TAKIN’ A SH DETOUR! What You Might NOT Know…

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You don’t know what you don’t know… but, you might already know somma THIS stuff!   HOW DOES ONE TOTALLY FORGET A PAST EVENT… LIKE WATCHING AN EPISODE OF THOSE MORONIC HOUSEWIVES?   THE ALIENS ARE ON RECORD AS DESCRIBING … Continue reading

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  If you still believe that the Housewives shows are NOT scripted, then it would be even more difficult for you to believe that WWE is scripted.  Well, someone at WWE is leaking the “wresting” scripts…AGAIN! A 12-page WWE RAW … Continue reading


A LOOK AT… The Housewives Brawls

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  NOTE:  There are MANY more examples of the brawling behavior which MissAndy is now denouncing… the following are just a handful:   MissAndy LOVED this eruption by TreeJoodice so much that he ranked it NUMBER ONE in his compilation … Continue reading


“KEEP OR CANCEL” POLL RESULTS…Housewives Have Jumped The Shark

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NOTE:  Several readers have notified SH that they have not been receiving all of the items posted via the SH RSS feed. After some investigating, it’s been determined that items received via the RSS feed depend upon the reader’s device. … Continue reading

GUESS THE HOUSEWIFE!! Housewife Revealed!




Congratulations to those of you who recognized TAMBALLS’ lower limbs!!




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NOTE: Direct from Bravo… the shows that are coming back and the shows that are not.  As SH has been saying for MONTHS, the Real Housewives of Miami is over.  There is no production schedule for Miami; therefore, no show! … Continue reading


HOUSEWIVES NEWS New Franchise PT Housewife SkankyJo AND MORE!

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MissAndy promised that there would be no more WIRE HANGERS! Housewives franchises.  But, there will be another California-based Housewives show!  “Bravo has selected Coronado as the next location to film The Real Housewives of Coronado (RHOC). This is the first … Continue reading


HOUSEWIVES NEWS! SkankyJo LisaPump RHOA Spawn of Tamballs…AND MORE!!!

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SkankyJo is so desperate to be one of the Beverly Hills HWs that she’s carryin’ around a Stella!!!     DrunkOtis LOVES her Stellas!!!   DRUNK OTIS PROMISES THAT SHE’S NOT GONNA BE TWEETING… AS MUCH AS SHE USED TO! … Continue reading



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DumbJoyce Giraurd and SkankyJo Krupa hangin’ out together… SkankyJo is scratching to keep herself noticed by producers.  Go away, Skanky!!! HagfaceKyle Richards and Yoda were also hangin’ out together… without LisaVanderDump! Camille Grammer… the BH Housewife who calls the shots… … Continue reading


SH “HIT AND RUN”… Housewives And Other Stuff That We Really Don’t Care About…

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NayNay’s last gasp at bein’ a big Hollywood star and gettin’ outta Haterville will soon get that cancellation notice.  GLEE’s ratings have dipped to a new dismal low…  Hope NayNay uses that private number of TylerPerry!! Kandi Burruss gets her … Continue reading


IF YOU’RE A “PC” PERSON…Do NOT Read! You Have Been Warned! Any Complaints Will Be Deleted!

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We’re gettin’ sick of those moronic Housewives… their very predictable phony trash talkin’ antics are BOOOOOORING.  The Housewives create chaos BEFORE their season starts AND when their season is ending…it’s all scheduled and so yawn-worthy. Here’s some stuff that’s goin’ … Continue reading


IF YOU’RE A “PC” PERSON…Do NOT Read! You Have Been Warned! Any Complaints Will Be Deleted! UPDATED!!

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We’re gettin’ sick of those moronic Housewives… and it’s been too long since a “What’s Goin’ On In the REAL World” item!! Here’s what’s goin’ on in the REAL world: Sarah Palin was right! ‘After the Russian Army invaded the … Continue reading



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The Dalai Lama was in LA a few days ago and posed for photos with select individuals… KingD was one of the chosen! EX-Miami Housewife, SkankyJo Krupa, was NOT one of those “select individuals” to pose with the Lama…see PageSix “Stars … Continue reading

NEW SHOW ON BRAVO!! MissAndy Needs YOUR Help!!


Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 10.39.19 AM


SH “HIT AND RUN” FRIDAY: All The Housewives Items That We Don’t Care About…

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Adrienne Magoof wants to get engaged to her new boyfriend…  NOTE:  We miss Paul, too! Joanna Krupa, The Real Housewives of Miami star, has reportedly fallen behind on payments on the $725,000 mortgage she has for the property in Encino, … Continue reading


GUESS THE HOUSEWIFE!! Housewife Revealed… It’s LemonYoda!!

