SH “HIT AND RUN” WEDNESDAY: Women Behind Bars… Crooks’ Tweets… Dr. Phil Tweets… Sara Rue’s Tweet Settles “MalibuCountry” OC Sore Spot… Lydia McLaughlin “Needs Help”

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Perhaps women who happen to be mothers could learn some valuable lessons from this DiscoveryChannel two-parter, premiering tomorrow at 10 pm!  DISCOVERYChannel press release… OR… Tree could just ask her buddy standing next to her!   HEY!  It’s a possibility!!! … Continue reading


SIMON COWELL, LAUREN SILVERMAN: Simon’s BabyMama’s Affair at 16 With Teacher… Stepfather (With Record) Defends… Mother Pushing For Marriage!

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The NYDailyNews is reporting that Simon Cowell’s babyMama, Lauren Silverman, had an affair with her married English teacher while she was in a Miami high school.   Silverman was booted from the school; the teacher was asked to resign. Interestingly, … Continue reading


KIM ZOLCIAK: KimZ’s Chateau “Almost Move In”… Smoking Accusations Addressed

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Kim and Kroy Zolciak-Biermann’s new house is almost ready for inhabitants.  KimZ will require lotsa help for her monstrous manor!   @KimZolciak-Biermann has been tweeting the progress of her new abode… Unlike ChateauSheree, construction of KimZ’s new house WILL be … Continue reading


SH “HIT AND RUN” WEDNESDAY: Teresa Giudice “Nene’s Bridesmaid”… Kim Zolciak Pregnant “Wants A Girl”… Kenya Moore “Rent Overdue”… LuAnnie and PT Housewife… AND… A Brand NEW “Watch What Crappens”!!!

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  And they say that none of this “reality” stuff is planned!!!  It’s just the “reality” star’s life… with cameras following them around! Who’s being invited to NayNay’s official Bravo-endorsed wedding par-tay aka “I Dream of Nene”… and who ain’t? … Continue reading

TAMRA BARNEY: Tamballs “HoneyBooBoo of The OC”… Phaedra Parks “Pregnant”!

From the very creative “HousewifeHoe“!!  Here comes Tamballs Barney… the HoneyBooBoo of the OC!!TAMBALLS HONEYBOOBOO HH SH

Phaedra Parks is pregnant with child #2… according to People!


KIM ZOLCIAK: Kim’s BravoBlog… No Travelling “Under Doctor’s Orders”… HWs Are NOT Kim’s Friends….

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                      I’m done… hear me, Sweetie… I’m done!  Now get me a beer… The fighting. The stress. The gossip. The drama. I reached my boiling point. Going to Anguilla would have … Continue reading


KIM ZOLCIAK BIERMANN: Kim QUIT Real Housewives of Atlanta!!.. Kim Answers Questions In Her BravoBlog… Had Baby Name First… Not Kicked Out Of Roswell House Because of Finances…Calls Nene Racist…

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November 6, 2012   MTO… Were you wondering WHY Kim Zolciak is NOT holding a peach in the new Real Housewives of Atlanta’s cast photo?  This should come as no surprise… Kim quit mid-season, saying that she could not put … Continue reading


SH “HIT AND RUN” THURSDAY: New WWC Podcast!… Milania Products “Prizes Coming”…RHONJ “Daily”… AND A Very Special Announcement!

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September 13, 2o12  7:30 pm Get on over to TVGasm… and give a listen to the latest “WatchWhatCrappens“!!   Poor flipit/Ronnie and Matt!  Ben Mandelder from “B-SideBlog” has abandoned them for better things this week, so the trifecta of Ben, … Continue reading


SH “HIT AND RUN” THURSDAY: Adrienne Maloof, Kandi Burruss… Manzo/Laurita “VacationDiary”… Tori Spelling “BF Called Ugly”… UPDATE: Joe Giudice, BigAl Manzo “Chicken Argument”… PT’s “Beauty Tips”… Alexis Bellino “Looks Like THIS After Plastic Procedures… “Cafface”…

