SH “HIT AND RUN” BravoTV Desperate… Now Offering Contests! PTHousewife Really Broke! Much MORE!!

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Bravo is so desperate for viewers that they are now offering contests!!  This one in association with the RHOBH is to win a Jeep and a trip to LA: Showcase your renegade spirit by sharing a pic using the hashtag … Continue reading

DrunkOtis Says To Watch Porn…

DrunkOtis gives “advice”… DrunkO says to watch porn.  What the hell did she do to her face???

On DrunkO’s appearance on SteveHarvey today, her rap was bleeped out.  It couldn’t be any worse than her rap back in 2012:


RHOBH REUNION SHOW… THE AFTERGLOW! “Most Intense” “Roughest” Blah, Blah, Blah… All The Usual Words!

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The RHOBH reunion show was taped on Friday… It was another really rough, tough and tumble war of words at the RHOBH reunion taping.   But, they say the same words every season about every Housewife reunion show!      … Continue reading


Loada Gets Another Job For DrunkDrivingDon’tWannaModel “Model” Daughter!

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How nice of Mommy to arrange for her drunk driving daughter to make some extra money by forcing her to “model” in the TomFord fashion show… even though daughter, Jello, doesn’t want to be a model! What probably took place … Continue reading


SH EXCLUSIVE! Worlds Collide…Will AlaskanBushPeople Allow Bossy LymeLoada In BrownTown?

abp rhobh loada foster gp

RHOBH Scavenger Hunt… Part I

Before they take off to Holland, Loada throws a scavenger hunt.  Loada could read, write, drive a car, make a speech and give orders!! 

Loada’s Scavenger Hunt… Part II

Filming the scavenger hunt scenes took a total of sixteen days!  

Every few hours of the hunt, Loada demanded that she be whisked away to the nearest hospital to rest… and to get one of her “stick an IV in me” shots to send out to all of her LymeFace followers.  Needless to say, the rest of the Housewives were more pissed off than what was shown in their CameraComments!


DAVID FOSTER SPEAKS… AGAIN!! KingD Says He Started The Kartrashians! Calls LindaThompsonJennerFoster Kids “Spoiled”… Doing RHOBH To Give Loada’s Kids “Opportunities”!

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I AM THE GREATEST!! AT EVERYTHING! EVERY SECOND OF EVERY DAY! YOU MAY NOW STOP BOWING… Just love when KingDavid… bow your head as you read this…gives interviews!  So much is revealed about him and his HollywoodWife, Loada. Here are … Continue reading

PumpMyStomach Won’t Spill It!!

kent i am the father

PumpMyStomach won’t reveal the end of her story line arc.  Oh damn!!  We’ve been holding our breath waiting to find out if Ken’s son cares who his “real” parents are!!  SNOOOOOZE…

HagfaceKyle is adopted, too!!




kyle splits caption contest answer



AFTER The MalibuBeachParty! Shana Screams For A Cig… And Lights The Wrong End!

The funniest part of the MalibuBeachParty…after DrunkOtis is assured that she just has to be herself… HagfaceKyle escorts crazyShana away from that bad, bad Camille(!?!?)!   Shana screeches around the 1:20 mark that she needs a cig… and lights the wrong end! 

RHOBH Preview: The Addiction Story Line Continues…

Poor HagfaceKyle… still hasn’t gotten her lizard lip licking under control!


ACTING!!!  The DrunkOtis and Kim as best friends story line was also ACTING!!  BAD ACTING!


KIM RICHARDS BRAVO BLOG: Sobriety Is A Full-Time Job! Back Off!

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This episode was a roller coaster of emotions for me. Honestly, I had to watch it a few times before I could really process how I feel about it. And the conclusion is I’m perplexed! Did anyone else notice that … Continue reading

PumpMyStomach Makes DrunkOtis Sing…

Wasn’t this scene done on the RHONY??


Loada’s Other “Model” Kid Jello Gets Invite During Fashion Week… To RalphLauren’s STORE!

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Look who showed up at RalphLauren’s preview show in their store during NY Fashion Week.  No, this was NOT the RL runway show… just RL’s STORE!! Poor Jello.  Her sister, Alana, got to go to the runway show… Jello gets an … Continue reading

RHOBH Preview: PumpMyStomach Gets B’Day “Surprise”

rhobh singing gif

More excitement from tonight’s RHOBH… Mohammerhead and LanceBass are among those who “surprise” PumpMyStomach at PUMP.  The only person missing is Cedric…

See everyone jump up from behind the bar…exciting.


