BLIND ITEM: Who’s The Housewife?

From CDAN:

This Real Housewife might have a boyfriend and a lot of money but she really wants to move off Housewives and reality into acting…

…so she is hooking up with this B list mostly television actor from a very hit network show because he says he can get her on a scripted show.

NOTE:  Obviously, this irritating talky Housewife has honed her “acting” chops on her failing Housewives show and is preparing to move on… again!

(Thanks “chameleon”!!)


Ramoaner The Dancing Queen… Wants A Slot On DWTS

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Ramona Singer has started a wine company, a skincare line and a jewelry collection. So it’s no surprise that the energetic and extremely youthful 57-year-old wants to take on another challenge but, dancing? Yep, that’s right. Ramona wants to compete … Continue reading


GO BACK THROWBACK THURSDAY: Sonja Sees A Psychic… See Psychic’s Lousy Predictions

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One of the predictions from the “psychic” … he told Sonja that her businesses would explode. ThomasJohn is simply another in a long line of scammer psychics. Thomas John predicted the following for 2014… among many other garbage predictions on … Continue reading

Which Housewives Has MissAndy Been Wrong About?

NOTE:  Total BS re the crass Rinna.  They are simply attempting to soften up viewers to accept her when she returns for another season on the RHOBH.   


ART FOR SALE!! Buy This Piece From Kid Of Housewife For $2,000!!

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Would you buy this 3′ by 7′ piece of art for $2,000??   You can purchase the artwork at victoriadelessepsart.   Yes, it’s Luannie’s kid who is selling her artwork.  There are many more pieces, including a naked self portrait of … Continue reading

RHONY Dorinda Zings Singer With Mario Remark… Dor Wants Everyone To “Stop The Baloney”!!!

Dorinda gets a dig in at Ramoaner and wants everyone to “stop the baloney”!!  Doesn’t Dor know that if the baloney was stopped, there would be no Housewives??


ONLY TWO DAYS LEFT! YOU Can Bid On Lunch With SonjaMorgan! Be Careful And Bid At Your Own Risk…You’ve Been Warned

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Only TWO days left to bid on being in the company of fashionista businesswoman Sonja… with a J… Morgan at BidKind! “You and a guest have the opportunity to meet Sonja Morgan, star of The Real Housewives of New York, … Continue reading


Housewives Guide To Their Day Off Looks…

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Jeffrey Slonim from AllureMagazine asked the Housewives about their preferred look during their down time.  The answers from these “highly educated” low IQ Housewives showed that some of them didn’t even understand the question. Bethenny Frankel (The Real Housewives of New … Continue reading

RHONY Preview: Who Likes Ramoaner Best?

Who likes Ramoaner… or doesn’t like her?

We give this preview 999399999393993999 Kens:

RHONY Preview…

RHONY Preview: The Neverending Bad Story Line… Carole’s “Sonja Young” Boyfriend

Last season the neverending phony story line was Carole’s ghostwriter.  This season it’s Carole’s “boyfriend.”  Will Carole’s “boyfriend” stick around longer than Carole’s former phony boyfriend, Russ Irwin?  Can’t you see the immediate chemistry between the two as Carole reached for the refrigerator??  No?  Can anyone see the chemistry?? Anyone??    


Crankles Had $22 Million BEFORE Selling Cocktail Line… Can’t Tell What Is Real And What Is “Reality”

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According to court papers BethennyFrankel is sitting on a $282,000 bank account. ​The legal documents​ were filed in Frankel’s ongoing divorce battle against her relatively cash-strapped husband Jason Hoppy​, a source said.​ When the couple signed their prenup in 2010​,​ Hoppy, … Continue reading


ALL RHONY Housewives Are Delusional And Desperate!!

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WOW!!!  SonjaMorga is not the only allegedly delusional character on the RHONY. MissAndy and the rest of the NewYork ensemble are truly delusional. In this EOnline interview, Sonja talks about her clothing line and her vacation plans; Crankles talks about … Continue reading


MissAndy Planned Luannie’s New Dance Song Months Ago!

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If the news creeping out about Luannie’s new dance song is news to you, do not be fooled.  Luannie’s new dance song was MissAndy’s idea! After MissAndy saw Luannie on the RHONY say “Don’t Be Uncool” he “suggested” that Luannie … Continue reading

RHONY Preview: Ramoaner’s Party… Crankles’ Therapy Session

What’s with Carl’s headgear?  What’s with Sonja’s psychic “lifestyle”?  What’s with Crankles decibel breaking voice??

Crankles’ mother is still living… seems like she forgot that fact.


Sonja Blames Cheap Bravo Booze For Bad Behavior On RHONY

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Sonja Morgan has had her fair share of drunken escapades televised by Bravo, but the reality star almost hit rock bottom during last week’s Real Housewives of New York City episode — and she admits it! “It happened, I went … Continue reading

The SO SEXY Event… LuAnnie Shows Up With Harry Dubin!

THE SEXY… at OK Magazine’s “SoSexy” event.  Even Harry Dubin was there!!

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Sonja will gladly work at MickeyD’s for a whole year… but, there’s a condition!!  Sonja will only be a burger flipper if she can pay off her lawsuit..

RHONY Dance Off At The Borgata

If you missed it, this is the required dance scene from last night’s RHONY.  Carl says with the body she has, she should have chosen to be a stripper.  Has anyone told Carl that she can still make that career choice??  And Sonja gets slammed again by Crankles…

LuAnnie Calls A TwitterTruce With Carl … Wants To “Move On” To Be In A “Better Place”

Luannie says that her twitter trash talk with Carl is over.   We knew Luannie and Carl couldn’t keep up the amusing trash tweeting about Carl’s phony baloney fry cook boyfriend… who will be dumped before the RHONY reunion show as all phony HWs boyfriends are… for much longer: 



RHONY Crankles Advises Sonja… Sonja Don’t Need No Advice!

If only Sonja could move on from her Chapter 11 bankruptcy!!  Aside from the bankruptcy, Crankles tells Sonja that she must love herself… gag.

RHONY Preview: Send In The Clowns… And Feed Them!

The clown is bizarre…weird… strange…

RHONY Preview…

Crankles mother didn’t want to have kids…no wonder there are mother/daughter issues: