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NOTE:  Received this today… cannot vouch for the truthiness of what is written; however, it is quite amusing!      AND… certainly whichever New Jersey Housewife this is will get the message! Hi Mrs. SH, Hi, I was told it … Continue reading

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FROM THE SH ARCHIVES, OCTOBER 2011: Melissa Gorga’s Cousin… “TreyC”, Who Actually CAN Sing!… Missy Turns Down Comparison Interview…

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ORIGINALLY POSTED OCTOBER 14, 2011… almost TWO years ago!!  While looking for TreyC items, found one of the first! TreyC (Tracy Caprioni) has added another single to her repertoire… “Bitter Suite.”     Click to listen to…  Bitter Suite  (Keep in mind, that … Continue reading


REAL HOUSEWIVES NEWS: Kyle Richards… BubbaJax… PT Housewife… Lisa Vanderpump “Phoniest Story Of The Day”!… Look At The RHONJ Reunion Show “Fashions”!

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HagfaceKyle talks about Shana:   “She’s never been one to backstab and always supported all of us,” says Richards.  HagfaceKyle obviously had somma her brain cells sucked out while undergoing that massive lipo surgery! BubbaJax had a tummy tuck??  AND… a … Continue reading


REAL HOUSEWIVES NEWS: Daryl Hannah “Cured of Autism”!… Kyle Richards “Shape Tips”…Alexis Bellino “No Makeup”… Vicki’s Vodka…Cynthia Bailey Book… PierogiePrincess Naked Again…PT Housewife “Different Sides”…RHOM”Kiss of Death” New Time Slot… RHONJ Reunion Shows

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BubbaJax has a brand new “advocate” for autism.  Daryl Hannah says that she rocked back and forth because she was extremely shy as a child, which she says was autism.  Looks like Daryl got herself healed! What a load of … Continue reading

HOUSEWIFE NEWS: Peggy Tanous “Knew” That Night!…Carole Radziwill…Cynthia Bailey Book…PT Housewife HouseTour…Melissa Gorga New Management.. PeteGiudice Pissed!

Former Orange County Housewife, @PeggyTanous, just “had that feeling” when she shared the BravoClubhouse with MissAndy and Sean Avery!   (See Sean and Peggy’s June 2011 appearance… )

RHOC Peggy Tanous tweet re Sean Avery Andy

KKKelly Bensimon is sick and tired of BFrankel’s BS!  “I just want the record clear: Bravo hired me for a job, I did the job, I promoted it and I moved on. I don’t want my reputation defamed for one more second. She’s never even made an effort to have a conversation. This is real life now, this isn’t a storyline.”  How interesting that KKKelly uses the words “real life” and “storyline”!!  

OH NO!!!  ANOTHER Housewife has a book to sell!!!  RHOA Cynthia Bailey’s book has a twist… she “wrote” the book with her HouseHubbend, PeterThomas.  Good ole Peter has assured himself a place on that book signing tour… can’t allow Cynthia to go off by herself now, could he?  Look for Cynthia’s book to be in the DollarStore quicker than DonCaros!

PT Housewife will be showin’ off her brand new RENTAL tomorrow morning on NBC.  Obviously, PTHousewife does not rate with Bravo!  Bravo usually does an official Housewife Housetour.  What the hell is “OpenHouseTV”???  Has PT sunk to a new low??  Don’t forget… PT is another “highly educated” Housewife!!!



That lousy boozy NY Housewife… Carole Radziwill, believes in psychics!  “I don’t put a lot of weight into what psychics say, but one told me I’d meet my next husband in Europe, while I was wearing a flowery dress.  I bought one straight away.”  Note to Carole:  You  will meet your next hubbend whilst playing Scrabble with Tripp…really. 

THIS is the dress!!!

RHONY Carole flower dress

duck dynasty  crooks pg

We love us some DuckDynasty!  Terry Bradshaw explains how he became QB at U of LA… Phil Robertson had more interest in duck hunting than bein’ a QB.

gorga pg

Melissa Gorga’s NEW manager, Johnny Wright, is all proud of his brand new “singing” protege...@JohnnyWright wants everyone to watch him on Sunday’s RHONJ.  Somma his twitter responses were not encouraging!

RHONJ Johnny Wright tweets Gorga

@PeteGiudice is pissed… at Penny and JTG!!!



