PeterThomas Does A Tamballs… Says He’s Reason To Watch RHOA! Says Apollo Has 30 Days ‘Til Prison…

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PeterThomas runs his mouth again with a Providence RI TV station.  UncleBen did a Tamballs when he said that HE’S the reason for watching the RHOA.  In his mind, the RHOA would be nowhere without the HouseHusbands.  UH, hate to … Continue reading

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HOUSEWIVES NEWS: Wretched Writes Tamballs… ATL HouseHusband…Tree’s Kid??…DrunkOtis…Tan Mom!!

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    Wretched BLEEEEEEECH Rossi sent this message to Tamballs via her Facebook page.  Most interesting is Wretched being asked back to film.  WHY??? Gretchen Rossi Once again having to take time out of my day to address & deal … Continue reading


RHOA Preview… AND Anonymous Letter About BigDummyCynthia’s HouseHusband, has received an anonymous letter from a woman who claims to have gotten intimate with BigDummyCynthia’s HouseHusband: “My name is Courtney and at first I was gonna keep this to myself as I promised peter but … Continue reading

BigDummyCynthia Finds BarOne Info From “Blogs”!! UncleBen Didn’t Tell BigDummy For FOUR Months!

On the next RHOA:  BigDummyCynthia confronts her HouseHusband at his place of work, BarOne, to ask him about what’s goin’ on with BarOne!  BigDummyCynthia finds her information from the “blogs”… and HouseHusband says that he’s been dealing with this issue for FOUR months!  OK… how did BigDummyCynthia not know this for FOUR months??????  Here’s how:  Because she’s a BIGDummy!!!



RHOA PREVIEW: BigDummyCynthia And NayNay Are Talkin’ About Havin’ Words!

On tonight’s RHOA:  Just some filler until the REAL “discussion” happens between NayNay and BigDummyCynthia…

Apollo Says “Everybody Cheats”

On last night’s RHOA:   Big discussion about how EVERYONE cheats… PUH-LEEZE!!  Phaedra says Apollo don’t know what the hell he’s talkn’ about…


CYNTHIA BAILEY HouseHusband Owes $100,000 Back Rent… Tryin’ To BUY BarOne Property!

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Scammer HouseHusband, spouse of BigDummyCynthia, is trying to purchase the building in which his big business, BarOne, is located. PeterThomas has not paid rent to the owners of the property.  Peter says that he has every right to NOT pay … Continue reading

PORSHA STEWART: Accused of Being Kordell’s Beard…

On last night’s RHOA… FrontPorsha is accused of being Kordells’s beard.  FrontPorsha says that Kordell was “broken.”  Note to HouseHusbands:  Shut UP!


CYNTHIA BAILEY: DumbCynthia’s HALF BravoBlog (Other Half Is Thank You Note)… NayNay Has Crossed The Line, “Dirty,” “Below The Belt”… HouseHusband Peter Is 53!?!?

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Hello everyone! Welcome back to another drama filled episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta! Let’s jump right on in! FIFTY THREE NEVER LOOKED SO GOOD: HAPPY BIRTHDAY PETER! Yes my husband Peter turned 53 on his birthday. If I do … Continue reading

SH **EXCLUSIVE** Crooks Ayers Partners With HouseHusband Peter Thomas!!

Sign up for classes NOW!!

RHOA RHOC brooks crooks peter pg

RHOA Cynthia Peter on Street pg

SH **EXCLUSIVE** TOP SECRET!! … SH Reader Finds Cynthia Bailey HouseHusband Peter Thomas On Atlanta Street!!


RHOA Cynthia Peter on Street pg


CYNTHIA BAILEY: HouseHusband (Allegedly) OWES Over $100,000 In Back Rent

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Peter Thomas, BigDummyCynthia Bailey’s HouseHusband, is allegedly being sued by the owners of his business, Bar One, for failing to pay $100,000 in owed rent, according to Access Atlanta. The landlord of Thomas’ Atlanta space, Showtime Cafe, said in court papers … Continue reading


CYNTHIA BAILEY: DumbCynthia’s BravoBlog… Explains Charity Event… Takes The Fall For NayNay’s “Charity” FAIL… BUY MY STUFF!!!

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Hello everyone! Welcome back to another drama filled episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta! Let’s jump right on in! BAR ONE: KENYA’S CASTING As a wedding gift to NeNe for missing her gorgeous wedding, Kenya decided to host a masquerade ball/charity event in NeNe’s … Continue reading

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA: Preview… PhaedraParks Tries To Console Kandi… Peter Has A “Talk” With Todd

RHOA Preview Part IV:  The fight continues.  Phaedra Parks attempts to console Kandi in the bathroom.  Kandi wants to collect Todd and get the hell outta there…

Peter has to butt in… and make amends with Todd.

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA Preview: Kandi Burruss’ Boyfriend “Opportunist”… Says Peter Thomas!

On the next RHOA… “Pot meet kettle”!  Peter Thomas calls Todd Tucker an opportunist…


FROM THE SH ARCHIVES… From ONE Year Ago Today!: SH “HIT AND RUN” Kyle Richards… Kim Zolciak “Kid’s Clothing Designer”… Nene Leakes, LuAnn de Lesseps, SoPhony, Danielle Staub, Shana Taylor Armstrong, Adriana de Moura, BubbaJaxLaurita, Teresa Giudice, Cynthia Bailey, Malorie Massie… Peter Thomas Looking For “BarOne” Investors!

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March 21, 2012    RE-POST March 21, 2013 Let’s look back at what was goin’ on a year ago!!   John Turturro and Kyle Richards… “Drink up, babe!  I padded the asking price another $10 million… just because Michael Jackson lived … Continue reading

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA: RHOA HouseHusbands Swim With Dolphins…Deleted Scene

Bravo Who the hell wants to see the HouseHusbands swim with dolphins?  In fact, who the hell wants to see any of the HouseHusbands!?  We’d much rather see ALL the Atlanta Housewives jump into that water!!


CYNTHIA BAILEY: Cynthia’s “Model” Search Continues…VIDEO

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          Cynthia Bailey… “My school is extremely particular… we only choose the most beautiful ‘model-y’ types….”                “What exactly are the ‘model-y’ types that you select for your agency?”   “Any … Continue reading


MARCH 16, 2012  10:40 am On next week’s Real Housewives of Atlanta…  

Cynthia and Peter chat about their Anniversary bash…and Malorie…

Kim Zolciak and Kandi Burruss bury the hatchet…

Nene Leakes thinks real hard about signing those divorce papers…




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NENE LEAKES: NOTE:  Nene talks about keeping Brice in jail for a few extra days… Nene finishes up with this: In fact there were a few other things I found funny. 1. Kim saying she’s known Sheree for ten years. LOL! … Continue reading