MissyG On BMB: Tried To Push Jewelry; Asked About FELONTree! … Missy Can’t Spell Braciole… Missy LIED!! Jewelry Made In CHINA, Not NYC!

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MissyGorga was on VH1’s BigMorningBuzz trying to push her junky jewelry yesterday, and as usual, the topic of FELONTeresa was broached by NickLachey.  (Nick is a surprisingly excellent interviewer!)  And, as usual, Missy has those lines about FELONTree memorized… Missy … Continue reading

BLIND ITEM: Guess The Housewife!!

From CDAN(this is just TOO easy!!!):

This A- list reality star spends most of her prison phone time trying to hammer out a deal for a cooking show and new cookbook so she won’t have to go back to her old show.

She is also going to stick it to her old bosses by giving an interview to a different network when she gets out.

teresa caption captioned

(Thanks “chameleon”!!!)

NOTE:  A few comments from CDAN…

  • Why is she sticking it to them?  They didn’t make her commit fraud with her husband.
  • The gov’t, lawyers and the people they duped, who will suing them can’t wait to be paid back, they get first dibs on her profits… she needs to remember that.
  • I’ll take “Name the gorilla in the prison jumpsuit” for $500.

Missy Forced To Talk About Tree As She Tries To Push Her Crappy Jewelry! AND… Asked For ID To Drink?!?

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BEFORE getting to Missy…does she really think that she was asked for ID because the bartender thought she was under 21???  Is she that dumb that she doesn’t know about bartenders complimenting age for bigger tips?? NOTE:  Before a guest … Continue reading

DrunkOtis On WWHL: Talks About FELONJoodice And BFrankel

How could DrunkO escape the environs of MissAndy’s clubhouse without talking about people that she knows well… TreeJoodice or BFrankel??  DrunkO really feels for Tree and helps the RHONY PR machine by chatting about BFrankel.  Frankel is giving her “best friend” Tallmark a hard time.  What a crock!  DrunkO being “best friends” with Tallmark is equivalent to DrunkO being “best friends” with Cedric!


There’s really nothing new re TreeJoodice.  We’ve read all the latest, including the ‘no kidding’ item about Tree reading all of her press in the pokey, but find that the items are pure BS stories to keep her name afloat.  Wonder how Tree is doing in Danbury when she’s told to pay atten-shun!?!

gif teresa


THE TOTAL BS HOUSEWIFE STORY OF THE DAY! MissyGorga Makin’ Big Bucks For RHONJ Comeback… Says “Mystery” Source!

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From the always reliable ROL… and those “mystery” sources!! “Bravo producers have decided the show must go on while Teresa Giudice sits in jail and her estranged sister-in-law is going to benefit from her lock up: has exclusively learned … Continue reading

BLIND ITEM REVEALED! Who’s The HouseHusband?

From CDAN… December 24, 2014

This husband of a NJ Real Housewife has been silent on the issue, but a secretary that he has been hooking up with for the past year told her employer she would not be returning to work after the holidays because she was moving in with the husband.  




NOTE:  Juicy’s former business partner, Joe Mastropole, told SH the following back in March 2011:

“i am not surprised joe is fooling around that will never change nor will his getting drunk and acting like a 20 yr old some people never grow up and can never do the right thing by anyone not a partner wife or friend he will rot in hell.”

(Thanks “chameleon”!!!)

IF IT’S TUESDAY, IT MUST BE TERESA! Tree’s New Book Has A Title!!

ALLEGEDLY… Tree is very busy whilst a residence of Danbury writing in her secret pink notebook!  

teresa caption captioned

“CurlyQ” will receive a signed copy of Tree’s book!!  FinePrint:  Winner will be expected to wait at least four years to receive their book, as Tree will be self publishing her prison tell all.  Three of those years will be spent looking up words.

MissAndy Pushes RHONY; Says RHOBH “Smoking Gun” Is LisaRinna

This interviewer chick from E! is a pure idiot.  MissAndy needs to front for the RHONY as the only difference in the sinking show is BFrankel.  MissAndy says that BFrankel NOW loves being a Housewife… of course she does!!  She has to sell her crap!  

MissAndy talks to DullDina about TreeJoodice and the “smoking gun” … as MissAndy calls it… on the RHOBH reunion has something to do with HumongousLIpsLisaRinna.  MissAndy has no idea the meaning of a “smoking gun”!