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August 23, 2012  3:40 pm   4:25 pm   Today’s robotic arm afternoon snack is loaded with:  A frozen Snickers bar wrapped in chocolate fudge cake, double dipped in marshmallow sauce, then dipped in thick caramel, covered in chopped pecans… … Continue reading


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Camille Grammer… Kelsey Grammer and Kayte Walsh Havin’ a Baby…KELSEY’S PREGNANT!!… UPDATE… IT’S TWINS!… AND KELSEY WINS GOLDEN GLOBE… PHOTOS

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From People: Kelsey Grammer’s fourth wife, 32-year-old Kayte Walsh, is pregnant.  The Frasier star’s representation confirmed the happy news to People magazine today. The 32-year-old is already in the second trimester of her pregnancy. IT’S TWINS!   HERE. Kelsey Grammer … Continue reading


Real Housewives of Atlanta: Kim Zolciak… (Update 6-1-11)

More info on Kim and Kroy’s baby boy:  “Sources say that the labor lasted 18 minutes (and yes, Kim sported her wig).  Kroy was by Kim’s side through the delivery, while her daughters Brielle and Arianna eagerly awaited the arrival … Continue reading


Real Housewives of Atlanta: Kim Zolciak Just About to Burst!

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Kim Zolciak is two weeks away from giving birth to her boyfriend, Kroy Biermann’s baby boy.  Krim posed for Life & Style magazine again (they must have contracted with L&S for the photos)… is Kim breathing in this pose?                                    … Continue reading

Kim’s Movin’ On Up…

Awwww… how cute!  Brielle, the daugheter of the Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s Kim Zolciak responded to a question on formspring about the rumor that she’s moving from their townhouse to a ‘regular’ house:

We all know that there’s a spin-off show featuring Kim and Kroy with their new baby boy, so of course, their luxury townhouse isn’t gonna cut it… they need a real house.

That townhouse is nasty, gurl…

Kim and Kroy have put in an offer on this one in Roswell, GA and are waiting to hear if their offer has been accepted.  This house has been on on for over 2 years… IMO, Kim and Kroy will be moving soon…

  • House For Sale: $3,250,000
  • Mortgage payment: $13,404
  • Beds: 7
    Baths: 8.0
  • Sqft: 11,066
    Lot: 87,120
  • Days on Zillow: 896
    Built: 2006

570 Stonemoor Cir, Roswell, GA 30075

570 Stonemoor Cir, Roswell, GA 30075

570 Stonemoor Cir, Roswell, GA 30075

NOTE:  One more reason for Nene to hate on Kim…

More House Photos:

Brielle’s Formspring Page..interesting:


Just four days ago, I wrote a post about the Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Kim Zolciak refusing to reveal the gender of her baby:  ( ).   I told you that she’s have a boy and I was right!

It seems Kim slipped up when she referred to the baby as “he” in one of her tweets on Saturday. “I haven’t had the baby yet!! I’m due in June! But he is getting big in my belly,” she wrote.

Kroy, Kim and Baby Boy Biermann

After immediately getting tweeted by excited fans, Kim wrote “Ya all are right!!! I can’t believe it I messed up tweetin. YES @biermann71 and I are happy to announce we are a having a baby BOY!!!”

Oh, Come On Now, Nene…

Kim and Sweetie have a good working relationship, so what’s Nene’s problem with it??? Mind your own business, Nene…


First, Real Housewife NeNe Leakes accused Kim Zolciak of treating Sweetie Hughes, Kim’s assistant (above), like a “slave” on the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Now that allegation has prompted a “Free Sweetie” crusade that Sweetie says is ruining her life. Atlanta radio host Rickey Smiley launched the campaign on Feb. 16 after NeNe called his morning show.

“They’re doing it for Black History Month, and it offends me,” Sweetie tells Life & Style. “They have pastors calling into the radio station and praying for me. They’ve taken it too far. NeNe’s jealous that she’s not as close to Kim as I am. I’ve known Kim for 11 years, since I was a kid. Kim’s a great friend to me. NeNe’s traumatizing my life. She’s bringing hell to it.”

“I never want to speak to NeNe again. My assistant Sweetie is so upset about the whole thing, she’s beside herself,” Kim tells Life & Style. “NeNe has problems.”