EX-RHOBH Wife So Desperate That She’s On “Where Are They Now?” Special! EVERYONE Knows Where She Is!!

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Poor Shana!!  This is really pathetic. Shana is hardly a mention in this PR blurb about upcoming guests on Opree’s “Where Are They Now” series: “… more Oprah interviews continue with some of the most beloved entertainers of our time, … Continue reading


SH “HIT AND RUN” All The HWs Items We Don’t Care About!! Did VinceVanP Get Boot From 12-Year Spokesman Job Because Wife Signed On To RHOBH??

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We give these items 99038646535354 Kens… Camber’s big “acting” role was a non-Union bit part on Restaurant Stakeout.  As a non-Union part, she receives a small payment and no residuals. HouseHusbandKen pushin’ PumpMyStomach’s VODKA… KingD is crying!!  Looks like he … Continue reading



“BuckHenry” will receive a personal tour of KingD’s star on the H’wood Walk of Fame and a walk through Loada’s lemon grove!  FinePrint:  Winner will be required to make sure that the vagrants who have made the area on and around KIngD’s “star” their home are gone before KingD proceeds with the personal tour!  Loada will conduct the lemon grove tour… when she’s not bedridden or filming or posing for “stick and IV in me” seflies or accepting awards for being sick.


RHOBH Preview VIDEO: DrunkOtis Goes To Loada’s House And HagfaceKyle Goes To PumpMyStomach House To Talk About Kim And DrunkOtis… Despite Her Illness, Loada Remembers Yoga Poses!!

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DrunkOtis pops in at Loada’s house during a RARE time that Loada ISN’T affected by her life-threatening disease for a yoga lesson. Loada tells the private yoga instructor that DrunkO hasn’t had a drop of al-kee-haul or any sugar… the … Continue reading

RHOBH Preview: The vanP’s Enjoy Their Free Lunch

The vanP’s linger over their required free lunch scene to discuss how best to use the fabulous acting abilities of their cast mates!

NOTE:  You can see PMS’s great acting in her “ManTrap” music video HERE.  Along with music videos, PumpMyStomach was also TOPLESS in “Killer’sMoon”… TOPLESS!!

lisav killer moon movie


RHOBH Preview: The Van Patten’s Go To Lunch…

The van Patten’s go to Kristy’s restaurant to score some free grub.  

rhobh kristy's restaurant daylight

Obviously the vanP’s have never been to Kristy’s, as EyeD needs some assistance from PokerPatten to walk on the cobbled entrance to find their way to the gratis grub!  

rhobh walking to kristy's eileen vince

Vince’s role is to act the reluctant HouseHusband, which he does with great reluctant passion because he’s such a great passionate actor!!  In other words, Vince is just there to eat…and to listen to EyeD’s scripted words or he won’t be able to push his PaddleXTreme outdoor game and get atten-shun for his world poker-playin’ tour.  

Vince has his I’m “very-excited-and-interested-in-anything-EyeD-is-about-to-say” look on!!

vince eileen restaurant

BUT.. before we get into VinceVanPorker inhaling his salad and both EyeD and Vince’s bizarre usage of their dining tools …

When they arrive at Kristy’s restaurant, it’s daylight.  

rhobh daylight restaurant kristy's

When the VanP’s were done with their required GuyFieri-watch-me-eat scene, it was dark!  

restaurant dark kristy's

How long were they actually at Kristy’s and what did they devour along with the chef’s gift of scallops with soy glaze and Vince’s salad?  

Long enough for EyeD to have more wine… apparently, a lot of wine!!

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Neither Vince nor EyeD is sure of the correct way to use their eating utensils and Vince is worse than EyeD!  Vince uses the “caveman” grip on his fork…

vince fork eat

vince eat fork

EyeD uses the caveWOMAN grip on her fork…

eileen holding fork wrong

Vince pauses to think if he can really put that huge piece of greens that he’s looking at on his fork into his mouth.


VinceVanP goes for it!

vince eat

vince eat

vince eat    vince eat vince eat vince eat vince eat vince eat vince eat vince eat

vince rhobh eating

Hey, Vince:  ATE IS ENOUGH!!!


WHO’S THE HOUSEWIFE?? It’s EyeD… Who Has Bad Taste In Footwear!!




BigLipsLisaRinna On CSI…

Rinna plays Cindi, an out-of-her-depth mother with huge lips whose two teenage daughters are kidnapped.  Sara Sidle (Jorja Fox), tries to get the teary-eyed mom to confirm the identity of a key suspect in her daughters’ disappearance. It turns out the suspect had been sending graphic photos and texts to one of the girls.

(Thanks “Sloan”!!)