SIGNATURE APPAREL SHOCKER!! Chris AND Jax Have Sealed Records!

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CROOKED CHRIS AND WACKYJACKIE’S MOTION TO SEAL THE SIGNATURE APPAREL BANKRUPTCY PROCEEDINGS WAS GRANTED. Interesting that WackyJackieChan has continually stated that she knows nothing about the rape and pillage of Signature Apparel… yet, Jacqueline Laurita’s name is on the documents! … Continue reading

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SIGNATURE APPAREL UPDATE: Brother Joseph Laurita Off The Hook … For $1 Million Settlement

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  The Responsible Person in the never-ending Signature Apparel bankruptcy case tried to put the brakes on the $1 million proposed settlement for one of the Laurita brothers involved in the rape and collapse of Signature Apparel last month by … Continue reading


MissAndy Writes Of His Displeasure With The Long Island Medium… But Praises Her On WWHL!

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The “Long Island Medium” Theresa Caputo is being accused of giving a fake reading to MissAndy when she was on WWHL  back in March. Andy says in his new book that Caputo did “a lot of fishing” when he was hoping … Continue reading


BS Musings From WackyJackieChan: Kids Are NOT Her Story Line!?!… But Opens Up ALL Of Her Life!?…”Reality”TV Is Stressful, But $$$ Helps! HUH???

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  NO WORDS for the delusional rantings of WackyJackieChan. WackyJackieChan can try to laugh it off, but her kids ARE her story line…she knows it!  #REAL Doesn’t hide from real life issues???  Two words:  Signature Apparel   WackyJackieChan lets others … Continue reading

MissAndy … Giudices In Denial

MissAndy writes about an interview he did with the Giudices when they were charged with 39 counts…

September 22, 2013:

“It was like pulling teeth. They are either very un-introspective or in complete denial. Or both.”

“I said, ‘So … you guys are facing fifty years in prison, and they were like, ‘Is it fifty years? We thought it was a hundred. Is it fifty years both or just one or …’” he continued. “So that’s something they are going to want to clarify with their attorneys.”


FELONFeldman Shot Down By MissAndy … Was TeresaGiudice Wearing An Earpiece?

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FELONFeldman alludes that TeresaJoodice was being fed lines to say during the NJ reunion show: …and you never know who is talking in your ear. I mean ear piece.! Thats some tea and enjoy the last reunion of this type… … Continue reading

What You Would Hear If You Were Sitting Between Sofas…At The RHONJ Reunion



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EXCERPTS FROM MISS ANDY’S LATEST BOOK… September 17, 2013 Major housewives drama off screen this week. We are replacing several women in two cities. So far it’s been sad and energizing all at once. Hopefully we are adding life to … Continue reading


WackyJackieChan And CrookedChris Writing Book About… Autism! Says Kids Are Not Story Line…

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Never one to let a money-making opportunity slip away, WackyJackieChan and her HouseHusband are writing a book about… what else… AUTISM!! Earlier this year, Laurita revealed she plans to write about her experience with autism. “It’s just been really great … Continue reading


MissAndy Not Responsible For Housewives Drama… That’s Life!!

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  When asked whether he feels partly responsible for the drama, including Teresa Giudice’s recent sentence to 15-months in jail for fraud charges, Andy told ET:   “I don’t.” “I think what we’re seeing is a reflection of life.  The Housewives … Continue reading


AmberMarchese REAL Reason For Being On RHONJ: Wants To “Conquer Acting World”!! See Camber’s Bad Acting!

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  How could Bravo miss the most important aspect of Amber Marchese’s bio???  There is no mention of Camber’s acting aspirations on her “official” Bravo bio… HERE. However, Camber has put herself on that easy money train when she was … Continue reading

GO BACK THROWBACK THURSDAY: Audriana’s Christening

How nice to see all the Jersey subhumans at a Christening…JuicyJoe checks out early:


CAPTION THIS! VGotti’s Prison Smuggling Plans…

gotti teresa caption

“HBalls” will receive a the first taste of Teresa’s newest prison product, Fabu-pruno!  FinePrint: Not responsible for any injuries caused by those pruno-lovin’ Danbury inmates … 

teresa's pruno


Camber’s Whining BravoBlog: All About LawsuitJim… Tries To Shame Detractors!

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This is my last blog of the season, so I want to clear up a couple of things that are a part of my life that viewers have questioned: 1. Jim’s Career: Jim was a self-made, successful man at a … Continue reading


Judge Salas To Giudices: Get The Cash Or We’ll Take Your Property

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TeresaJoodice has reduced the price of her IndianLane house… slashed down from $3.9 million to $3.4 million.   The price slash coincides with Judge Salas’ Order of Forfeiture.  If the Joodice’s don’t come up with the cash, the Feds will … Continue reading

Martyr Jailbird Teresa… The Tributes Have Started!

Here goes the beginning of the tributes to MartyrSaintTeresa!  One of Tree’s biggest fans spent an entire MONTH of their time and energy making a video of Tree and her FOUR BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTERS! “My heart breaks for this family for everything that they’re going through. I am a huge fan of this show and when I heard the news I couldn’t believe it.”

Word has it that Tree’s rabid fans have mobilized after their last defeat of attempting to spare Tree from the arms of waiting Danbury prisoners and are now starting a letter writing campaign so Tree can read a letter a day from her admirers.



RHONJ “Lost Episode”: Let’s Make Fun Of Camber’s Commercial!!

“Lost” segments should not be “found”… this “lost” item would have been so much better had KomaKathy and BigGayRosie also been prancing around in their bikinis! 

WHATEVER WEDNESDAY: Whatever Happened To MelissaGorga’s Singing Career??

Another in the “WhateverWednesday” series to find out whatever happened to MelissaGorga’s passion, her life-long quest to be a singer?  Melissa even contracted the services of the “Soul Diggaz” to led the way to the Grammys!  Melissa is so good that she had everyone in her 3×6 basement recording studio dancing to her auto-tuned song!!