B FRANKEL… Have Bucket Will Travel…

BFrankel’s talk show ratings are in the bottom of the bucket… the puke bucket!                       BLEEEEEEEECH!!!

RHONY BFrankel talk show pg

Will Ellen give another Housewife a shot at a talk show…                 EVER???


TAKIN’ A LOOK BACK… From July 2012… LapBandLauren and Mommy on BFrankel Talk Show… The Beginning of the END for BFrankel!!… Watch As FEBUS Has The BurglarBalls To Talk About “Character”!!

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As you all know, sometimes when looking for something on SH, other items pop up!  Those items from weeks, months, years ago seemed to make no sense at the time.  However, looking at the items now gives a whole new … Continue reading



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AAAAWWWW what a shame.  Ellen DeGeneres worked so hard to set up BFrankel in the talk show world.  Despite all of Ellen’s efforts and her producing experience, the BFrankelTalkShow is tanking. Even BFrankel’s appearance with MissAndy in the BravoClubhouse to … Continue reading

MELISSA GORGA: A Mystery!… Can You Find The Video???

Melissa Gorga schedule pg

Melissa Gorga’s “team” is sweeping the intrawebby and deleting any teeny, tiny shred of MeGo prancin’ and dancin’ while she busts more eardrums tryin’ to belt out some off-key notes “entertains”…. eeer, “sings”… while visiting a radio station in Orlando in July.

  • WHY would MeGo’s “people” want this video to disappear?
  • Can YOU find that video???

MANZOID: DonCaro’s Cliche Talk Show…

In a chat with HollywoodLife before the RHONJ season began, DonCaro kinda likes that idea of her very own talk show.  DonCaro’s would be the very first talk show to talk totally in cliches!


NOTE:  Contrary to the rumors of its demise, DonCaro’s ‘competition,’ KrisJenner’s talk show was NOT canceled

MELISSA GORGA: “Removed” Performance Resuscitated!!

Mysteriously, this video suddenly appears on YouTube!  MeGo sings her newest “NeverLetMeGo.”  This one has been polished… auto-tuned… a bit; however, it’s still damn awful!

NOTE:  **Warning**!! It is highly recommended that you locate your nearest ER… you may need some morphine after watching and listening!


MELISSA GORGA: YouTube Interview and “Performance”… Removed By User!… WHO Really Took It Down?

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This is pretty damn funny!!!   However, you, the SH reader can be the judge! Here’s the facts, Jack: Melissa Gorga was interviewed in Orlando a few weeks ago by a local radio station, XL106.7. MeGo’s new manager, “behind the … Continue reading



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ORIGINALLY POSTED June 5, 2012     AllAccess… RE-POSTED JUNE 5, 2013   “Radio SLADE” begins with a three-hour show on SATURDAY, JUNE 9th from noon to 3p; then will air weekdays from noon to 1p. “I am extremely excited about … Continue reading


SH “HIT AND RUN” WEDNESDAY, Part II: Gretchen Rossi, Slade Smiley “Contest and Radio Slade”… Nene Leakes “New Normal Abnormal Preview”… UPDATE: NEW “WatchWhatCrappens”!!!

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August 29, 2012  4:00 pm   6:30 pm Ronnie/flipit and friends over at TVGasm have their weekly “Watch What Crappens” Podcast all ready for you!!  Get on over there and listen!! “It’s a super-sized episode of Watch What Crappens. There was … Continue reading


GRETCHEN ROSSI, SLADE SMILEY: Slimey Got Himself a J-O-B!… “Radio Slade” Starts June 9!!!…

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June 5, 2012  4:00 pm    AllAccess… “Radio SLADE” begins with a three-hour show on SATURDAY, JUNE 9th from noon to 3p; then will air weekdays from noon to 1p. “I am extremely excited about having this opportunity with PLAYLIST … Continue reading

Sheree… A Retrospective… Kinda

While looking for a particular item regarding the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Ms. Sheree Whitfield, I came across some other things of interest…

Sheree wants to wring Wendy Williams’ neck after her ‘interview’

The first is from May 2009, after the first season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Sheree stopped by the Wendy Williams radio show for an interview.  This was just three months before Wendy’s debut as a talk show host and the ‘interview’ was more like an interrogation, followed by a verbal berating by Wendy… Wendy calls Sheree fake, hard and mean and proceeds to tell Sheree she has a ‘streak of the lesbianism’… there’s no video, but good listening.. :

And than just for a nightcap, Bonnie Hunt and Niecy Nash’s classic take on the Real Housewives of Atlanta… they improv’d the entire video: