BLIND ITEM REVEALED! Who Are The Battling Housewives?

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From CDAN February 6, 2015: One former Housewife and one current Housewife from different cities almost came to blows the other night at dinner.  Neither knew the other was going to be there and both of them took turns walking past … Continue reading

BLIND ITEM: Who’s The Housewife?

From CDAN:

This Real Housewife might have a boyfriend and a lot of money but she really wants to move off Housewives and reality into acting…

…so she is hooking up with this B list mostly television actor from a very hit network show because he says he can get her on a scripted show.

NOTE:  Obviously, this irritating talky Housewife has honed her “acting” chops on her failing Housewives show and is preparing to move on… again!

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Miami Housewife Divorcing Elderly HouseHusband

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WHAT A SURPRISE… said no one.   Miami cocaine dealer whose first husband allegedly took the rap for her Housewife has separated from her elderly HouseHusband.  He was probably sick of the problems with cocaine Barbie and her two cocaine … Continue reading

Blind Item: Guess The Housewife!

From CDAN:

This B+ list Real Housewife from out of town was at a party last night and talked to this recently kicked off network reality star about doing a reality show together about dating each other.

The network reality star says he is engaged.

The Housewife then asks why he was hitting on so many women and trying to hook up with them at the party.  

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BLIND ITEM: Who’s The Former Housewife?

From CDAN:

This former Real Housewife who made a recent special appearance took offense at this Academy Award winner at a party this week. 

The actor in question who is not known for being pro-women was walking through the party rubbing his genitals.  Every couple of minutes he would take a lap around the room and do it.

The former reality star confronted him about it and our actor told her to f**k off.

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guess SONJA


SH “HIT AND RUN”… All The Items We Don’t Care About!!

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The items we just don’t care enough about to give them full atten-shun!! Dorinda Medley’s boyfriend says free dry cleaning for all!!   LuAnnie tells E!Online:  “We have an epic season coming up, it really is one of our best seasons … Continue reading

WHO’S THE HOUSEWIFE? It’s Tamballs!!

This Housewife has kids and grandkids… and a PIT BULL!  Who is it??

pit bull



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BLIND ITEM: Who’s The Coke-Snorting EX-Housewife?

From CDAN:

This former Housewife from a city that no longer is in the franchise could not stop her nose from bleeding during a photo shoot…

…but it also didn’t stop her from doing more coke either.

miami dc

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WHO’S THE HOUSEWIFE?? It’s EyeD… Who Has Bad Taste In Footwear!!




BLIND ITEM! Who’s The OTHER Smelly Housewife?


Real Housewives of Miami veteran Joanna Krupa has slapped Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville with a lawsuit, after Glanville allegedly accused Krupa of having smelly private parts, but in fact…

It’s a different HOUSEWIFE that has a hygiene problem!

“All the ladies can smell it.

Even the crew have complained about the smell,” a top source tells NaughtyGossip.

“She has been told about the problem and the fact that she needs to wear knickers many, many times.”

This lady is known for her love of younger man, and partying!   But these days the smell is making everyone run for the hills!

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BLIND ITEM: Who’s The Scammin’ Housewife?

From CDAN:

This Real Housewife is running a scam which involves getting old people to leave her everything they own.  

She has them leave the property to a friend of hers who then gives it to the Real Housewife.

Four people so far.

NOTE:  The scammin’ Housewife would have to know legalities and will preparation to accomplish this scam…

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THE PHONY CASTING CALL FOR BRAVO HOUSEWIVES!! It’s Hysterical!! Was It Written By A Housewife Ghostwriter??

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The Real Housewives on Bravo  Casting for new wives for Bravo Network TV Show “The Real Housewives”. The infamous reality television series “The Real Housewives” which airs on Bravo Television Network is looking for new housewives for a brand spanking … Continue reading


MORE HOUSEWIVES TWEETS!! DrunkO “BuyMyStuff”! HagfaceKyle TV Mystery! BYE NayNay! Loada’s LifeAdvice! WackyJackieChan Pushing Drink! Missy Tweeting “MORE Gorgas”!! B-Day Cards For Teresa’s Kid!!

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DrunkOtisStore… BUY MY CRAP STUFF!!!   Seriously… who is buying this junk? \    HagfaceKyle can’t figure out her TV… Loada is STILL giving out her life advice… Perhaps Loada could be cured of all her ailments by drinking some of … Continue reading


SH “HIT AND RUN”: Look Inside! Shane Keough…SkankyJo… LuAnn Crowing About RHONY… Alana Eats A Burger…KimRichards TV Show “Where’s Larry” …Mohamed Hadid Sued…Tamballs In 80’s Dance Video!

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  Jeana Keough’s son has had it selling real estate in OrangeCounty.  Sean Keough has ditched OC for bigger real estate horizons in LasVegas…and to be with his girlfriend, MissNevada. SkankyJo does more bikini shots… Speaking of SkankyJo… Mohammerhead is … Continue reading


LAWSUITS!! Giada de Laurentiis Divorce… SkankyJo v DrunkOtis!

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Giada de Laurentiis’ divorce is not as smooth as she thought it would be.  BobbleheadGiada’s husband, ToddThompson, isn’t letting Gee-AH-da get off without getting some of that community property spa-GEEH-tee that Jahda made after her FoodNetwork show took off and … Continue reading


SkankyJo Krupa’s Attorney PLANS To Sue DrunkOtis…

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NOTE:  This is one of the most blatantly obvious items put out by a Housewife to keep herself relevant!   SkankyJo’s attorney is Miami-based and has numerous “celebrity” items on his site… Rafool and Hernandez.  Until Rafool actually files a … Continue reading



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If you love throwing intimate dinner parties for your closest friends… that you just encountered during a pre-production meeting.  You might be a Housewife! If you can delude yourself into thinking that anything you do on a “reality” show is … Continue reading


Mystery Email From 2012… Is MissAndy REALLY That Despicably Deranged?… Emailer Claims Andy Cohen Hates Teresa Giudice… How Two Years Have Made A Difference!!

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From December 27, 2012… It’s time to reveal a super-secret email sent to SH about two months ago… October 2012.  SH has kept every word of this email under the veil of secrecy… until now!  If this person is truly … Continue reading