RHOC Photo Recap… “LaBombBa”… By SH… Read It!!

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                                                    Everybody do the Pee-Wee!!   Who the hell set up this crap gym?  It … Continue reading

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MissAndy Back In The Closet!! Booted From 30Rock Lux Office…

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MissAndy has been downsized!  With his new position as an independent producer, MissAndy’s new office space has been reduced to the size of a closet. “Andy had a huge office on the 46th floor with big windows and a great … Continue reading


SkankyJo Sends Death Threat To BigGameGirl Hunter… UPDATE: SkankyJo Denial

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Another reason SkanyJo is a moronic Housewife:  Skanky took it upon herself to send a public death threat to a girl who’s just tryin’ to get herself a TV show!  Kendall Jones is a big game hunter, to which SkankyJo … Continue reading


RHONY Cast Member Getting Their Own Show… Answer The Poll Question!

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GET THE HELL OUTTA HERE! According to the ever-reliable Housewives mystery source, ROL, guess who’s ALLEGEDLY getting their very own show?  ALLEGEDLY because there are NO verifiable sources named in this super-secret spinoff item… If the first person who came … Continue reading



guess the housewife

This is NOT KenyanMoore.  This is NOT CreepyCarlton!

It’s MeGo!!!  

guess the housewife answer


PoopyPiggy’s Phony Fiancee Speaks! How DANA Met The SexAddict…

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To back up the story of their “love” as illustrated on the RHONY… and just in time for tonight’s episode… DANA Cody has revealed to TheDish how exactly she met the “love of her life”: How did you and George … Continue reading


“Is THIS The World We Live In?”

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Who could ever forget that one-season “friend” of the OC Housewives who sputtered her drunken line… the line which questioned not only the Housewives world, but the world all around us??  Let’s never forget Sarah’s famous line and Dull-BRO’s “acting” … Continue reading

RHOC Preview: Housewives Stare At Each Other…

On the next RHOC: What a waste of time.  These chicks just sit and stare at each other.  Tamballs lets loose with her native tongue and spews the F word.  You can take Tamballs outta the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto outta Tamballs.

RHONJ Preview: Joey’s Organ… Tree Steals Koma’s Desserts… HouseHusband Brawl

What would the RHONJ be without a scene about Joey Organ’s organ?  What would ANY Housewives show be without the fight at a dinner party?  Luckily, this dinner par-tay scene will be the last of KomaKathy and her disgusting pervert HouseHusband, RancidRichie.  BigGayRosie shows up 30 lbs lighter… maybe BGR can squeeze a spinoff about her weight loss from MissAndy.  To round things out, the HouseHusbands get into “disagreements.”  Oh yeah… James van Praagh tells Tree something that everyone already knows and  lil Gia is featured cryin’ her eyes out for her Daddy.  How much lower will Bravo stoop?   Never mind…we all know the answer.

RHONY At The Racetrack…

On the next RHONY:  HWs **yawn** bet on horses… after they corral and embarrass the winning jockey of the Kentucky Derby.  And… Carole is full of crap.


BLIND ITEM: Guess The Housewife!

From CDAN:

“This east coast Housewife should know that her husband has been seeing two different women on a fairly regular basis. I can’t believe the wife doesn’t know about them. It is not like he is trying too hard to hide.  Not Ramona Singer.  Not Teresa Giudice.  Not Melissa Gorga.”

NOTE:  “East Coast” includes Atlanta, New York, New Jersey and Miami…


WINES BY WIVES … Another Housewives Venture Bites The Cork! Let’s Take A Look Back! What Happened To All That “Charity” Money?? Vicki Did NOT Want Tree Joodice In Her Club…

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It is just too sad. That original wine venture fronted by OC Housewives Vicki and Tamballs, “Wines By Wives,” has finally popped their last cork. Was keepin’ an eye on this one, waiting for that last drip of wine to finally … Continue reading


KingD Says AGAIN That The RHOBH Is Not REAL… And Addresses Divorce Chat!

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  In this very narcissistic interview with HauteLiving, David Foster once again bursts the bubble of all those who still think that the RHOBH has any shred of reality… and makes sure that he mentions those divorce “rumors”! “…nor does … Continue reading


HOUSEWIVES NEWS! Yoda…Apollo… NayNay… PT HW… Joodice

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Yoda was asked WHY she was referred to as a “FORMER” Beverly Hills Housewife in an InTouchMag item. “@EzyJ530:   Why is In Touch mag calling you a “former” #rhobh star?   Yoda’s reply: @YolandaHFoster:  ❤️Unfortunately I don’t have any … Continue reading


Which Housewife squished her toes into these Payless shoes???


YES… it’s HagfaceKyle’s HagFeet!!  What’s with the Spanx dress… so 2010.