DRUNK OTIS Book Reviews… BravoTV Shows/Books No Longer FUN

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    There are some interesting reviews of DrunkOtis’ second book over at  The reviews are on the same level as those reviews of MeGo’s gutter book.   “I read the first book and was entertained. It didn’t change my … Continue reading

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RHONY: “Ghostwriter” Gets Gutsy, Gritty And Gross

On tonight’s RHONY:  The ghostwriter story arc bumps up to a higher level.  Carole Radziwill (Gutsy) calls PT Housewife “self absorbed”… Hmmmmm, where’d THAT come from??   Alliances are made as Sonja sympathizes with PT!  HeatherT (Gritty) moseys on over to Ramoaner’s (Gross) place to let her in on everything she missed after she bugged outta PT’s par-tay.  Tallmark seems dazed.


NOTE:  PT needs to take a few bottles of her own “medicine”…

RHONY Ramona PT pg

RHONY Preview: PT Housewife Has Drinks With Ramoaner

These people are disgusting… the bar is set lower and lower.  

NOTE: PT Housewife says in her book that “the real terror” in PT’s life was her own mother’s debilitating alcoholism.  Drink up!!

SH **EXCLUSIVE**… Ramona Singer and PT Housewife Collaborate!! Pushin’ a Brand NEW Product!

RHONY Ramona PT pg



SERIOUSLY… PT Housewife is REALLY pushin’ a “calming” product!!




From The SH Archives, One Year Ago… October 2012: MELISSA GORGA Was 2003 “Guido HOTTIE”…Sonja Morgan “RinkDrinks”… PT Housewife

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Originally posted on SH October 10, 2012  9:35 pm Sonja Morgan… ************************* Melissa Gorga was one of the “Hotties of the Week”… back in 2003!  Selected by ““…  WHAT AN HONOR!! ****************************** PT Housewife was selected as one of the … Continue reading


REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW YORK: PoopyPiggyDaddy “Engaged”… And Engages In Threesomes… RHONY In Montana… PT HW Didn’t Go (Bad Asthma)

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This item from the NYDailyNews is disturbing on so many levels! Just the fact that PoopyPiggyDaddy is back on the RHONY is bad enough… The MOST disturbing, however, is that AlienHands PT Housewife and her PoopyPiggyDaddy will stop at nothing … Continue reading


SH “HIT AND RUN” THURSDAY: Fake Phony Bag Buyers Will Be Fined!… Joe Gorga “Follow Me”… Tamballs Wedding … ANOTHER Housewives Wedding; Joanna Krupa Married Today

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If you live in or visit New York City, there’s a street where you can purchase knock off’s of  luxury items.  Really, really good knock offs… of really, really good purses or jewelry! Not sayin’ that any of the Real … Continue reading


SH “HIT AND RUN” SATURDAY: PT Housewife “FaceFixin”… Melissa Gorga… Joanna Krupa “BelovedPierogiePrincess”… RHOC Lynne Curtin “DoomedDesigns”

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December 1, 2012   PT Housewife is praising the work of Dr. Ellen Marmur… a dermatologist… NOTE:  Any bets on seeing Dr. Marmur on RHONY… IF PT returns? This is PT Housewife… “on screen”! PT Housewife is gettin’ her face … Continue reading


RHONY’S PT HOUSEWIFE: PT Is The Wanna-Be “LadyGaga of The RHONY”… Says ALL Housewives on RHONY Are “Caricatures”… And NOT Real Portrayals

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November 25, 2012   PT Housewife recently chatted with an Australian morning show about the Real Housewives of New York, as Australia is lucky enough to be airing the RHONY!   PT states early on in the interview that she … Continue reading


PT HOUSEWIFE: PT’s BravoBlog… Savin’ All Her Words For The Reunion Show… WHY?

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October 2, 2012  Bravo… The finale. . .finally! I must start with a huge thank you to Bravo for giving me this extraordinary opportunity to have such a tremendous platform to reach others. You have allowed me to connect in … Continue reading

PT HOUSEWIFE: PT’s Daddy “GaveBirth” To PT!