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These are just some highlights gleaned from the most recent 311-page document from the Signature Apparel bankruptcy lawsuit in which CrookedChris and ChineseBubbaJax are named: Under Bankruptcy Court supervision, Christopher Laurita never would have been permitted to abscond with Signature’s … Continue reading

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Son Shoots Father To Delay Prison! Don’t Give TeresaGiudice Any Ideas!!

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Teresa Giudice is trying her very best to hide from her own reality and is just now realizing that her reality will be inside a dank, dark institution.  As much as she tries to put on a “my life is normal … Continue reading

SaintZina Spills It On Her Feud With FEBUS And BubbaJax

It’s obvious that SaintZina doesn’t really care about her brother’s wife!  It’s obvious that SaintZina is still boooooring…





SaintZina Says Teresa Is Taking Her Situation “Seriously”

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SaintZina was on WWHL…where she was asked about her BFF, Teresa Giudice.  It’s very telling that SaintZina says that FelonJoodice is spending every second with her daughters… no mention of JuicyJoe!  And, that FelonJoodice is just NOW taking her upcoming sojourn … Continue reading

Camber’s Very Bad Acting … With TEARS!

Camber using the RHONJ as a jumping-off point for her “acting” career is a huge fail.  Watch as Camber’s fellow Housewives laugh at her phony tears…

Being a Housewife did wonders for Heather Dull-BRO’s acting career!

heatherD pg


THE CRAZY TRAIN IN BUBBA JAX HEAD Has Left The Station! SaintZina Tells BubbaJax To BUTT OUT! Jax Says She’s “Relatable”…

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  ChineseBubbaJax has been her usual busy self on twitter. It is SOP for the Housewives to drum up as much chaos as possible, as the chaos-creating incites more interest in watching the Housewives shows… presumably! The chaos-creating intensifies about six … Continue reading


jax caption I

“Ana Cephaly” will receive a personal tour of the actual pole on which BubbaJax performed at the GlitterGulch!!  FinePrint: Winner must arrange their own travel and lodging.  Used stripper poles may be purchased at the Gulch for $12.99!

Does Camber Play The Cancer Card?

Who cares if Camber plays the cancer card (she does!)… watch as Melissa looks in horror as Camber trades words with the twins on the RHONJ reunion show:

Melissa has a VERY short memory… she doesn’t remember HER reunion displays!!


ChineseBubbaJax Bashes SaintZina With DanielleStaub Stripper Move!

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ChineseBubbaJax is a slick one!! ChineseBubbaJax does an “engage” and then “suggest” Danielle Stuab stripper move on twitter as she “engages” tweeters with her bashing of SaintZina…  … and then she “suggests” several times to watch that sinking crapfest of … Continue reading

Camber’s REALLY Bad Acting As “Alana”

Watch Camber do some VERY bad acting… an even worse actress is Melissa, as she shudders at Camber’s sex talk!  All those years of acting classes and Camber STILL can’t act!!

On Tonight’s RHONJ “Lost Footage” KomaKathy Says To Teresa … “Write My Blurb”!!

As if the RHONJ could not get any more boring than this season… along comes the deleted scenes!  KomaKathy is pissed that Teresa’s having problems writing a blurb for her dessert tome!

Teresa Is Now A Holy Woman! She’s Found God!!

Teresa’s ghost tweeter is now trying to convince everyone that Teresa has found Jesus!  Teresa’s NAMELESS rabid fan “dear friend” just happened to pass this on to her!   Don’t felons usually find Jesus in prison??

OR…is the diabolical Teresa going to file a motion to serve her time in a prison convent… if one can be found?  Will Teresa pop up pregnant before January 5??

teresa tweet god

(Thanks “anon”!!)


TeresaGiudice Celebrates Her Wedding Anniversary!

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Never thought JailbirdTeresa could top herself, but she has.  Teresa is giving a shoutout to her and Juicy’s 15-year wedding anniversary on instagram! Obviously, the numerous reports of Teresa having a nervous breakdown and her marriage dissolving are just more … Continue reading


AmberMarchese REAL Reason For Being On RHONJ: Wants To “Conquer Acting World”!! See Camber’s Bad Acting!

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How could Bravo miss the most important aspect of Amber Marchese’s bio???  There is no mention of Camber’s acting aspirations on her “official” Bravo bio… HERE. However, Camber has put herself on that easy money train when she was given … Continue reading


Another Look At Phony Baloney “Psychic” JamesVanPraagh… Predicted TeresaGiudice Would Be “OK”

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From July 24, 2014… ANOTHER “psychic” prediction that wasn’t quite accurate!!  VanPraagh is another who suggested to Teresa that she would be OK!  In an upcoming episode of the RHONJ, TreeJoodice is provided a reading by “psychic” James Van Praagh. … Continue reading


The SaintZina v FEBUS Feud… SaintZina Ain’t “Zen”!

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SaintZina really expected viewers to just go totally gaga over her return… and then buy whatever it is she’s pushing. Apparently, nothing went as SaintZina planned.  No one really cares for SaintZina and no one is buying her stuff.  The … Continue reading


No Escaping The Moronic Housewives! AndrewZimmern Talks TeresaGiudice, The “Jewy” RHONY And MissAndy

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Even AndrewZimmern is talking about Housewives.  Whilst looking for a recipe for pork belly, landed on “Go Fork Yourself,” Zimmern’s podcast about food, and surprisingly, within the first 30 seconds, he and his podcast partner, Molly, are chatting about JailbirdJoodice … Continue reading



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LawsuitJim has an ex-wife, Rebecca, a professional body builder, from whom he divorced in 2004.  Since that time, Rebecca has been in a custody battle with LawsuitJim over the two children they had together, Sebastian and Michael.  Fast forward to 2013, … Continue reading