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Which Housewife has made it perfectly clear that her being on a “reality” show is nothing more than a J-O-B? Are these “reality” shows REALLY the Housewife’s REAL reality? Guess which Housewife said this: “The show is my JOB.  It … Continue reading


TAKIN’ A SH DETOUR: What A Shame…Alec And Piers Are Outta Here!!… Teresa Giudice, Melissa Gorga HeadBumpin’

It is with great sadness to find that Alec Baldwin is leaving New York… OOPS!!  Alec threw in that word “probably”!  Alec has threatened to leave New York and to leave the country several times… and he never leaves!


Alec Baldwin is throwing in the towel. In a candid chat with New York magazine the Oscar-nominee reveals his prediction that he will ‘probably’ have to pack his bags and farewell his beloved hometown of New York City sooner rather than later.  The article, rather dramatically titled I Give Up, takes centre stage on the magazine’s cover.   MORE from TheDailyMail…



… and even SADDER!!!   Piers Morgan is gettin’ da boot from CNN!    NOTE:  P’s ratings have been tanking steadily.  Hopefully, CNN and/or other “news” outlets won’t replace BritPiers with another Brit or foreign national who has no idea what American citizens want!  Finally, Piers got the message to BUTT OUT!

. . . “It’s been a painful period and lately we have taken a bath in the ratings,” he said, adding that although there had been times when the show connected in terms of audience, slow news days were problematic.

“Look, I am a British guy debating American cultural issues, including guns, which has been very polarizing, and there is no doubt that there are many in the audience who are tired of me banging on about it,” he said. “That’s run its course and Jeff and I have been talking for some time about different ways of using me.”     MORE from

NOTE:  We can’t stand Piers and hope he’s already no longer on US soil… not only for his gun control stance (which is none of his BritBusiness…), but for very strangely butting in about Camille Grammer!!  

We love Camille and hope she comes back to the RHOBH!!  Would LOVE to hear Camille repeat the lines said about Adrienne by Jello’s mother, “Who is dat “Yolanda” woman?  Who does that “Yolanda” woman think she is… who is she in this world?”

piers tweet kelsey


AND… if you’re lookin’ for the subject matter of the Housewives, Tree and MeGo are over at TheDailyMail all smilin’ and bumpin’ heads together for photos…

We’re givin’ the fakery of the Joodice/Gorgas 383473629,99834636 DrEvils…

Dr Evil right gif

(Thanks to SH readers “romo” “anon” and “PDM”!!!)

AND… pathetic desperado Housewife, SkankyJo, paid for more bikini shots of herself!     Didn’t Skanky’s 2014 calendar sell???     NOTE:  Really… what IS with the bikini shots??  Those shots did nothing for WretchedRossi… and are doing nothing for PT Housewife!

REAL HOUSEWIVES V MOB WIVES: “Those Housewives Fights Are Not Fights…”

MobWives’ fourth season finale is tomorrow on VH1.  This site doesn’t normally pay atten-shun to MobWives, but couldn’t resist their discussion on today’s KathieLee and Hoda!  The MobWives were asked about those Housewives “fights”…

Drita explained:  ‘The Real Housewives fights are not fights to me.  To me, that’s just the way we talk on the phone. Nobody’s bleeding, and there’s no limbs that are broken. It’s kind of like, that’s not a fight.”

SH “HIT AND RUN” THURSDAY: Miami Housewife TearDown… Paula Deen… BruceBrigitte Jenner… RamonaSinger… HWs Awards… MissAndy Would NOT Date DrunkOtis



EX-Housewife from Miami, FemBot Lisa Hochstein, now has something to do.  The Miami Preservation Board has given up the fight to keep the Hochstein’s historical house … the Hochsteins will be tearing down.

Pauler Deen is makin’ a comeback!  YAY, Pauler!!

Bruce Jenner’s HS photos… yes, he would make a good looking girl even back then!  KrisJenner says Bruce will be back on the Kartrashian show.  Bruce/Brigitte will be playing the nosy transgender neighbor…

As if you didn’t know… the RHOBH (except DrunkOtis and DumbJoyce) are in the new LadyGaga video.

RamoanerSinger’s Valentine’s Day plans… goin’ out with girlfriends.

Yes, Bravo now has Housewives awards.  We’ve been doin’ Housewives awards for years!  Wonder if they have the “Stoopidest Housewife” Award???  MissAndy said in 2012 that he’s the biggest SH*T stirrer and he loves gettin’ paid to do it!

There is a brand new WatchWhatCrappens Podcast!

Since Valentine’s Day is approaching, thought it only fitting to slip this in… MissAndy says that he would NOT date DrunkOtis!  After all that face lickin’ she did on MissAndy’s father…would think DrunkO would be a fav date!

