH yolanda house  RHOBH Yolanda house

Yoda and DrunkOtis take a ten-mile hike down from Yoda’s lemon house, dodging traffic and then spending six hours knocking on doors to get permission to access the beach…where Yoda chats about her “model” daughter, Alana, and the other sad drunk “model” daughter, Lemon.


DrunkOtis has tons of business opportunities and all kinds of other stuff going on, but she still can’t find a house to buy.  At least DrunkOtis has her new RangeRover to love…


RHOBH david yolanda clown pg mags


RHOBH Preview:  DrunkOtis plays the “I’m poor” card… Yoda’s head explodes as she’s thinking waaaay too much for a LymeDisease victim… CreepyCarlton listens to the vociferate whining and convulsive crying of that consummate actress PumpMyStomach…


O-M-G!  LisaVanderPumpMyStomach is confronted by Yoda and DrunkOtis and HagfaceKyle.  These over-40 chicks are arguing about who likes whom best… and whether they’re “Hollywood” or just regular friends.  Pathetic.  NOTE:  Seems as though Yoda has gotten the message from RHOBH producers to “bring the drama”!!


REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS Preview: It’s Perfectly Clear… Those BH Housewives ARE Stoopid!!

On the next RHOBH… Ken starts the Stoopid!!   They’re all


RHOBH Preview: Kim Richards And Brandi Glanville Prepare For Puerto Rico …Drunk Otis Show Her Boobs For Spray Tan

On the next RHOBH:  Preparing for PuertoRico, DrunkOtis shows off her boobs in the spray tan booth… DrunkO says she loves being naked:

CARLTON GEBBIA: CreepyCarlton’s HouseHusband Jerry Throws A Party…KosherKyle Richards UN-Invited! … YODA Studies To Become US Citizen

RHOBH Preview Part IV:  CreepyCarltonTheDoorman’s husband, Jerry, is throwin’ a par-tay for his clients… HagfaceKyle gets a dis-invite and breaks the news to MO-Reese in the middle of a sweat-inducing basketball game; but MO-Reese is still on the list!

Wait for it!  YODA is doin’ an AmericanHistory quiz with KingDavey…

NOTE:  Yes, YODA becomes an American citizen… and, it’s all filmed for Bravo.

YOLANDA FOSTER: Yoda Goes To EX-MO’s “BUY My House”… To Chat About “Family Stuff”… NOT To Eat!!

RHOBH Preview Part I:  YODA interrupts her EX, MO-HAMMY, and his new girlfriend/fiance whilst willingly and wistfully whiling away their daily ritual of wolfin’ down their waffle breakfast.    NOTE:  YODA takes the scenic hiking route to arrive at the secret hidden garden table skillfully set to show of another of MO-HAMMYS real estate ventures… complete with a sex room “Moroccan” room.  How many over-sized over-priced houses are YODA and MO-HAMMY tryin’ to sell???

After all the quadrants on her GPS locate MO-HAMMY and his latest “fiance”… YODA quickly reveals the secret to keeping her model figure!

Watch carefully as YODA yanks a basketful of yeasty-looking consumable bread-like items from Shiva, KosherKyle’s newest bestest Jewess friend!   YODA gives the breakfast basketful of delectable diet disasters a momentary lustful look, which quickly turns to fear!  YODA refuses to accept Shiva’s offer to EAT and instead cradles that yeasty basket in her hands; gently draws the basket to her olfactory nerve endings and burrows her schnozz into the delectable breakfast bread offerings.

YODA only sniffs.  Vhat a voman…

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS: HagfaceKyle Is DISInvited To CreepyCarlton’s Party… DrunkOtis Claims That LisaWLIAVDBTR “Manipulated” And “Played” Her

On the next RHOBH:  GASP!  HagfaceKyle gets a DIS-Invite to CreepyCarltonTheDoorman’s party… Hagface breaks this news to MO-Reese whilst playing backyard basketball!  Yes, there is ANOTHER party on the RHOBH… yawn.  Kim Richards is the conduit for DrunkOtis to whine about how badly LisaVPump has used her… “manipulated” and “played” her.


KYLE RICHARDS, BRANDI GLANVILLE: HagfaceKyle ‘Splains Her Friendship With LisaVPump To DrunkOtis…

On the next RHOBH…  Gee, golly, gosh!  How does HagfaceKyle continue to be friends with LisaWhoLivesInAVanDownByTheRiver???  Hagface ‘splains it all to DrunkOtis!

