SH “HIT AND RUN” SUNDAY: Lauren Manzo “PillTalkin”…The Gorgazoids Pushing MORE Products!… Joe Gorga “ConstructionSite”… Paul Nassif “PizzaPicturePerfect”… Nene Leakes “StillWithGregg”

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September 30, 2012  2:33 pm Lauren Manzo was concerned about her relative…  ***************************** Have da Gorgas gotten into bed with da Manzoids??   From the Gorgazoids tweets, it certainly seems so… or maybe it’s just good “business” dealings!   AND… … Continue reading


CAROLINE MANZO, JACQUELINE LAURITA: Another Laurita Heard From! … DonCaro and Chris Laurita’s Brother’s “Invention”…

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June 19, 2012  11:55 am    WaynePatch…     Anthony Laurita, Sr. and Anthony Laurita, Jr. Credit Jessica Mazzola  Passersby wouldn’t know it from the quiet exterior, but inside their Mahwah home, Anthony Laurita, Sr. and Anthony Laurita, Jr. say they are … Continue reading