Kim and Kroy’s Little Boy Bay-bee Bump…

Kim Zolciak of the Real Housewives of Atlanta is pregnant with Kroy ‘Atlanta Falcons’ Biermann’s bay-bee… everyone knows that.  When she and Kroy were Andy’s guests on the very first baby shower on Watch What Happens Live!, Kim told Andy that they knew the baby’s gender, but were not going to divulge that tidbit of top secret info. 
Miss Andy tried everything in his power to get Kim or Kroy to tell him if was a boy or girl, but Kim wasn’t gonna budge and Miss Andy knew not to push Kroy too much, if ya know what I mean.  So, neither of them said nothin’.   

Baby Shower… Woo-hoo!!!

But… remember Kim’s visit to her psychic?   Unlike Allysnake ‘Patricia Arquette… hold on, I gotta take another drag of steam from my blue plastic cigarette…Plays Me on TV’ Doo-bwah, Kim’s psychic was pretty much on-the-money about what she’s told Kim so far, and her psychic told Kim that she was having a boy.  So, if Kim’s psychic says that Kim is having a boy, then Kim better plop out a little bundle that has an appendage that requires a circumcision, ’cause Kim’s psychic doesn’t pretend to be a psychic, unlike that other psychically dormant rip-off on RHOBH who told Kyle and Kim what they wanted to hear only after she questioned them both before persuading them that her psychic abilities were worth payment.  

But, really, is this photo montage necessary????

Kim Zolciak put her baby bump on display while wearing bikinis in her Life & Style photo shoot.

Demi Moore started this pregnancy photo trend when she modeled nude while pregnant with Rumer for the cover of Vanity Fair magazine.  Remember this from 20 years ago?:

The original naked pregnant pose… it’s been done to death… can’t someone think of something else???


Kim on Wendy Williams

Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member, Kim Zolciak was a guest on the Wendy Williams Show, and she brought along her fiance/baby daddy, Kroy Biermann.

Burgeoning bump: The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak visited New York City yesterday with boyfriend Kroy BiermannKroy and Kim… Krim???

Wendy asked Kim about the RHOA season finale and Kim said,  “It was a snoozefest, it was really boring, the whole wedding thing.  I just don’t understand the whole thing.”   Funny… that’s what everyone who watched the show thought, too…

Let’s Visit Kim Zolciak!

Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member Kim Zolciak allowed the Atlanta Journal Constitution a tour of her Duluth, GA home.  The tour took place last year before she locked eyes on Kroy Biermann and realized her third pregnancy:

Kim Zolciak’s townhouse in Duluth, GA.  “This neighborhood works out great,” shares Zolciak. “I’ve lived here a couple years; the community is great, like I said, my neighbor Damien, he plays for the NBA so he’s in and out quite a bit, he’s pretty fantastic. It’s somewhat kid-friendly, it is gated, and it’s roomy, it’s spacious.” And security cameras at her front door assure no one gets up-close unannounced.

Zolciak says her favorite room in her Duluth townhouse is her master suite (pictured), “because that’s where the magic happens.” And only “custom sheets” adorn her bed.

“This home is so significant because I left so much behind and did this on my own, I left my dream home,” notes Zolciak. “I did this on my own, and it is my own, and it’s my girls’ and I and it’s perfect for us.” Pictured is the lounge in the master suite.

“I love my dining room table and chairs,” though Zolciak admits, “we’ve never even sat there and had a meal, ever! I love Chanel, so when I had that table made and the chairs, if you look at the back [of the chairs] there are actual circles,” she points out, “but I wanted like the [interlocking] ‘C’-look. So I had that made.”

Kim next to her custom, ‘Chanel‘-inspired chairs…”Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast member Kim Zolciak says the only thing missing from her three-level townhouse in Duluth is … “A man! A man, that’s the only thing we’re missing. And I’m not really so sure I want that either. I’m pretty happy.” She notes, “This is a pretty cool place; I’m missing a really big closet though.”

