Shanny’s BravoBlog: Warning… Your Head May Hurt!!

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NOTE:  This is one of the most ridiculously intricate HousewivesBravoBlogs ever, which is the only reason it’s getting any atten-shun here!  Get yourself a pen and paper to make a diagram of who did/said what to whom! Amazing that the … Continue reading

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Tamballs, The Plastic Cat… Is “Highest Rated”??

Tamballs REALLY believes her own BS!!   A clone of Tamballs??

The question arises… of what exactly on her show is Tamballs the “highest rated”??


Others disagreed with Tamballs…

tamballs tweet

Tamballs… the plastic cat:


(Thanks “Stan”!!)

RHOC Reunion Show…

rhoc reunion cast

Prediction:  A YawnFest…


RHOC Reunion Show Preview: Tamballs Goes Berserk… Again

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The RHOC season is officially OVER… no time to waste in getting to the OC Reunion Show!  Nothing new here.  The popular topic… the same as last OC reunion… is Crooksy: Last season’s reunion show:  Crooksy says the exact same … Continue reading


SH WITTY WEEKEND!! Medically Speaking… UPDATE: Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner!!

RobinR wins an online “consultation” with Quagmire’s office receptionist!! 

quagmire andy pg ANSWER


The Dull-BROs… Phony Phamily Psychic Phun!!

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The ‘highly-educated’ Heather Dull-BRO is crowin’ about her encounter with phony baloney psychic Char Margolis via twitter.  Not only did both adult Dull-BROs fall for the phony baloney psychic’s BS, but they included their kids in on the con! Like … Continue reading



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KimZ on her best and worst memories of being on the RHOA… “I really don’t miss the drama, like ‘Oh god, you’re fighting with Nene or whoever’ and I have to be in this specific room and it’s just like…you … Continue reading

RHOC Finale Preview: The Crying Game…

FINALLY… on the final finale of the RHOC:  Crying Housewives and Quagmire calls DavidBeador a very clinical name!

    Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 11.39.59 AM  Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 11.38.02 AM


RHONY Recap… Reunion Part Two… By Sandi Duffy

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Reunion Part Two by Sandi Duffy   Part 2 of the New York reunion. We discover that Sonja’s interns are more like volunteers…or slaves.  Depends on how you look at it.   Oh crap, we are going over bookgate again. I … Continue reading


Housewives Problem… Soaps v Housewives

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We’re having problems.  What problems you may ask?  Here they are: The Housewives franchises have become one huge bore.   A yawnfest.  An eyerolling feast of futility. So, actually, that’s one problem… but, it’s the nucleus for all problems with … Continue reading

SH WITTY WEEKEND! Caption This… UPDATE: We Got A Winner!

“Stan” will receive a 10 minute audience with Dull-BRO!  Fine print: Winner is responsible for arranging the meeting with Dull-BRO at her never happened OC restaurant.




Lizzie Rovsek Gets Strange Calls And Text Messages… After Tamballs Puts Phone Number On Facebook! UPDATE: Tamballs Apoligizes… Lizzie Rejects

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Tamballs has taken down her Facebook page. This comes as no surprise after what Tamballs did to fellow Housewife, Lizzie Rovsek. What did Tamballs do?   Tamballs listed Lizzie’s phone number on her Facebook page! Tamballs posted a copy of a … Continue reading


RHONY Recap… Reunion Part One… By Sandi Duffy

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Reunion Part One By Sandi Duffy   Let’s talk dresses. Heather, Heather, Heather. What is going on with your fashion choices? Carole’s dress is hideous. I’m pretty sure I wore Kristen’s dress to my senior prom on 1986. I like … Continue reading


Another Housewife Who Just Won’t Go Away! Doing “Reality” Show With The Person Who Said He’s NOT A Fan Of The Housewives…

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Which of these two is the more fame hungry?  David Tutera or Shana? David Tutera said in this 2011 interview said that he is not a fan of the “Real Housewives” and declined to comment about them. David’s premiere episode of CELEBrations … Continue reading