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FROM THE SH ARCHIVES…KYLE RICHARDS, FAYE RESNICK: How Faye Met Kyle…How Kyle Dragged Faye On To The RHOBH… Kyle Tells Geraldo Rivera About That “Hall Pass” For Cheating… And MORE!!

Have you been wonderin’ about the “morally corrupt” Faye Resnick? Have you been wonderin’ how HagfaceKyle Richards became friends with the “morally corrupt” Faye? Were you wondering how Faye and Kyle bein’ on the RHOBH […]

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FAYE RESNICK: Faye’s “Friend,” Daniel DiCriscio Knows All “Three Sides of Faye”… Says That Faye Did NOT Want To Be on TV… AND… Did NOT Want To Be “In The Spotlight”… Says Faye Has “Aged, But Not Changed”… WHY Kyle Defends Faye…

NOTE:  Received this statement and photos from a representative of Daniel DiCriscio… who, from the following photos and statement, knows Faye Resnick.  To what extent their friendship still exists is unknown… “These private photos from […]

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