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NEW “REALITY” SHOW: Launching Winner Into Space!… Physical and MENTAL Challenges Prevent Housewives From Being Contestants!… Lisa Vanderpump Ditched Giggy…REAL Reason For Nassif/Maloof Divorce!

Sony Pictures along with Mark Burnett and VirginAirlines have come up with a brand new REALITY show concept… blasting the winner of the “reality” show, which is said to be a combination of “Survivor” and “I’m […]

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SH “HIT AND RUN” TUESDAY: Lisa Vanderpump on DWTS “Got Da Boot”!…Paul Nassif “MR Maloof”???…David Foster On DWTS With JLo and Bocelli… Gretchen Rossi Makes Front Page News!!… Note To ALL SH Readers!

Lisa Vanderpump got da boot on tonight’s “Dancing With the Stars”… Lisa STILL has her butter commercial!! ************************************** X17Online.com: Dr. Paul Nassif attended the Rihanna concert last night in LA.   It didn’t look like […]

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