KIM RICHARDS: Kim’s Ghostwritten Bland BravoBlog… Jonathan Ruiz the “Walter” Of Beverly Hills…

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This week we get a peek into Brandi’s relationship with JR. I was proud of her for putting her foot down and realizing that the relationship was not going in the direction that she wanted. As a single mother myself, I … Continue reading

TERESA GIUICE, JOE GORGA: Joey Cryin’ and Cryin’…Does He Ever Stop Cryin’???

Just cleaning up and clearing out loose ends from the dreck that was the RHONJ.  In this scene, Tree and her brother, JoeyMarcoGorga get all teary-eyed over their “relationship”… the “relationship” with which they’ve spread out over THREE damn seasons!   Have noticed that it’s always JoeyMarcoGorga doin’ all the cryin’… never his wife, Messy!






SH “HIT AND RUN” WEDNESDAY: Wretched Secures Her Place on RHOC… MadMen Premiering April 7!… Sundance Films… Lisa Vanderpump, Adrienne Maloof “Shoe Wars” Shoulda Happened!… First PHOTO of Adrienne and Rod Stewart’s Kid, Adrienne Explains WHY The “Relationship” Works!!

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Oh, WretchedBLEEEEECHChristine is no dummy!  Wretched knows how to maneuver her way around MissAndy to get on his good side!  Wretched knows that the way to get on the Lord of the Housewives good side is to make a strong … Continue reading