BLIND ITEM: Who’s The West Coast EX-Housewife?

From CDAN:

“This former west coast Real Housewife who would love to be famous again…

…hooked up with this married A- list mostly television actor who can never get a network show to stick.”

rhoc cast rhobh cast

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GO BACK THROWBACK THURSDAY: Sonja Sees A Psychic… See Psychic’s Lousy Predictions

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One of the predictions from the “psychic” … he told Sonja that her businesses would explode. ThomasJohn is simply another in a long line of scammer psychics. Thomas John predicted the following for 2014… among many other garbage predictions on … Continue reading


The NJ Crew That Won’t Go Away … Has A Wedding Shower

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From People: The manzoids simply won’t go away.  Nor will ANY of the NewJersey crew who are hoping to get themselves one of the golden Housewives tickets IF NewJersey returns. Caro’s entry into the never-ending revolving doors of Bravo spinoffs … Continue reading

RHONY Preview: Ramoaner’s Party… Crankles’ Therapy Session

What’s with Carl’s headgear?  What’s with Sonja’s psychic “lifestyle”?  What’s with Crankles decibel breaking voice??

Crankles’ mother is still living… seems like she forgot that fact.


SEVEN Untruths About Tree Joodice… According To Her Lawyer: No Prison Difficulties; No Foreclosure; No Problems With MessyG!

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EVERYTHING IS JUST PERFECT FOR TREE… according to her atty!!  The same atty who negotiated MessyG and KomaKathy’s Bravo contracts. The lawyer for Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice has had it with rumors flying around about his … Continue reading

RHONY Preview: The Birthday Party Arguing Aftermath… Scares Dorinda!

Crankles devolves the conversation about her birthday party into another who invited whom.  How could MissAndy have thought bringing Crankles back was a good idea?

We’re giving this preview 998464635353 LuAnnie on a camel… one of the rare enjoyable scenes from the RHONY!


RHOA Reunion Preview: NayNay Goes Ghetto On Kandi… BigDummyCynthia Throws Out False Ratings Numbers

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KimZolciak NayNay, still obnoxious as ever, lets out her ghetto roots as she goes after Kandi…  The ONLY reason the RHOA reunion gets any atten-shun here: BigDummyCynthia throws out an erroneous statement about the ATL ratings.  BigDummyCynthia says that over … Continue reading



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JuicyJoe and Tree Giudice have re-listed their $2.99 million, 10,000-square-foot mini-mansion located in Montville NJ.  The Joodice’s are desperate to downsize their family’s lavish lifestyle since they still owe $214,588 of court ordered restitution and are keeping the asking price to … Continue reading

RHONY Preview…

It’s more of the same…old ‘cougars’ going after the young help.  Frankel’s screeching should be preceded with a warning.  These people are simply contemptible dumbasses. 

NOTE:  You KNOW that the RHONY, or any HWs show, are on their death bed gasping for air when a Housewife proclaims this to be the best season ever!  (On her new look, DullDina Carole says that she went to a great dermatologist.  UM, yeah, OK Carole… we would believe you if your skin doctor was also a plastic surgeon and a dentist!)



RHONY Preview: WATCH Battle Of Marriages With Ramoaner And Sonja!

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Ramoaner COULD do something about her marriage and finally divorce the cad… IF she wanted.   The financial settlement could be ironed out after the divorce.  We will stick to our original take on Ramoaner/Mario… that their divorce is a … Continue reading


RHONY: BFrankel Whining… RamonaSinger STILL Divorcing!?

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How interesting that the NYDailyNews also says what we’ve been saying:   that BFrankel brings nothing to this season of the RHONY, except her neverending whining about her “homeless” situation… a real slap to those very unfortunate to actually be … Continue reading

RHOBH Reunion Preview…

It’s “Everything Eileen”!  Watch as Eileen smirks when MissAndy asks her how it was working without a script, because she knows that just ain’t true!  Everyone knows the story lines are planned well in advance:

DrunkOtis should have used one of HFKyle’s lines:


BFrankel says she didn’t like doing her talk show… well, surprise… no one watched BFrankel’s talk show.  Why Ellen kept pushing BleeeeechFrankel is a mystery.

Sonja gets the bad edit…



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NOTE:  The RHOBH BravoBlogs are up (here), except Kim/Kyle’s… all are predictable.  DrunkO’s ghostwritten BravoBlog was selected as it is the most ghostwritten!! Hello Bravo and Housewives Fans, I was almost out the door to watch my littlest actor perform … Continue reading

BLIND ITEM!! Who’s The Cheating EX-Housewife??


rhony CAST warhol luann ramona jill kelly alex bethenny

This former NYC Housewife who would love to get back on the show was busted having sex with a man by the man’s wife… in the bedroom… he shares with his wife.

That is going to be one messy divorce.

(Thanks “chameleon”!!!)


HFKyle Brushes Off Her MIL AND “Prince”… What Is Going On At The Umanskys? Watch Video!

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HFKyle’s MIL, the very “professional” Stella, has separated from her husband, Eduardo and is now hanging around the self-proclaimed ‘prince.’   There must be some very contentious discussions around the Umansky house, as Eduardo works with MO-ritz-eo and wife Stella … Continue reading


NO MORE CROWING ABOUT RATINGS: Atlanta Ratings Took A HUGE Dive! UPDATE: Ratings Still Plunging

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 Wonder why you haven’t heard all those ATL Wives crowin’ and braggin’ about how great their Sunday night ratings are… here’s why. The RHOA ratings have gone down a full ⅓ of their viewership from this time last year… from … Continue reading

MissAndy’s RHOBH Reunion Cards…

Because MissAndy’s drinking games are SO passé, MissAndy/Bravo is attempting to lure in viewers to the sure-to-be-just-another-disappointing-reunion show by issuing official bingo cards. The cards give an indication of just how exciting the BH reunion will be!  WOO-HOO!!

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Morticia On WWHL: Explains KathyH’s Reaction To Sister Discord

RHOBH … What They’re Doing After The Finale

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RHONY Squabbles Over Pre-Season PR: This Season Interjects “Good Times” From Seasons Past… UPDATE: HeatherT Says Not True

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From NYDailyNews:  The behind-the-scenes drama continues for “The Real Housewives of New York.”   Confidenti@l has learned that only LuAnn de Lesseps and Ramona Singer will be flown out to Los Angeles this week by Bravo to do press for … Continue reading

From 2012: RHOBH In Ojai… Shana Does Bare Butt Shot

Whilst searching for another item came across this from 2012.  The moronic RHOBH are doing flips… and Shana does her bare butt shot for MissAndy: