REAL WORLD STUFF!! AND Pre-MeltDown Screeching Britt Invited To Talk About… Bullying! Don’t Suspend Britt…The Towing Company Is Bad!!

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A blond biker from Colorado who calls himself “Necromancer” has been voluntarily waging war against ISIS in Iraq — where he has become notorious for his “ferocity and determination on the battlefield.” “I’m here for the people, nobody else,” Mickey … Continue reading


THE REAL WORLD: Woman ARRESTED For Facebook Message… Charged With “Harassment By Computer”!

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Henrico, VA– Be careful what you post on Facebook, or you could be charged with a crime over your smiling selfie. This is something 26-year-old Kristin Holmes learned the hard way this week when she was arrested and charged with … Continue reading


REAL WORLD WEDNESDAY!! Are You Getting Unwanted Phone Calls?? What To Do About Them…

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  After receiving a call today, which was not answered … thought it might be of assistance to others who have been getting similar calls and what to do about them. First, never answer.  By answering, you have established that … Continue reading

THE REAL WORLD: As Predicted… 47 Years Ago… Upside-Down World

I know that “Made Piley” would appreciate this!  A look at Paul Harvey’s predictions from 47 years ago… originally broadcast on April 3, 1965. If you have yet to wake up to what’s happening in the REAL world, this short video may assist you:


(Thanks to “FLPhil” and “LuC”!!)


GRETCHEN ROSSI: “YOU COULD BE A REALITY STAR”… Seminar Taking Place in El Paso, TX… UPDATE: Seminar Tanked…Cancelled…

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 May 2, 2012  7:20 pm   UPDATE August 5, 2012  9:45 am  Gretchen *BLEEEEEECH* CHRISTINE Rossi… While searching for something else, came upon this item from three months ago.  Wretched *BLEEEECH* CHRISTINE teamed up with Shuter trying to get participants … Continue reading

Reality Show Storytelling: Mark Cronin… On How To Produce A Reality Show

This video is from 2007 and was posted on “VideoJug”… Mark Cronin answers some basic questions regarding how “reality” television is produced.

Mark Cronin specializes in shows that exist within a controlled environment. He produced Surreal Life, Flavor of Love, I Love New York, and lots of other “celeb-reality” shows.  By ‘set piece’ Mark is also talking about The Real World house/set.  It makes them interact and it’s also a functional ‘set’ complete with lighting and rules of interaction… kind of like when all the RHONJ cast went to the Catskills… except for MeGo and JoGo.

Cannot recall which season it was, but a crew member working on ‘The Real World’ on MTV was fired for interacting with one of the cast members (off camera!).   “Reality” TV has come a long way since then!

NOTE:  Had this quote tucked away for future use and this post seems the appropriate place in which to use it…

“Gary Lico, CEO of CableU recalled attending a television conference last year (2010) where both a producer and a network executive, in separate sessions, talked about recruiting people with bipolar disorders for reality shows.”

Apparently, Bravo is doing their job well!  All those scammers and con artists that populate the Bravo Housewives franchises are meant to be there… and Bravo knows all about their backgrounds!  The latest to join the ‘scammer’ family of Bravo is Marlo Hampton from RHOA…