MELISSA GORGA: Joe Gorga, Contractor… Reviews And Ratings… BBB Gives Gorga “FailingGrade”… $65,000 Revenue Reported… $52,000 Tax Bill on House… How Do They Do It??

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CAROLINE MANZO, JACQUELINE LAURITA: Another Laurita Heard From! … DonCaro and Chris Laurita’s Brother’s “Invention”…

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Real Housewives of New Jersey: Caroline Manzo…BigAlbie Manzo Fired… Albie Manzo Had a Cush Job With The State of NJ!

Gov. Chris Christie today suspended two members of the North Jersey District Water Supply Commission and said the agency had stonewalled his administration’s efforts to reform it for more than a year.

Gov. Chris ChristieYou’re fired, Big Albie…

Gov. Chris Christie

Commissioners Albert Manzo and Michael T. Cricco were given until Monday to submit their resignation or face disciplinary action. Christie, appearing at a Statehouse news conference, said the men had abused the public trust and were prime examples of an unresponsive “shadow government” of independent agencies and authorities statewide.

The governor cited Manzo, co-owner of the Brownstone restaurant in Paterson, for telling officials during his nomination to the seven-member board that he lived at his place of business and for failing to reveal that he owned a home in Franklin Lakes.   The misleading information enabled Manzo to avoid scrutiny and a possible senatorial veto during his nomination hearing, Christie said.

Manzo is the husband of one of the stars of the television series “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” and their house in Franklin Lakes has been a shooting location for the series.

Christie targets Commissioners Cricco and Manzo; Manzo says he won't resign on guv's time line                                                                    Just look at my Big Albie… does he look like he would lie???   You better answer “NO”, ’cause I got friends…

Christie said Cricco was paid for attending commission meetings at NJDWSC headquarters in Wanaque  while still on the clock for his job at the Schools Development Authority, where he made $80,000 in 2009. Cricco, who like Manzo makes $7,500 a year as a commission member, attended 20 meetings while still on SDA time and had been warned by the school agency to stop the double-dipping practice, according to the governor.  “He will be fired today from the SDA,” Christie said.

                                                                     Yeah, we share Albie’s apartment is right next to my apartment at the Brownstone…

Christie also said Wednesday he was introducing legislation that would grant him new powers to control all regional agencies whose jurisdiction spreads over multiple towns and counties. The NJDWSC, which runs two reservoirs and provides water to 3 million North Jersey residents, is one of a handful of such agencies that is not subject to a gubernatorial veto.  “No one is paying attention to what’s going on in these places,” Christie said.

During an interview conducted at his house in Franklin Lakes on Wednesday, Manzo said he would not resign.  He also said that he maintains an apartment upstairs at the Brownstone and voting records would show that to be his legitimate address. He oftens spends the night there when business at the restaurant/catering hall keeps him late, he said.

“Call me nuts, but I love Paterson. I was born there and I was raised there and my heart is there,” Manzo said.    NOTE TO BIG ALBIE:   You’re nuts!