The wig line preview party that was soured by the antics of fellow ‘Housewife’ cast member NeNe was the last time Zolciak entertained at her home. “It was fun. I prefer to be entertained versus entertaining.” Pictured is her collection of Versace china, which is yet to serve a meal.

Zolciak has been in her 3-bedroom, 3 1/2-bath Duluth townhouse three years. Originally from Connecticut, Zolciak came to Georgia when: “My parents had moved here, then I graduated nursing school. My ex-husband came down here and got a job and we stayed.” Pictured is the kitchen where she starts mornings at the counter tracking the Internet buzz ‘Real Housewives’ stirs up.

“I like the little restaurants they have around here, but I usually run to Buckhead for food and shopping,” admits Zolciak. Pictured is her cozy breakfast room that opens to the living room.

“I think my house is homey. My house in Sugarloaf was a little cold,” shares Zolciak. “Here it’s a home. We live here, there’s writing all over the walls. We have a wall (near kitchen) that everyone signs and writes on; we’ve painted over it twice.”

“My neighbors are fantastic. My neighbor to my left, Damien Wilkins, he’s the husband I don’t have,” offers Zolciak. The ‘Tardy for the Party’ mommy strikes a peek-a-boo pose in a portrait mounted near the living room. Her nude portrait in her master suite is too spicy to show in this PG-rated gallery.

Zolciak says her townhouse is “totally different” from the home she grew up in in Connecticut. “I had like peach siding; the kitchen was baby blue with peach. We had blue carpeting [and] white picket fences. It was decorated with flower wallpaper; my mom’s house still looks like that.” She adds: “My parents, I don’t think they have anything black in their house. My ceiling (on first level) is black for goodness sake; I’m cut from a different cloth maybe.”

“I used to live in Sugarloaf Country Club, I lived in my dream home, it was beautiful and big,” reflects Zolciak. “But I felt so alone, houses are pretty far apart over there so this townhouse [which] is almost 6,000-square-feet and … I’m connected and I like it.” Zolciak commissioned Pineapple House to craft the graphic rug in the living room and handle all other custom treatments.

slideshow_1288074_private-zolciak-girlbdrm“I’m really extremely fussy about my style. Black, ivory, gold and red, that’s it! That’s all I like,” declares Zolciak. “My children’s rooms are pink and bright and fun. But I’m just usually fussy. I like animal prints, and putting ornate gaudy pieces with kind of more subdued traditional.” Seven-year-old Arianna’s room (pictured) is on the same level as the master suite and Zolciak’s home office.

Arianna’s bathroom is whimsical and youthful without echoing the pink palette in her room.

Not to be outdone by her younger sister, thirteen-year-old Brielle’s bedroom conveys design ideas from a fairytale storybook of a princess who adores pink.

“I guess the school districts here,” credits Zolciak of the Duluth school system that attracted her to this suburban community. “My kids do go to private school.” Pictured is the girls’ playroom in the home’s attic level.

“I am a product junkie,” admits Zolciak. ”If it makes you skinnier, tighter, tanner, hair straight or curly, teeth whiter, lips pinker … I buy it. I’m looking for the fricking miracle in a bottle,” she laughs. She uses everything from Vaseline petroleum jelly to La Prairie cellular renewal night cream, priced at $1000 (1.7 oz.). “I go through it pretty quickly. I didn’t have it when I was out-of-town, I think I could tell a difference. My ex-husband would tell you it’s all in my mind.”

“I just had my whole garden landscaped. Thanks Big Poppa, ’cause I have no idea what’s out there. He had them come over here and handle it. It looks fantastic.” There’s also a pond with waterfall and tiered floral arrangement.

NOTE:  You, too, can own Kim’s Versace china in the Medusa pattern, sold at Neiman-Marcus:

statistics for vBulletin

Seriously, Kim???

A picture is worth 1,000 words, but the only word I can think of for this outrageousness is SERIOUSLY? Kim, maybe your LPN training didn’t go over this, but to protect your unborn baby, the mother should not smoke or drink while pregnant.

TMZ got a hold of a photo of Kim Zolciak smoking a cigarette on November 7th.

According Life and Style magazine, Kim KNEW she was pregnant since SEPTEMBER.


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