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TERESA GIUDICE: Tree’s Final “BravoBlog”… Tree Says FEBUS “Not As HONEST As She Pretends”… “A FAKER”…”She puts on a front and her and Albert were really miserable the whole time” … JOE GIUDICE: Juicy’s Monday Conference To Set Trial Date For Forgery…

According to several sources, Joe Giudice will have a trial date set on Monday for his driver’s license forgery charges.  Will wait until Monday to share details… if there are any!   Neither Joodice… Tree […]

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KIM RICHARDS, BRANDI GLANVILLE: These Beverly Hillbillians Need To FIRE THEIR STYLISTS!… Immediately!!!… HEATHER DUBROW Gives Her Two Cents Re The RHONJ “Designer Look”!

The “designer” dress which FEBUSzoid decked herself out all proudly-like and let everyone know that her son’s EX-girlfriend was the creator of the deep-blue disaster she’s wearin’…  is still leading the list of “WORST ever […]

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REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA: Reunion Part II Preview… Nene Leakes Calls Phaedra Parks “Low Down and Dirty”… Phaedra Tried To Get Dirt On Nene Through Nene’s Half-Sister(s)… Nene Says She Got Dirt on Phaedra… Phaedra Fades…

Bravo…  On the RHOA Reunion Show Part II… NayNay calls out Phaedra Parks for doin’ some sneaky maneuvering behind NayNay’s back! Apparently, Phaedra had some words with NayNay’s half-sister or sisters, tryin’ to get some […]

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