TLC’S NEW FORAY INTO “REALITY” TV: Plastic Wives… “Everyone Wants To Be A Part Of This Quirky World”… Will “Plastic Wives” Meet The Same Demise As “SinCityRules”?

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TLC will stop at nothing to become as big as Bravo in the “reality” show game! TLC’s latest “reality” show, “Plastic Wives“ will premiere Sunday, Jan. 27, at 10 pm.  “Plastic Wives” has been described as a cross between “The Real … Continue reading


RHONJ DANIELLE STAUB: Jobless UK Teen Spends Welfare Money To Buy Twitter Followers “Wants To Be Just Like **GASP** Danielle Staub”!…

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WOW!   Just WOW! An unemployed 19-year-old living in the UK has devoted his life (what there is of it) to becoming the next big “STAR”… even though he has zero talent!   This unemployed wannabe wants to be just … Continue reading