JOANNA KRUPA: SkankyJo Still Beggin’ For Beverly Hills Job…

EX-Housewife SkankyJo Krupa wants to throw punches with KosherKyle instead of FembotLisa!  SkankyJo makes no bones about her obsession with becoming a BeverlyHills Housewife!



NOTE TO SKANKY:  Ain’t gonna happen… but, you’re making the most of extending your 15-minutes of bein’ a Housewife!!

ALEXIA ECHEVARRIA: What RHOM Producers Told AirHeadAlexia… Says JoannaKrupa Doesn’t Understand… Adriana de Moura Answer To Mystery On Miami Reunion… Million Dollar Listing Miami Now Filming

Alexia Echevarria **EXCLUSIVELY** says that the Real Housewives of Miami is definitely coming back for Season FOUR.


“Despite various reports that the show has been canceled, Alexia Echevarria exclusively says that season four is happening.

“There will definitely be a season four for Miami. I have spoken to producers and they are currently working on dates for taping, since we usually begin taping this time of year we were told taping is being pushed back a little,” she spills.

“The producers spoke to all of us and told us all the same thing.” (A rep for Bravo had no comment.)”   

AirheadAlexia continues with this… a classic “pot meet kettle” statement:

“Joanna has poor comprehension and lack of understanding as to what [the producers] said because what she is telling the media is not what they said,” Alexia explains.   NOTE:  What exactly the producers said was not included in AirheadAlexia’s **exclusive** chat with E!Online…


NOTE:  Filming has been pushed back a “little”????  After checking with the Miami Film Office (and other sources), there are no permits for Purveyors of Pop, the RHOM production company, on file.  The Film Office explained that any filming done, with the exception of private property, necessitates a film permit.   Also mentioned was the fact that permits are usually applied for and given months in advance.  Purveyors of Pop indicated on their twitter account that there will be an “announcement” coming soon…. a vague statement which could mean just about anything!

Therefore, AirheadAlexia’s statement that filming has been pushed back a “little” might just be Alexia wishing and hoping that filming starts and another season of the RHOM actually takes place!  AirheadAlexia is in dire need of the money from her part-time Housewife status.  

AirheadAlexia also reveals which Miami Housewife screeched on the last Miami Reunion Show for MissAndy to “just fire me now”… it was Adriana de Moura-Side-Marq.  If you missed that mystery… MissAndy explains the RHOM reunion here.

MDL Miami

ALSO… Interestingly, what IS filming right now in Miami is “Million Dollar Listing… Miami”!  If all goes as it normally does, look for MDLMiami to premiere during Bravo’s summer season…

million dollar listing miami february filming

ANDY COHEN: Explains Housewives Seating Arrangement On Reunion Shows… Which Miami Housewife Said At Reunion “Just Fire Me Now”?

MissAndy explains how Housewives are arranged on reunion shows… before that, MissAndy answers a ridiculous question re Kenya Moore:

Who was the Miami Housewife??… sounds like Lea **cough, cough** Black…

rhom reunion cast

EX-HOUSEWIFE JOANNA KRUPA: Wants To Fight Brandi Glanville… SkankyJo “Skeered” Of Black Atlanta Housewives

SkankyJo talks to TMZ… after SkankyJo skirts the question of whether Miami will be back (Miami is DONE… if not, they would be filming now!) and stating that she would prefer being on the RHOBH instead of the OC… wants to take on DrunkOtis, but is skeered of NayNay:

NOTE:  This chick is desperate.  And, it’s obvious that her 2014 calendar didn’t sell well!  If SkankyJo’s life were so interesting, any number of “reality” show producers would be after her for her own show.  Instead, SkankyJo is popping up everywhere in the hopes that SOMEONE will offer her SOMETHING!  

We are offering SkankyJo a one-way ticket to “ShutTheHellUPAndPleaseGoAwayVille” and a consultation with JillZarin on “How To Stay Relevant YEARS After You’ve Been Booted Off A Housewives Show… WITHOUT Bikini Shots”!


Which Housewife had close ties with the REAL “Wolf of Wall Street”… Jason Belford????

JOANNA KRUPA: Knows Miami Is Done… Wants Transfer… Ain’t Gonna Happen

rhom joanna krupa dress

A big old “TOLDJA!” 

SkankyJo has been out in LA posin’ like crazy for the paps… and, as mentioned previously on SH, SkankyJo is tryin’ her best to be transferred outta the dead-as-a-doornail Miami franchise and into either OC or BH.

And, as mentioned previously, there is no way EvolutionMedia is gonna add SkankyJo to either BH or OC!  Poor SkankyJo!!  TMZ is just now reporting that SkankyJo won’t be offered a lateral move!  But SH readers knew this weeks ago…