Gia’s Advice To Tree…

Lil Gia gives Tree some advice… and JoeyOrgan cries:

WHY Tree rolls wearing pajamas and full makeup…

tree teresa no makeup

The RHONJ Continue To Slaughter Language…

Eggmit it… these NJ citizens are subintelligent subhumans… and not one iota entertaining:




new show I


“Luigi” receives one affirmation note from Crooks!!  Disclaimer:  Accepting any “romantic” advances made by Crooks along with the affirmation note will be at the winner’s discretion…




“DiscoStain” receives infinity zen blessings from SaintDina.  Disclaimer:  Zen blessings are bestowed upon the unwashed after SaintDina has publicly done all of her saintly PR duties… and after composing her famously exquisite leaves, sticks and cat hair tablescapes.  Anyone seeking zen blessings are required to bring at least a month’s worth of meals and wear a catheter, as anyone stepping out of the long line to receive SaintDina’s zen blessings will lose their place in line!


Joodices Fire Realtor… Juicy Cryin’ Over House Sale

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“Joe and Teresa were stunned when media reports revealed the house was going to be put up for sale, even before it the market,” a source close to the couple revealed. “They immediately fired their realtor because they suspected that … Continue reading

RHONJ Preview: Heathen Tree Grilled By AshWednesdayAmber


SO many things wrong with this RHONJ preview…


Tree NOT Looking For Another Home… BUT, Wants Family-Friendly New Place! …Says Tree’s PrisonPrepper

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“I’m excited about this new listing,” Cooney said. “The [Giudices'] home is absolutely gorgeous.”   NOTE:  Listing agent, Frank Cooney, is a retired Montville Township policeman.  Cooney listed the Joodice house at StoneybrookRealty… where the Joodice house is the most … Continue reading


AMBER MARCHESE BravoBlog: Get Gia Outta The Conversation!

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Included in AmberMarchese’s BravoBlog is her opinion re including Gia in adult conversations: OK, OK, OK, on to my most annoying scene to date — my total meltdown when I called Teresa! OH MY Lord! I seriously was annoying to … Continue reading


MeGo’s UberBoring BravoBlog: Visit My Trainer And BUY MY STUFF!! From 2012… MeGo’s Passionate About Her Music Career!

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Hi Everyone!  What happened to MeGo’s old “Hi Lovers!” salutation?? ‎One week without writing a blog seems like an eternity!  Not long enough… besides, we all wanna know about MeGo’s serial squatter in her beaver-infested marble mausoleum and not this … Continue reading


Da Joodice Towaco House For Sale… Again. Asking $3.99 Million… Again

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Single-Family Home located at 6 Indian Lane, Towaco NJ. The property was built in 1975. This property is in the 07082 ZIP code in Towaco, NJ. The average list price for ZIP code 07082 is $734,806. The off-market estimate for … Continue reading

Tree’s “Coulda Been A Tweet” BravoBlog: Leaves Much Open For Interpretation!


Thank you all so much for your love and support. Joe, the girls, and I appreciate your prayers and well-wishes so much!

Tanti Baci,




NOTE:  Geez… not even a mention of Tree’s “Cash For The Commisssary” tour!!


JoeyOrgan… The Michaelangelo Of Home Builders!

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Is there any further proof needed to show that JoeyOrgan is a victim of his own ShortManSyndrome and NapoleonicComplex?  In this disturbing RHONJ preview, da Gorgas meet with their architect to chat about the plans for their brand new Michealangelo-built, … Continue reading

Poor Tree! “I Can’t Believe This Is My Life”…

Cue the violins…


BubbaJax knew about Tree’s schemin’ in her 2012 tweet:

jax tweet re tree bankruptcy



Tree Using Kid For Sympathy…

Tree and Bravo are using Gia AGAIN to solicit sympathy for Tree.  Pathetic.  Listen to the stilted and totally phony phone exchange between Tree and her now BFF, MeGo… before the Gia sob fest.


Gorga’s Scammin’SerialSquatter … Outta The Beaver-Infested Gorga House! Says He Owes JoeyOrgan Zip!

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The serial squatter who has been taking up space in Melissa and Joe Gorga’s marble mausoleum says he will end his fight and move out.  Interpretation:  Patterson could not come up with money for attorney’s fees, let alone a lump payment … Continue reading


UPDATE: The Supporting Housewives Cast…

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Supporting players in a production are sometimes more interesting than the “stars” of the show. Let’s take a look at what’s goin’ on with people who were six degrees from the main players on a Housewives show… Danny Provenzano has … Continue reading