Evolution Media Looking Everywhere For “Docu-Series” Cast Members… PreNups Are Us!!

Love how the term “reality show” was changed to “semi-scripted” and now “docu-series”!

evolution media looking for reality cast


SH “HIT AND RUN”… HWs Items That Don’t Deserve Full Attention! … Questions Answered!

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Some Housewives items which don’t deserve full atten-shun: Heather Dull-BRO voices her opinion about Teresa Giudice… and asks if Bravo is harboring a criminal: “Even on the day of their sentencing, they were hiding jewelry and they didn’t tell the … Continue reading

VanderPumpMyStomach Hurls Up Another Season…

Who is watching this mess?


Everyone Wants To Know!! The Best Questions For MissAndy…

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A few of the VERY best questions for MissAndy at BravoTV… I only watched 5 minutes of the one one one with The Guidices. It’s disgusting­. They still accept NO responsibi­lity for what’s happened to them. I’m tuning out what … Continue reading

Prison Etiquette Tips For Teresa And Juicy!

Another public service announcement for the Joodices!  RickRoss tells TMZ some very inside tips on prison etiquette!  Keep your hands off the TV!!  Rick failed to discuss what would happen to the channel changer…

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BLIND ITEM REVEALED!! Camille Says Source Is Incorrect!!




“This long ago C list mostly movie actress turned A list reality star for an A list franchise has been trying to hook up with the ex-husband of a former cast mate to add to her story line for the upcoming season.”


Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 4.20.33 PM Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 4.20.44 PM

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LisaVanderPumpMyStomach No More Support For TeresaGiudice

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LisaVanderPumpMyStomach hedged her bets by hooking herself up with Teresa Giudice… she would grab some of Tree’s rabid fans and some badly needed attention for herself by publicly sympathizing with Teresa BEFORE Teresa’s sentence.  Apparently, VanderPMS actually believed those mystery … Continue reading

BLIND ITEM: Which EX-Housewife Got New Boobs For Boyfriend?


This former west coast Housewife recently got a new set of breasts because her much younger boyfriend wanted her to get them. It hasn’t really kept him from cheating on her though and more than once he has had sex with the former Housewife and then gone to his other steady and had sex with her.   Money is on Magoof!!


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BLIND ITEM… Who Is The EX-Housewife??


 From CDAN

This former Real Housewife finds out where Real Housewives Beverly Hills is going to be shooting and tries to get in the shot or get herself involved in the filming almost every day.   NOTE:  Money is on SkankyJo!

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Teresa And JoeGiudice On WWHL With MissAndy Monday, October 6

Never one to let a crisis go to waste, MissAndy will be chatting with the Giudice felons on Monday!

“On Monday, October 6th at 9pm EST there will be a special “Watch What Happens Live: One-on-One with Teresa and Joe” with host Andy Cohen, who sits down with Teresa and Joe Giudice for their first interview post-sentencing.”

Screen Shot 2014-10-04 at 2.26.32 PM

RHOBH In Amsterdam…

Killing two birds with one stone… the RHOBH are now filming in Amsterdam, which not only fulfills the required international trip for these chicks, but also is a free trip home for Yoda. HagfaceKyle and sisterKim got a trip to their PalmSprings house when the RHOBH filmed there recently.  The video is quite boring, filming the HWs walking to their van…. don’t expect much more when the new season airs!   NOTE:  Yoda’s lemon house is STILL for sale!!

RHONJ Preview: Breakfast At The Joodices

Another in a series of the skewed view of da Joodice’s as the happy, caring parents… who threaten their kid with exile to **gasp** the dreaded boarding school!   Do the Joodices have any idea the financial obligation of a boarding school?  Thankfully, Milania’s not old enough for Grier…

As for the Joodices footing the bill for their weekend hotel escape, they stayed in the “DivaSuite” at the Carlton Hotel and dined at Millesime back in February… all comped in exchange for PR.  You’ll be seeing this on next week’s RHONJ…

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PumpMyStomach Calls TreeJoodice… For Support! UNBELIEVABLE

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What an absolute load of BS!   This was concocted by either Tree’s prison prepper or PumpMyStomach’s PR team…OR MissAndy’s instruction… Don’t believe for a second that PumpMyStomach just all of a sudden thought this up! After reading the headlines … Continue reading



NOTE:  What is more disturbing beyond the following article’s points is the willing participation of grown, adult women who sign on to the Housewives shows… knowing full well that they will be required to do whatever is asked of them. … Continue reading


COURT UPDATE: AlienShapeShifterPam Dana Wilkey Will Get Her $25,000 Bond Money Back

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The sad exploits of AlienShapeShifterPam Dana Wilkey.  September 24, 2014 the first hearing was held at which all three accused individuals in PamDana’s fraud case appeared in court. There is some VERY interesting reading in the Court documents pertaining to … Continue reading


LeAnn And Eddie Divorcing… AGAIN! DrunkOtis Heartbroken!

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LeAnn Rimes an Eddie Cibrian are rumored to be getting a divorce because Eddie got caught cheating.  LeAnn & Eddie’s “reality” show was LeAnn’s last hope at adding a steady cash flow to her income, and now that news of the alleged … Continue reading


DrunkOtis Wants To Change Her Kids’ Last Name!

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Brandi Glanville from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is now revealing that she wants to change the names of her sons, because she did all of the work in raising them. Her sons, Mason and Jake, carry the name … Continue reading