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It’s Camille’s Party…And She’ll Be A Bitch If She Wants To


Camille Grammer showed her bitchy, small-minded, passive-aggressive personality on last night’s RHOBH.

Camille thinking of all the crap she’s gonna stir up at her dinner party while on speaker phone

Camille personally called the other RHOBH and invited them to her home for cocktails and dinner. I mention “personally,” as normally she would have had her house manager press those dirty phone buttons, but she was being filmed and she wanted to prove that she’s somewhat normal and can actually make a phone call herself.

Camille’s actual fingers

After inviting Kyle, Kyle mentions that she has a previous engagement with a friend and if she cannot cancel the engagement asks Camille if her friend can join the dinner party. Camille has to compute how many people can fit around her table that seats 10; after her mind almost explodes from too much math, Camille tells Kyle to bring her friend. It turns out that the guest Kyle is bringing is Faye Resnick.

Camille, her best friend, D.D. (the ‘best friend’ that Camille keeps in one of her homes)

and friend Allison DuBois (self-proclaimed medium, on which the show “Medium” is based and the Grammers produce)

are drinking cocktails from gallon-sized stemware before the party,

Allison the “psychic” gettin’ her drink on

while 40-foot limos go from house to house picking up the rest of the dinner guests.

NOT their limo…

Camille sets the scene for the dinner table by placing herself at the head of the table with D.D. and Allison seated on either side of her. Camille told the rest of the guests to sit anywhere they wanted.

Camille… her trained  guard dogs always seat themselves before their master

I knew right there that Camille had placed guard dogs next to her and Camille was going to attack. Everyone is enjoying their cocktails and appetizers when Camille asks Kyle how she knows Faye. Kyle explains that Faye is a close family friend and she considers Faye ‘like a sister’ to her, crushing her only ‘real’ sister, Kim.

Kim and Adrienne, the only sane RHOBH (forgot…Lisa’s also sane)

Camille looks at Faye and thinks she knows her…oh, you look so familiar.
Faye-Resnick-Playboy-photo.jpgFaye Resnick’s Playboy cover

Camille then goes on full passive-aggressive attack: “I saw you naked in Playboy, that’s how I know Faye. You posed for Playboy right after the OJ trial.” “You posed for Playboy and I thought you looked amazing.” Camille carries the insults further by saying that Faye was ‘morally corrupt.’ WOW. Talk about setting the mood for your own party…

Faye and her new half-sister, Kim

Camille acknowledges that she herself posed for Playboy, but unlike naked Faye, Camille posed in lingerie. How deviously passive-aggressive of Camille to smile politely at her guest, Faye Resnick, before bringing up a crushingly personal time in her life (I may be a bit sarcastic with that sentence).

Camille posed for the Playboy ‘lingerie’ edition

From what is known about Faye Resnick, she was viewed as a close friend of Nicole Brown Simpson, who totally took advantage of their friendship by writing a book about Nicole weeks after her murder. Faye’s reputation at the time (1994) was one of an opportunist, pouncing on any venue to make money off of the situation by appearing on any TV talk show that would have her, doing as many radio interviews as possible, writing books and, of course, posing for Playboy. Faye made a mint. Kyle comes to Faye’s defense by stating that Faye posed three years after the double murder; HOWEVER, Faye would not have been asked to pose had she not gained notoriety by her association with Nicole. Sorry, Kyle, that boat doesn’t float.   But, so what… Faye posed for Playboy, why bring it up?  Camille went on to say that she also recognized Faye by her ‘blown up lips and her bad hair extensions’. Camille was loving shooting verbal daggers at Faye and clearly was loving the fact that she was making her guests squirm.   What’s wrong witchu, Camille?

Camille shooting daggers at Faye… and loving it

Attempting to change the subject, Kyle became interested in Allison’s profession as a psychic. Allison had previously mentioned to Lisa Vanderpump, while on her fourth gallon-sized cocktail, that she’s “off the clock,” but told Kyle, who she ‘head tapped,’ that she wouldn’t like what she had to tell her anyway.