We give everything MissAndy has to say 9998364633 Kens…



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From AccessHollywood: Joe Giudice, who was expected to lose his driver’s license this week after earlier pleading guilty can legally drive for a few more weeks.  Juicy’s sentencing on driver’s license fraud charges, scheduled for tomorrow, has been delayed because of … Continue reading



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KimR breaks her twitter silence to wish her beautiful sister… who is ALWAYS there for her… a HappyBirthday! Tamballs’ son Ryan didn’t last long in Northern California. It appears he and his new family are moving to OC… MissAndy gets a … Continue reading


MissyGorga’s New Dog… “Saved At The Airport” Bogus Story

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MissyGorga’s hairdresser gifted a Pomeranian puppy to Missy.  Missy was very busy tweeting her followers to suggest names for her new puppy… as we told you four days ago. Missy’s followers wanted to know what happened to the other pomeranian … Continue reading



guess hw




From CDAN… October 27, 2014

Going from the bed of a stripper you hook up with to an anniversary dinner is just about on par for this reality husband.


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(Thanks “chameleon”!!)


SH “HIT AND RUN”… Weekend Edition!

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MissyGorga is really pushing her stuff!   Someone is begging Missy to “write” another book!   And, not to be outdone by any dog-loving Housewife, Missy got herself one! Promise for a brighter day coming our way #SpringTime #HopefulAndDetermined #LymeDiseaseChallenge … Continue reading


A STRANGE PLEA FROM TREE FANS TO STOP THE MADNESS!! Why Were They Asking HagfaceKyle For Help?? What’s Going On With Lil Gia??

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NOTE:  It’s all great to support your incarcerated relative… and get them a “millions” followers…but, what does that prove or do for them?   The last sentence in this diatribe is perplexing… to say the least!   Is there a … Continue reading


Did Gorgas “Suggest” Homewrecker Traci Barber For RHONJ? WATCH Appearance Of Gorgas With TikiBarber And New Pregnant Wife On 2013 BFrankel Show…

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From the 2013 SH archives! It’s JoeyOrgan telling BFrankel that he doesn’t change diapers… but, Missy explains that JoeyO makes up for the dislike for diaper changing in so many other ways. And, look who’s also there… newly pregnant Traci … Continue reading


Tiki Barber And Homewrecker Wife Possible Replacements On Next-To-Death RHONJ…

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Teresa Giudice may be replaced as the star of the “Real Housewives of New Jersey,” and Tiki Barber’s wife is a front-runner to take her spot, Confidenti@l has learned. Originally Bravo planned to shelve the reality show until jailbird Giudice … Continue reading

SH EXCLUSIVE! JuicyJoe’s Business Meetings Were Real!

JuicyJoe’s “business meetings” with nasty MsJackson were REAL!   Juicy is selling a new fragrance…available at only the best NewJersey diners!



What’s Wrong With The JuicyJoe Cheating Photo? Alleged Affair Started BEFORE Tree Started Danbury Sentence!

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There is clearly something amiss with the JuicyJoe cheating photo…some bad photoshopping!  NOTE:  This is NOT to say that nothing happened with Juicy and Jamie… simply that someone rushed to slap together a photo and did a terrible photoshop job! … Continue reading


JuicyJoe DENIES Cheating On Danbury Prisoner #65703 At “Business” Dinner! It’s All LIES Says JuicyJoe!!

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JiucyJoe tells USWeekly that nothing went on with that chick! Joe Giudice tells Us Weekly in an exclusive interview that he did not cheat on his now-incarcerated wife Teresa with a woman named Jamie Jackson, as claimed in an InTouch … Continue reading


JuicyJoe Allegedly Cheating On Danbury Prisoner #65703… Photoshopped Pictures With “PartyGirl”

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OH NO!!  Say it ain’t so, Joe! Another HouseHusband straying from his incarcerated wife!  Well, change that to the “FIRST” HouseHusband… as there are certain to be more incarcerated wives! InTouchMagazine… Tree’s favorite media outlet… states that Juicy met with … Continue reading

WHATEVER WEDNESDAY! Whatever Happened To JoeyOrgan’s Secretary?

There is some excruciatingly bad acting by MissyG as she questions JoeyOrgan about his “secretary”!  Whatever happened to JoeyOrgan’s secretary… and his business… and his office?