PT HOUSEWIFE Accuses Carole Radziwill Of Ghostwriter… KristenTaekman, Heather Thomson Shocked!

On the next RHONY:

Let’s count how many Housewives have ghostwritten books!

We officially do not think that Carole Radziwill’s books are ghostwritten!  ‘Cause Carole woulda written that in one of her books…

MORE talk about ghostwriters…hate to tell Heather, but bein’ on the NYTimes BestSeller list nor being on Oprah doesn’t mean that the book isn’t ghostwritten…

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SONJA MORGAN On WWHL: Asked About Ramona’s Divorce…

Sonja Morgan was on WWHL last night doing her burlesque number and taking questions from the WWHL audience.  An audience member asked Sonja about her favorite Ramoaner moments… which was a total set up for MissAndy to ask Sonja about Ramoaner’s divorce.  Sonja’s diversional non-answer to the question is simply more proof that Ramoaner ain’t never gonna be gettin’ a big “D”!

RAMONA SINGER: On Today Show…Toldja “Divorce” Was RHONY PR Crap!

UPDATE:  Ramoaner tweets that this item is:

Ramona Singer ‏@ramonasinger   BEYOND ridiculous. Laughable.”

We all know that Ramoaner’s response means that we’re spot on with what’s said here!


Good God… this was hard to watch!!!   “SHUT UP, RAMOANER”!!!  Ramoaner makes it VERY clear that nothing on the RHONY is scripted!  Yeah… OK, keep sayin’ THAT old line!

KathieLee brings up Raoamer’s divorce.  Hate to say “I told you so…” BUT… Around the 3:30 mark, Ramoaner says that just because you FILE for divorce doesn’t mean that you’re getting a divorce.  NOTE:  Every HWs franchise comes up with some chaos to draw attention to their show in the weeks before their new season premiere… the Singer divorce was the chaos for this season of the RHONY.   Look for upcoming photos of Mario and Ramoaner plastered everywhere… so happy that they’re staying together.

NOTE:  Ramoaner was also on the BFrankelShow saying the same about her “divorce”… the two of them (Ramoaner/Frankel) together was just waaaaay more annoying than this TodayShow video.  

Wonder how Silex feels about Kristen/Josh takin’ their place as the NY Housewife with two kids?  Will we be seein’ Kristen on “CouplesTherapy” or “MarriageWhatever”… the shows where old “reality” show cast members go to make that easy “reality” show money??

(Thanks to SH readers “Sloan” “anon” and “romo”!!!!)

RHONY PREVIEWS Harry Dubin Is Back…Thinkin’ Of Marrying Sonja!… VIDEO

rhony cast copy

Part One… Harry Dubin is back…

Part Two…

Part Three… WHY do these Housewives have to involve their kids????   Harry Dubin looks dazed and confused!

RHONY Preview: PT Housewife Has Drinks With Ramoaner

These people are disgusting… the bar is set lower and lower.  

NOTE: PT Housewife says in her book that “the real terror” in PT’s life was her own mother’s debilitating alcoholism.  Drink up!!


SH “HIT AND RUN” FRIDAY: All The Housewives Junk That Doesn’t Deserve Any Atten-Shun…

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Housewives stuff that we really couldn’t be bothered with during the past few days…and don’t deserve further atten-shun: PhelonPhaedra Parks is speaking at AlabamaStateUniversity to talk about “the steps that she has taken in life to reach her current platform.” … Continue reading


Bravo is pullin’ out all the stops in preparation for the sixth season of the RHONY!

Will the addition of Kristen “Tallmark” Taekman be the answer to the RHONY’s sagging viewer interest?   OR… will Kristen’s presence and her much-publicized friendship with DrunkOtis be a detriment?



REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW YORK: Finally! A Truthful Intro!!

The RHONY Season Six intro…


RAMONA SINGER: “Divorce” Disabled… Mario Dumps Kasey

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Who didn’t see this coming? Mario Singer has broken off his “relationship” with Kasey Dexter; Kasey is “heartbroken”; Mario and Ramaoner are back to normal. ‘Mario had been seeing Kasey behind Ramona’s back for eight months and was giving her … Continue reading

SH **EXCLUSIVE** Kyle Richards’ Husband In New York To Offer Ramona Singer Real Estate Advice!!

MO-Ree-C-O hopped a bus and headed out to NYC… just to advise Ramoaner!  Allegedly HagfaceKyle is pissed!

RHOBH RHONY Ramona Maurice pg

RHONY Season Six Preview Ad…

Is it time for the RHONY to retire to Miami??

SH **EXCLUSIVE** Bravo’s New “Behind The Scenes” Consultants…

Bravo has hired Denise Richards AND Ron Jeremy…

Bravo Andy Ramona Vicki Denise HeatherD Ron Jeremy pg


HOW MUCH ARE THE HOUSEWIVES COMMANDING FOR APPEARANCE FEES??? Which Housewives Are The Lowest… Which Are The Highest Paid??

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THESE HOUSEWIVES ARE ALL LESS THAN $10,000: It’s amazing that somma these HWs “command” any amount! HOUSEWIVES IN THE $10,000 TO $20,000 CATEGORY: YES, this group includes Alexis Bellino and Kelly Bensimon… HOUSEWIVES IN THE “CONTACT US FOR FEE” CATEGORY… … Continue reading

RAMONA SINGER: No Wedding Ring… When Will Housewives Stop With The Quotes???

RHONY Ramona PT pg

Oh Lord!  When will these Housewives stop with all the quoting important-smart-people quotes?

The latest is Ramoaner Singer, quoting C. JoyBell:

“You may feel very secure in the pond that you are in, but if you never venture out of it, you will never know that there is such a thing as an ocean, a sea. Holding onto something that is good for you now, may be the very reason why you don’t have something better.”  NOTE:  What BS! is showing Ramoaner out today without her wedding ring… Ramoaner was out yesterday without her ring!  Guess that makes it permanent!!

NOTE:  Ramoaner should load up on the VivaCalm with her pinot… and tell her ghostTweeter to stop with the ridiculous quotes!


RAMONA SINGER: Ramoaner Pissed At JillZ… For Blabbin’ About Her Split From Mario!

OH!  As if JillZ was ever gonna keep her mouth shut when it came to anything to do with a Housewife!   ANY Housewife!  But, the latest for JillZ to talk about is Ramoaner:

RHONY jillz tweet re ramona

Ramoaner is whining about JillZ talkin’ about her and Mario’s breakup…doesn’t Ramoaner KNOW that this is what JillZ does???

rhony ramona tweet to jillz

SingleRamoaner was out last night

rhony ramona jealous


FYI:  Some Housewives trivia… Singer Marilyn McCoo and her husband, Billy Davis singing with the FifthDimension (below), were at the “Where Are They Now” autograph session with Kim Richards shown on the RHOBH!


RAMONA SINGER: Ramoaner Has Officially Filed For Divorce From Mario Singer…

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According to PageSix, RamoanerSinger has actually put her money where her mouth is… and has filed for divorce on Tuesday from that ever-cheatin’ HouseHusband of hers, MarioSinger. NOTE:  Although we have a NY source who is very close to this … Continue reading