Adrienne tolerating the ‘head tapper’

Now, who in their right mind would let that slip and not at least try to get more detail? Kyle asked Allison what she meant and after some reluctance, Allison told Kyle that her husband will never emotionally fulfill her and after her children are grown will have nothing in common with her husband, Mauricio Umansky. Ouch! Don’t say anything to Kyle about her family. Allison went on to tell Kyle that she is much more comfortable with men than women, which Kyle totally rejected.
mauricio-umansky1.jpgKyle’s husband, Mauricio with Giggy Vanderpump

Camille then “innocently” interjected by telling anyone within earshot that women are very catty with her and that’s why she is much more comfortable surrounding herself with men.  Camille, someone needs to check you, Boo!  You as catty and backstabbing as they come.  Someone other than those on your payroll need to check you.  Just sayin’…

Camille… as catty as they come

The New York catastrophe was brought up by Kyle, who said that maybe Camille’s preference for men collided with Kyle’s wanting to be around women and maybe that’s why Camille became defensive and the New York trip was a nightmare.  I still think Camille dreamed up Kyle sayingNo One Would Be Interested In Camille Without Kelsey’… ’cause maybe IT’S TRUE!!!

kelsey-grammer-1.jpgCamile and soon-to-be-ex-husband, Kelsey

A side fight began when ‘blowfish’ Taylor told Kim to stand up and say ‘enough’ and Kim refused; ‘blowfish’ Taylor told Kim she was nuts and Kim told ‘blowfish’ to get her lips blown up more… and then Taylor stood up and yelled, “ENOUGH!”

Calm before Taylor erupts

Psychic Allison took it a step further when she told Faye that she has two legs, and to use them to walk out! Allison starts throwing Camille’s guests out of the dinner party…first Faye and she then used the ‘you have two legs’ line on Kyle… while under her breath calling the walkers ‘bitches’ and throwing some gang sign by pumping her closed hand. How classy!  I guess the word ‘classy’ is not in a psychic’s job description… just sayin’…

What a class act! Maybe Adrienne’s good manners will rub off on the ‘head tapper’

The psychic’s daddy told her to live life large and make no apologies.   Hmmm… people with that shitty life philosophy are called bullies and I don’t like them.

Here are some of her lines from last night:

Kyle’s every girl in high school who made somebody kill themselves.

I can tell you when she will die, and what will happen to her children. I love that about me.

I’d love to shove this (her electronic cigarette) up her f***ing ass just to prove a point, except she’d need a bigger one to even feel it.

Bitch is a one syllable word for a reason, it’s all they understand.

Camille’s smiling all the while and just sitting back in her seat at the the head of the dinner table eating up this stirred-up crapfest up that she arranged, while her bounced guests scattered to their limos after they were caught under the sprinkler system.

We’re outta here

Kim took a private limo home, while everyone else decided to go for a nightcap at the BH Hotel Polo Lounge.

Kyle waving off Kim into her own limo and off…

…to the Polo Lounge

Kim all alone in her limo, calling Kyle…Kyle ignores her phone

Oh yeah, Lisa drives fast and Paul’s nose was broken by his four-year-old son and he whined a lot.

Big baby, Paul (Adrienne’s husband) Nassif

My take on Allison, the head-tapping psychic: Despite her television appearances and being studied for years by some university hack, IMO Allison couldn’t psychically find her way out of a lit broom closet.  Her ‘head tapping’ skills are mediocre.  She generalizes her readings (typically, women in the RHOBH age group have been married at least once, someone in the group will have ‘daddy issues,’ as well as children issues…puh-leeze!).   Allison claims that she’s been called in to use her abilities to assist law enforcement in profiling serial killers…where? in Mayberry?  Did Otis get loose?  Allison is a joke as a psychic and she’s mean spirited…maybe that’s why she and Camille get along so well.

UPDATE:  Kyle was a guest on Andy Cohen’s WWHL, which aired right after the RHOBH.  Camille called in to apologize to Kyle for the dinner party and Kyle kind of accepted.  Neither Camille nor Kyle sounded genuine, but they sounded as best as they could, especially Kyle, who was really put on the spot by Camille’s call.  Kyle also mentioned that Kim was in her own limo to avoid a two-hour traffic detour as there was major construction taking place en route to their homes.

WWHL Spoiler alert:  For those who would have liked to have seen Kyle (and Denise Richards) for the entire half hour of WWHL, the show is hi-jacked by, of all people, Marie Osmond… Andy photoshopped a photo of Marie with Romona Singer’s bug eyes, which apparently ticked off Marie and she popped in to promote her Broadway show straighten things out with Andy. It took Marie quite a while to even acknowledge Kyle and Denise’s presence on WWHL and, although Marie is ok with me, she came across as quite annoying.  Marie should really call first before deciding to pop in…

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? It’s Faye Resnick!

If you don’t know who Faye Resnick is, she became known after her ‘best’ friend, Nicole Brown Simpson was murdered by blatantly cashing in on their friendship.  Faye authored a book, made as many appearances as possible speaking about Nicole and doing just about anything to make a buck from Nicole’s death.  Apparently, the friendship circle is small in Beverly Hills and Faye will appear as a dinner guest at Camille’s house on the upcoming RHOBH, the episode that Bravo is promoting as the “upcoming dinner battle with drama as its main course.”  The uproar that Bravo is promoting is that Camille called Faye out on her profiteering on Nicole’s death.


