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TeresaGiudice PrisonPrepper Speaks… BEFORE Taking Tree As Client, PrisonPrepper Said Tree Needs “Psych Evaluation” And Would Pull Tree From RHONJ! UPDATE: Feldman Denies ALL!!

Been waiting for Tree’s prison prepper to start blabbing about how unfair Tree’s sentence was!   From Radar… “Sadly, our justice system has yet to find a balance between punishment and rehabilitation,” Wendy Feldman said […]

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SH “HIT AND RUN” WEDNESDAY: Women Behind Bars… Crooks’ Tweets… Dr. Phil Tweets… Sara Rue’s Tweet Settles “MalibuCountry” OC Sore Spot… Lydia McLaughlin “Needs Help”

Perhaps women who happen to be mothers could learn some valuable lessons from this DiscoveryChannel two-parter, premiering tomorrow at 10 pm!  DISCOVERYChannel press release… OR… Tree could just ask her buddy standing next to her! […]

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