Blind Item: Guess The Housewife!

From CDAN:

This B+ list Real Housewife from out of town was at a party last night and talked to this recently kicked off network reality star about doing a reality show together about dating each other.

The network reality star says he is engaged.

The Housewife then asks why he was hitting on so many women and trying to hook up with them at the party.  

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Shocking! Housewives Admit To Plastic Surgery!

An example of how the Housewives are running out of anything new.  An “expose” of Housewives who have been plasticized!  “Gee, we didn’t know that”… said no one.


GO BACK THROWBACK THURSDAY: Gramballs Gets Robot Baby!

Whatchu Talkin’ Bout Crooksy??

Crooks Ayers has recovered enough from his “life threatening” illness to tweet the following.  TrickyVicki usually retweets Crooks’ profound life lesson tweets and all his other junk… but, not this one!!   Did Crooks get a look at GrammaTamballs’ new Bravo contract??

brooks crooks tweet


RHOC Cast Photo… New OC Housewife, Meghan Edmonds… At WhiteParty! Has Anyone Told HFKyle??

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What’s the deal with the Housewives wearing all white??   They had a season finale WHITE Party!!  Gramballs designates June 10 as the premiere date for another visit to the dark side of OC.  Josh Hamilton’s wife has been either … Continue reading


From The SH Archives 2012: AN “INSIDER” SPILLS IT…About The Bravo Housewives! WHY HFKyle Kept Kim Filming When Kim Needed Help… MessyG Got Advance From Bravo To Look Rich

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While looking for something else, came upon this little gem from January 28, 2012! POSTED JANUARY 28, 2012 2:15 pm  Received this in an email from a SH reader… YIKES!!!            Adrienne Maloof… “There’s nothing about … Continue reading


MissAndy Says The Housewives Shows Are Not Staged… No One Believes Him!

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MissAndy is going full-on HFKyle and is insisting that the Housewives shows are NOT staged!  (NOTE: In every interview she’s done, HFKyle would be asked if the RHOBH is real.  Of course, HFKyle would respond that HER show is really … Continue reading

BLIND ITEM: Who’s The Former Housewife?

From CDAN:

This former Real Housewife who made a recent special appearance took offense at this Academy Award winner at a party this week. 

The actor in question who is not known for being pro-women was walking through the party rubbing his genitals.  Every couple of minutes he would take a lap around the room and do it.

The former reality star confronted him about it and our actor told her to f**k off.

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LydiaMcLaughlin: Filming Got Hard… OC Housewives Ditched Her

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EX-OC Housewife chats with FoxNews about her decision to flee from the deranged desperate dirtbags aka the RHOC. FOX411: What was the reason you left the show? McLaughlin: Filming got harder and harder. Then, on the reunion show just seeing … Continue reading


The Talented Relatives Of Housewives! TreyC MessyG’s Cousin… LizzieRovsek Brother!

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An update on TreyC… MessyG’s cousin.  The one who has actual talent!   Trey was in the latest 50 cent video… TreyC was recently seen on the DiscoveryChannel in an InvestigationDiscovery episode of “My Dirty Little Secret”… titled “Don’t Mess … Continue reading




guess SONJA

HURRY!!! Only ONE Lucky Winner!!

TrickyVicki has found the time from her super busy burgeoning INSURANCE business to call YOU!! 

vicki tweet

TrickyVicki in a candid shot working tirelessly as she “creates” her jewelry line!!

vicki jewelry

NOTE:  The phone call will be scripted with little time for the ‘winner’ to actually chat and whoop it up with TrickyVicki… just as all the Housewives “exclusive” interviews are planned … and will be used in PR for her diamond jewelry line.  


You can get a personal phone call from TrickyVicki by simply purchasing a limited edition brooch from DiamondsByVicki!!  The brooch is now HALF PRICE!!  A real steal at $999 PLUS that always out-of-bounds Housewives fee!

vicki jewelry


(Thanks “ChrisR”!!)

Tamballs’ RHOC Story Line…

Ryan’s spinoff Tamballs’ story line for the RHOC’s new season… which premieres June 11:

tamballs tamballs ryan

 We give Tamballs, her kids and her weak story line 9983636453939937436 Kens!

HouseHusband Says You Can Avoid Surgery If You BUY MY STUFF!

rhoc terry skin care

Quagmire says you can avoid surgery if you use his products.  DrQ gives no factual scientific basis for his claim.   Just BUY MY STUFF!!


(Thanks “Jozy”!!)


PHONY FEUD STARTED BY MISS ANDY … Starring Frankles And The Quagmires!

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  MissAndy starts a “feud” between Frankles and Quagmire and Quagmire’s wife when Quagmire answers a WWHL question saying that Frankles is too skinny. MissAndy is so quick witted that he pulls Quagmire’s wife into the mix immediately by saying … Continue reading


SH “HIT AND RUN”… All The Items We Don’t Care About!!

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The items we just don’t care enough about to give them full atten-shun!! Dorinda Medley’s boyfriend says free dry cleaning for all!!   LuAnnie tells E!Online:  “We have an epic season coming up, it really is one of our best seasons … Continue reading

WHO’S THE HOUSEWIFE? It’s Tamballs!!

This Housewife has kids and grandkids… and a PIT BULL!  Who is it??

pit bull



(Thanks “lablover”!!!)


The OC PR Machine Has Begun! HeatherDull-BRO Says It Wasn’t The REAL Her On RHOC!

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You can count the weeks and days until a new season of a Housewives show is about to start when the dribble drabble of banality starts to seep through in boorishly dull interviews.  People “interviewed” the ‘highly-educated’ HeatherDull-BRO about her … Continue reading


It’s been over three years (February 2012) since Kim spoke with MissAndy about AA and rehab.

Who’s the actor who never showed up at AA again??  Could it have been HARRY HAMLIN?  Is this the big secret about HarryHAMLIN which prompted LugNutsLips to smash the phony stunt wine “glass”??