Faye is a close friend of Kyle and Kim Richards and Kyle invited Faye to Camille’s dinner party.

Nicole Brown Simpson ‘pal’ Faye Resnick shows up on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

‘I recognized during the dinner it was the hair, I think it was the extensions and the blown up fake lips, and then I realized, oh my God, that’s who it is, it’s Faye Resnick, the morally corrupt Faye Resnick,’ said Camille Grammer.

Here’s the link to a preview video at Bravo:

Camille: ‘She posed naked in Playboy after the OJ trial, that’s how I know her. I think you looked amazing.’

Lisa VanderPump: ‘I don’t know if it was a calculated sentence on Camille’s part, I find Camille difficult to read, but I do know, as a host of a dinner part I wouldn’t have said it.’

Based on Faye Resnick’s actions in the past, related to Nicole Brown Simpson, was Camille a ‘bad’ dinner host for outing Faye?

According to Kyle Richards, Camille, ’threw a big stone’ at Faye Resnick. Both Kyle and Kim Richards were ‘horribly’ upset with Camille.  While Camille may be a flake, she did put what she said about Faye into context.  Faye Resnick did pose for Playboy after Nicole was murdered, Faye’s claim to ‘fame’ was her ‘friendship’ with Nicole.  Faye’s posing for Playboy was just part of Faye Resnick’s profiting off of the murder of her supposed friend, Nicole Brown Simpson.

Time for a trip down Nicole Brown Simpson’s, ‘best friend’ Faye Resnick Lane:

Orlando Sentinel, Feb. 7, 1997:

Faye Resnick, who has made money off her friendship with the late Nicole Brown Simpson with two books and countless appearances, has found yet another source of revenue and happiness – posing for Playboy.

”I had lost my sense of joy,” Resnick says in the magazine. ”It (posing) was part of my reawakening.”

Word is Resnick got six figures for a 10-page spread in the March edition.

A 1997 Faye Resnick signed and framed Playboy cover for sale at Amazon starting at $93.92.

At Amazon, the publisher review for Faye Resnick’s book, Nicole Brown Simpson: The Private Diary of a Life Interrupted:

This much-publicized and highly sensational ‘instant’ book by one of the closest confidantes of O.J. Simpson’s slain ex-wife may well leave readers wondering, ‘With friends like that, who needs enemies?’ Dedicated by Resnick (a self-proclaimed serious substance abuser) to ‘the most wonderful friend I have ever known, and to women everywhere who are trapped in corrosive and humiliating relationships like the one Nicole did not survive,’ this tabloid tell-all seems to dish as much dirt on Nicole as it does on her ex-husband (OJ), whom Resnick appears convinced murdered her best friend and Ron Goldman. Co-written by Walker, who works for the National Enquirer, the book is chock-full of details about the doomed couple’s lives: O.J.’s uncontrollable temper, ego and possessiveness; Nicole’s physical yearnings for tequila, Kansas City Chiefs football star Marcus Allen (who is a longtime friend of OJ’s) and slain waiter Ron Goldman, who Resnick insists did not have an affair with her murdered girlfriend, but whom she felt certain Nicole was`inevitably ‘going to do.‘   The book, which includes a brief chapter chronicling the night shortly before the murders when Resnick and Nicole fell into each other’s arms and experimented with lesbian sex, altruistically concludes with a section offering a state-by-state listing of Help Line phone numbers for female victims of domestic violence. Photos.

A couple reviews on Amazon of Faye Resnick’s book:

Review: This woman considered herself to be Nicole’s best friend. Poor Nicole. Because if that was true, and this woman was Nicole’s best friend, then I wonder what her enemies were like? If the revelations in this book are true, then Nicole was nothing more than a bisexual man-leach. What kind of friend would write such a trashy and expoitative book, whether true or not, mere months after a friend’s brutal murder? What kind of friend would want to cash in on this terrible tragedy? The money that Resnick was paid for writing this book is, in my mind, blood money. I hope she’s happy. If this woman was a true friend, she would have fought for justice for Nicole with dignity, love, and compassion, and NOT write this garbage, which serves nobody and does nothing but bring more pain and sorrow to the unspeakably victimized.

Review:   “Lovely” Faye jumped on the bandwagon after the murders to publish this trash as soon as possible to gain notoriety and profit.  She sure did not do her so-called best friend Nicole any favors.  Part of this narrative is spent in praising herself, at the same time she paints a picture of promiscuity, lesbian encounters, drugs and party, party, party. Where are their kids when these damaged and selfish women are out partying, sleeping around and drinking, and she has the nerve to paint herself as a good mother.   This book is disgusting and so is Faye Resnick.

The upcoming RHOBH episode of the dinner party at Camille’s should be great viewing!!!