BLIND ITEM: Guess The Housewife!

From CDAN:

“This east coast Housewife should know that her husband has been seeing two different women on a fairly regular basis. I can’t believe the wife doesn’t know about them. It is not like he is trying too hard to hide.  Not Ramona Singer.  Not Teresa Giudice.  Not Melissa Gorga.”

NOTE:  “East Coast” includes Atlanta, New York, New Jersey and Miami…


WINES BY WIVES … Another Housewives Venture Bites The Cork! Let’s Take A Look Back! What Happened To All That “Charity” Money?? Vicki Did NOT Want Tree Joodice In Her Club…

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It is just too sad. That original wine venture fronted by OC Housewives Vicki and Tamballs, “Wines By Wives,” has finally popped their last cork. Was keepin’ an eye on this one, waiting for that last drip of wine to finally … Continue reading


KingD Says AGAIN That The RHOBH Is Not REAL… And Addresses Divorce Chat!

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  In this very narcissistic interview with HauteLiving, David Foster once again bursts the bubble of all those who still think that the RHOBH has any shred of reality… and makes sure that he mentions those divorce “rumors”! “…nor does … Continue reading


HOUSEWIVES NEWS! Yoda…Apollo… NayNay… PT HW… Joodice

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Yoda was asked WHY she was referred to as a “FORMER” Beverly Hills Housewife in an InTouchMag item. “@EzyJ530:   Why is In Touch mag calling you a “former” #rhobh star?   Yoda’s reply: @YolandaHFoster:  ❤️Unfortunately I don’t have any … Continue reading


Which Housewife squished her toes into these Payless shoes???


YES… it’s HagfaceKyle’s HagFeet!!  What’s with the Spanx dress… so 2010.



TAKIN’ A SH DETOUR! What You Might NOT Know…

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You don’t know what you don’t know… but, you might already know somma THIS stuff!   HOW DOES ONE TOTALLY FORGET A PAST EVENT… LIKE WATCHING AN EPISODE OF THOSE MORONIC HOUSEWIVES?   THE ALIENS ARE ON RECORD AS DESCRIBING … Continue reading


Kenyan/NayNay… Neither ATL Housewife Has Paid Up Charity Pledge

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  Remember when NayNay challenged Kenyan to a charity donation duel during the ATL reunion… taped on March 27?? ‘Since you felt that I behaved so badly at your charity event, I will do this for you,’ Leakes said. ‘Let’s … Continue reading


RHOC Recap “Pretty Ugly” by Sandi Duffy

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REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY Recap “Pretty Ugly” by Sandi Duffy   So this season Heather is supposed to get the bitch edit and compared to Tamra and Vicki, she’s looking good to me. Shannon’s husband has arranged for them to … Continue reading

“Evangelist” FrontPorsha Preachin’…And Singin’ UPDATE: Apology

Which is the real FrontPorsha???  While she’s preachin’ FrontPorsha seems to speak fairly well… where was this FrontPorsha on the RHOA?  What a phony…


AND… FrontPorsha can’t sing, either!


(Thanks to SH readers “AO” “anon” “cmhr” “LuckyJ” and “Jozy”!!)


Kordell Stewart Says “Bright Lights” Seduced FrontPorsha

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Kordell Stewart responds to his ex-wife FrontPorsha’s claims of abuse:  I married my wife because she was a Godly woman who had accepted her calling as a minister. The bright lights made Porsha lose her way. I no longer know … Continue reading


HOUSEWIVES NEWS NayNay Bravo New Shows KKKellyB ShannonB Daniel/ReneeG

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  OH, poor NayNay.  NN got da boot from DWTS.  NN’s ‘tude garnered her more “haters” than fans.  To put icing on the cake, NN gave the ever-pleasant Tony Dovolani a kick in the teeth when she didn’t mention him … Continue reading


A LOOK AT… The Housewives Brawls

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  NOTE:  There are MANY more examples of the brawling behavior which MissAndy is now denouncing… the following are just a handful:   MissAndy LOVED this eruption by TreeJoodice so much that he ranked it NUMBER ONE in his compilation … Continue reading


“KEEP OR CANCEL” POLL RESULTS…Housewives Have Jumped The Shark

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NOTE:  Several readers have notified SH that they have not been receiving all of the items posted via the SH RSS feed. After some investigating, it’s been determined that items received via the RSS feed depend upon the reader’s device. … Continue reading

GUESS THE HOUSEWIFE!! Housewife Revealed!




Congratulations to those of you who recognized TAMBALLS’ lower limbs!!


MissAndy Is A Big Old LiarFace!!

LiarFaceMissAndy addresses the ATL brawl calling it “gross” and describes his initial reaction as it happened.    MissAndy also explains how he blocks people on FB and twitter.   We’re callin’ MissAndy out on this total BS, as he blittered SH after he was asked a simple question in 2012 re an article which said that he is more interested in his expanding talk show than in producing the RHONY.  We all know now that MissAndy WAS much more interested in becoming a talk show host than that of producing the RHONY… obviously the question posed to him hit a nerve.  Apparently, NO ONE questions MissAndy!!!  Will MissAndy UN-blitter SH???




Back to the ATL reunion brawl… it’s a little too much too late for MissAndy to come out now showing his “disgust” at the ATL brawl.  MissAndy has been an overseer of all the Housewives franchises for years; as such, MissAndy is well aware of ALL the fights, arguments and brawls BEFORE they are presented to the viewing audience.  As an exec producer, MissAndy has encouraged this behavior which he now is denouncing and calling “gross”… YOU are a big old wonky-eyed liarface, MissAndy!  (Have a feeling that MissAndy won’t be UN-blittering SH…or will she???)



If you didn’t see it…







MISS ANDY Says He’s “The BIGGEST Sh*t Stirrer Paid To Do It”

If anyone was surprised by MissAndy’s involvement and instigation of the battle between Kenyan and FrontPorsha while pretending to moderate the Atlanta Reunion Show, you haven’t been reading SH! In this item from June 28, 2012, MissAndy says: “I’m the … Continue reading

DISRESPECTING MISS WEDNESDAY… Amy Phillips’ New Movie! Go Amy!!!

amy phillips movie

Amy Phillips is keeping herself real busy!!  Amy’s been filming “Disrespecting Miss Wednesday”…

“Nick, a New York City Party monster and former “teenage douchebag”, has been kicked out of his Ivy League school, forcing him to return to his dysfunctional family in Orange County, California. From his jumpsuit wearing plastic-surgerized mother Ursula, starring on the hit reality show EX Trophy Wives of Orange County, to his medicinal marijuana trimming younger sister, and her teen dad confederate flag sporting boyfriend Karl; Nick isn’t quite ready to head back to Orange County. A place he spent his entire adolescence trying to escape. In this comedic short, Disrespecting Miss Wednesday explores the relationship between a dysfunctional family and son, while managing to still find humor in all the wrong places.”    MORE at DisrespectingMissWednesday’s FacebookPage and Twitter!