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  Seriously????  Someone thinks that NayNay is THE person to emcee the over-18 SENSUAL Cirque du Soleil show, Zumanity.   Someone is trying to get the the perception of NayNay changed from a ghetto stripper chick to that of a … Continue reading

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HOUSEWIVES NEWS! SkankyJo LisaPump RHOA Spawn of Tamballs…AND MORE!!!

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SkankyJo is so desperate to be one of the Beverly Hills HWs that she’s carryin’ around a Stella!!!     DrunkOtis LOVES her Stellas!!!   DRUNK OTIS PROMISES THAT SHE’S NOT GONNA BE TWEETING… AS MUCH AS SHE USED TO! … Continue reading

Apollo Says “Everybody Cheats”

On last night’s RHOA:   Big discussion about how EVERYONE cheats… PUH-LEEZE!!  Phaedra says Apollo don’t know what the hell he’s talkn’ about…

NayNay Calls BigDummyCynthia’s HouseHusband, Patricia, A “Biatch”

On last night’s RHOA:  NayNay suggests that UncleBen stop bein’ a girl and stick with the men.  Kenyan is weeping ’cause she’s “worked so hard” and NayNay’s wig is slippin’…

RHOA Preview: KenyanKenya And Apollo “Chat” … Phaedra Pissed

On tonight’s RHOA…

PORSHA WILLIAMS Sings LIVE!! “Flatlines” On 106 And Park!

porsha singing


FrontPorsha takes the challenge of singin’ LIVE on “106 and Park”… and we’re in total agreeance with this guy!  Can’t wait to see FrontPorsha add some choreography to her “singing”… and some backup dancers… and lots and lots of autotune!  FrontPorsha will then and only then be an official singin’ Housewife!!

Compare to FrontPorsha’s “official” Flatline release:


CYNTHIA BAILEY HouseHusband Owes $100,000 Back Rent… Tryin’ To BUY BarOne Property!

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Scammer HouseHusband, spouse of BigDummyCynthia, is trying to purchase the building in which his big business, BarOne, is located. PeterThomas has not paid rent to the owners of the property.  Peter says that he has every right to NOT pay … Continue reading


BIG DUMMY CYNTHIA BAILEY… Caught In Modeling “Mistake”

What is WRONG with these people????   Paying ANY “modeling” agency, especially one seen on a Housewives show, is a sign that the “modeling” agency is just there to TAKE YOUR MONEY. A legitimate modeling agency would NEVER ask you … Continue reading


“BUY MY STUFF”… Apollo Includes a Signed CARD With Purchase For ONLY $6.99!!!

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THIS has to be one of the FUNNIEST EVER promotions done by a Housewife… or HouseHusband!!! Apollo is selling CARDS… autographed CARDS in a pre-prison “buy my stuff” last push!  The autographed cards signed my Apollo hisself are only $6.99… … Continue reading


NAY NAY Says MugshotMarlo Was “NOT Bravo’s Brand”… Backtracks on DWTS … GreggLeakes’ Court Records

From ESSENCEMagazine… You told Jimmy Kimmel that your exotic dancer background would give you a little bit of an edge. Has it? [Laughs] Well, I thought it would give me a little edge. It didn’t give me not a thing. … Continue reading


REAL HOUSEWIVES NEWS!! FrontPorsha Apollo PTHousewife Ramoaner NayNay

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FRIENDS OF KORDELL are keepin’ the FrontPorsha Divorce Saga Alive:  “She used him and took advantage of the situation in hopes that it would get her to the next level financially and professionally,” the tipster claimed. “Honestly, if she hadn’t … Continue reading

MISS ANDY ANSWERS! He Don’t Know Nuthin’ About Joodice Case… Does NayNay Impression

Diedre, the Nazi Clubhouse phone lady, musta gone on the Austin trip with MissAndy as the audience at SXSW was vetted and questions were efficiently asked and answered.

MissAndy paused when asked the first question:  “Which Housewife is the FAKEST?”  After stumbling for a few seconds… it hit MissAndy that there are NO fake Housewives!  After all, the Housewives franchises are NOT scripted night-time soap operas!!  So, there could be NO fakery!!

MissAndy flew through the rest of the questions, which included his favorite HouseHusband… Apollo (as always!); MissAndy would trade lives with PumpMyStomach because of her closet (riiiiiiiiight!); and MissAndy did a NayNay impression.

BUT, before all that, MissAndy was asked about the TreeJoodice bankruptcy case.  In one of the biggest ever lying-right-through-his-teeth-moments in the history of cable television… MissAndy says that he DOESN’T KNOW SPECIFICS ABOUT THE CASE!  And then, MissAndy throws in the “I’m tryin’ to be very sincere here” lines about how he feels about Tree’s kids and her family!


NOTE to MissAndy… “LIES” by Jonathan Butler:





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If you haven’t already guessed that the answer to the “blind” item is NayNay, well shame on you! Speakin’ of “blind” items… Blinds are the easiest way to say something about a Housewife without the responsibility of standing behind your … Continue reading


Kim Zolciak and Sheree Whitfield were guests in MissAndy’s Clubhouse last night.  Kim and Sheree are very familiar with MissAndy’s tactics and weren’t fazed by them one bit.  Kim was pleasant as was Sheree; they responded to MissAndy’s questions and games in a flat affect.  Good for them!  MissAndy was expecting much more…

Kim and Sheree on the WWHL AfterShow… Kim and Sheree are asked about this season’s cast of the RHOA.  Would LOVE to see Sheree back, as Sheree was the ONLY Atlanta Housewife who could chop NayNay down to her true ghetto roots in seconds.

NOTE:  Kim did reveal that she is still not on speaking terms with either her mother or father.

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA Preview Ad: All Kindsa Fightin’…

NayNay’s goin after Todd…Phaedra’s goin’ after Kenya… and UncleBen goes after someone his own age!!   If only Sheree was there… sigh.

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA Preview: Phaedra Gotta Pee… Phaedra Lost Her Key!

On the next RHOA:  Phaedra is really pissed at Apollo… literally!  Phaedra leaves the par-tay and sulks off to her and Apollo’s room.  Apollo follows a few minutes later and says “tomato” “tamahto” and “juvial” “jovial” (uh… OK, Apollo!) before finding Phaedra locked outside of her posh Mexican five-star hotel.  A five-star hotel which still requires KEYS to enter your room!  Phaedra ain’t about to say nuthin’ on camera… all she’s sayin’ is that she gotta pee and needs a key! Phaedra will deal with Apollo later.  Phaedra learned all that in Deposition 101…



Come on now!  These HouseHusbands gettin’ their own air time gotta stop!  Are the Housewives THAT boring that they can’t fill 42 minutes???  On tonight’s RHOA… Todd gets some sage advice from the old sage, UncleBen.



Dear Todd do not listen to them, listen to Ernie K-Doe!!



SH **EXCLUSIVE** DrunkOtis Ditches Ken And LisaVanderPumpMyStomach!!!

The VanderPumpMyStomachs are reported to be overcome by… utter happiness at this news!!  

Let the cocktails flow and the chain smoking begin!!

Brandi Trump pg



NOTE:  KenyaMoore is rumored to have already signed on for “CelebrityApprentice”