ON THE NEXT RHOBH: The CreepyCarlton, LisaVPump Apology…

On the next RHOBH… The required Housewives obligatory apology.  NOTE:  That may be redundant, but the Housewives shows are nothing BUT redundant!  Who can understand what either of these highly accented twerps lovely high-class ladies who everyone wants to emulate are talkin’ about?  CreepyCarltonTheDoorman becomes over dramatic as she recalls her past…

RHOBH PREVIEW: Brandi Glanville… DrunkOtis Goes To Book Cover Photo Shoot…

RHOBH Preview Parts Two and Three:  DrunkOtis gets ready for her book cover shoot… and then her book editor shows up…

Oh yeah… DrunkOtis is a “mother” who goes to the grocery store and who carpools her kids and also is a school room monitor who puts kids in timeout for cussing:


RHOBH PREVIEW: CreepyCarlton and DumbJoyce Go To Lunch…

RHOBH Preview Part Four:  It’s the obligatory lunch meeting!  This time DumbJoyce invites CreepyCarltonTheDoorman to a never-been-before restaurant… and CreepyCarlton gets pissed ’cause DumbJoyce suggests that CreepyCarlton put a curse on her PunkinHeadedHubbend.   NOTE: Whoever dreamt up the “my religion is better than your religion” needs to find another occupation… the story line is BOOOOOORING!

AND… KimRichards gets a tattoo… WHY???

NOTE:  CreepyCarlton refused to lunch with DumbJoyce until the RHOBH producers DEMANDED that CreepyCarlton “GO TO LUNCH”!!!

KIM RICHARDS: RHOBH Preview… Kim Gets Surprised By Jimmy McNichol

Surprise!!  Jimmy McNichol makes a guest appearance during Kim’s autograph signing…


NOTE:  According to “FindingJimmy”… philanthropist and real estate investor Jimmy McNichol is married and is accepting all ‘entertainment’ offers!

RHOBH PREVIEW: DrunkOtis Whines About LisaVPump At CreepyCarlton’s Party

DrunkOtis is STILL carryin’ around that Stella… AND… didn’t anyone tell CreepyCarltonTheDoorman that AdrienneMagoof did the naked painted women at her ZingVodka party???  Nuthin’ new at CreepyCarlton’s par-tay…

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS: Preview… CreepyCarlton and DrunkOtis…

OH JOY.  On the next RHOBH… DrunkOtis and CreepyCarlton star in the required stripper pole scene:


NOTE:  They’ve been readin’ SH… AlienShapeShifterPam Dana Wilkey was the first ShapeShifter!  Seems like plenty of Housewives words and story lines are lifted from SH items and SH commenters!!

RHOBH Preview: LisaVPump Has A One-On-One With “Give Her A Dictionary” Joyce Giraud…About DrunkOtis!

On the next RHOBH:  Lisa “ta-ta Cheerio” BLEEEECH! WhoLivesInAVanDownByTheRiver has a talk with DumbJoyce about DrunkOtis.  DumbJoyce has no clue about the word “chastise”…


REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS Preview: Lisa Vanderpump And Ken Todd Chat About Brandi Glanville…

On tonight’s RHOBH:  The set up for the scripted SUR  dinner party… BOOOOORING! At the SUR dinner party… PREDICTABLE!! Whatever happened to that phony baloney pink swing that Ken made for LisaWhoLivesInAVanDownByTheRiver???

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS Preview: Carlton Goes Shopping At Hustler… With Her Husband And His Mother!

On tonight’s RHOBH:  AWWWW… Family time…

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS Preview: Carlton Gebbia and David Gebbia and David Gebbia’s Mother Go Shopping… At Hustler Boutique!

How quaint!  Just doin’ some afternoon shopping with your husband and his mother… for some quaint items, which HagfaceKyle’s store must not carry!  It seems that all the Housewives avoid HagfaceKyle’s store…

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS… PREVIEW: Part IV… Carlton Gebbia Tells Kyle Richards Why Kyle Pisses Her Off…

The shopping at “stretch” continues… CarltonTheDoorman tells HagfaceKyle why Hagface pisses her off.  HagfaceKyle uses the old “I didn’t have any help that day” excuse.   CarltonTheDoorman explains that she didn’t want to tell HagfaceKyle all the reasons for her bein’ pissed off in front of all the other Housewives.  WHAT!?  When did politeness enter into the producers dictionary?


We’re givin’ this preview 993847,38734,29283 Kens…



REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS: Why Ratings Have Dropped…It’s NOT Because Of Cast Changes…

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The November 25 episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills had 1,627,000 viewers. NOTE:  This ratings dip/drop/dive is being blamed on cast changes!  Hardly.  The REAL reason for the drop in ratings is that everyone is catching on to … Continue reading

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS: Preview… More of Boring BullyGate… More of “Cutesy” LisaV… Trapeze School

On the next RHOBH…  MO-Ritz-e-o strongly denies those cheatin’ rumors and there’s more of DrunkOtis on a silk rope… BLEEECH!


This scene has already been played out on the RHONY, OC and Miami… so why not on the next RHOBH?  YAWN.

CarltonTheDoorman and DrunkOtis go to the lingerie store and the chemistry between them ignites.   YAWN.


REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS preview: Mauricio Umansky STILL Havin’ Words With Brandi Glanville… John Turturro Brings Booze Bottle As MakeUp Olive Branch for Ken Todd At ART GALLERY! … Shana’s BravoBlog

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The VERY unnecessary John Turturro/Brandi Glanville tussle continues!! John Turturro tries to make up with Ken by bringin’ him a bottle of booze… at an art gallery!   How awkward and out of place is this whole contrived scene!? Apparently, … Continue reading