KELLY KILOREN BENSIMON: KKKelly Kalls Out Kastmate…Says RHONY Not Real… “A Fabricated Television Show”

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Well, it’s about time! Unlike her fellow, but distant Housewife, HagfaceKyleRichards, former NY Housewife KooKooBoatFeetKelly Bensimon is confirming everything that we been saying about the producer-induced Housewives shows!  As you recall, HagfaceLizardLipLickin’ Kyle insisted that every moment on HER show … Continue reading


REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW YORK: PoopyPiggyDaddy “Engaged”… And Engages In Threesomes… RHONY In Montana… PT HW Didn’t Go (Bad Asthma)

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This item from the NYDailyNews is disturbing on so many levels! Just the fact that PoopyPiggyDaddy is back on the RHONY is bad enough… The MOST disturbing, however, is that AlienHands PT Housewife and her PoopyPiggyDaddy will stop at nothing … Continue reading


GRETCHEN ROSSI, SLADE SMILEY: Slade and “JTFoxx”… Who Is Getting Conned??… UPDATE: Similar Courses Sold By Trump Being Shut Down By NY AG

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What has Slimey been up to since his “RadioSlade” show was booted off the airways?  Slimey has  **cough, cough** desperately been seeking a new syndicator for his “reality show”-based radio show.  IF Slimey happens to get that one-in-a-gazillion second chance … Continue reading


HOUSEWIVES AT NEW YORK STATE FAIR: Tamballs, KomaKathy and JillZarin… Sad…

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   A question/answer session with the Housewives was led by Amy Robbins, host of 93Q’s ‘Ted and Amy in the Morning“… It was only the most desperately desperate of the “must stay relevant” Housewives to appear yesterday at the New … Continue reading

MORE…SH “HIT AND RUN” WEEKEND: Opree v Housewives… Black/Krupa On RHOM Intrigue(?)… Joanna Krupa, Romain Zago Sued For Rent… RHONY Producers Add More Staff… Brandi, LeAnn More Bikini Wars!… Manzoid’s Beach House…Duck Dynasty Prom Dresses/Wedding Crasher!… BubbaJax ALMOST “Most Heinous On TV”… New Jersey Music


Opree came to MissAndy’s Clubhouse, but no one cared!   Opree’s appearance drew less than 1 million viewers… much less than that of a Housewife guest!

Shed Media, producers of RHONY, had added more staff.   NOTE:  Shed is owned by Warner Bros…. no wonder MissAndy decided to pay less and less attention to NY Housewives!

PierogiePrincessJoanna Krupa and Lea Black chat about all the intrigue, backstabbin’ and everything that has been already done on all the other Housewives franchises the excitement of what’s to come on the RHOM!

RHOM’s PierogiePrincess and her hubbend, Romain Zago forgot to their $15,000 a month rental payment… made good immediately!  NOTE:  Seriously?  Their landlord sued for missing ONE payment?  Can anyone say “total PR stunt”?

RHOC Kimberly Bryant is publicly begging MissAndy to come back

rhoc tweet kim bryant

It’s another round of BikiniWars between BrandiGlanville and LeAnnRimes!  When will it end!

Is this the Manzoid’s beach house… looks like the photos they been tweetin’!   It’s a $5,500 a week rental…

DuckDynasty is taking a page from the HousewivesHandbook… sell, sell, sell!  Lil SadieRobertson now has a line of prom dresses…and will be in a fashion show September 9.

duck dynasty sadie robertson prom dresses

DuckDynasty’s Willie Robertson crashes wedding at opening of new Field and Stream store… the newlyweds loved it!

Syndey’s version of Bravo’s Housewives:  Real Housewives of Australia!

TWOP has given BubbaJax only an honorable mention in their “MostHeinousPersonOnRealityTV”…  that piece of skin deserved more!

New Jersey knows their music!


NOTE:  David Foster was stumped re who wrote “BlindedByTheLight”!  A full ‘investigation’ of “BlindedByTheLight”… including lyrics and Bruuuuce’s explanation of the lyrics… was covered back in February 2013!   Very interesting!!!  Also interesting ’cause Tamballs was givin’ away free classes to CUT fitness! 

(Thanks to SH readers “AOM” FLPhil” “DaPa” “PDM” “Donna” “GF” and “BlueIvy”!!!)


Takin’ A SH Detour… BOOZE, FOOD AND FUN… Or Just Forget The Food!

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We’re takin’ a SH detour! Nuthin’ to do with those moronic Housewives… ‘cept that “boozy” is a favorite word of Real Housewives of New York’s Carole Radziwill and Carole is one of the more intelligent of the Wives.  Seems as … Continue reading


SH “HIT AND RUN” THURSDAY: Dina Manzo “SoapStar”… Bravo Ratings “July Ratings Down”… Teresa Giudice “Another Guesser”!!

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Dina Manzo got herself a part in “Tainted Dreams,” filming today at the Sushi Lounge in Totowa, New Jersey August 8. “Tainted Dreams” began its two-week shoot July 29 and has filmed in studio and on location throughout New York … Continue reading


TERESA GIUDICE: See Youz In Florida!!… Why Tree and Juicy Can Leave The NY/NJ Area…

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It had been reported that Teresa and Joe Giudice were to stay in the confines of New York and New Jersey after their initial hearing on July 30. Tree is sayin’ screw dat!  Tree is off to Florida to sign … Continue reading


SIMON COWELL, LAUREN SILVERMAN: Simon’s BabyMama’s Affair at 16 With Teacher… Stepfather (With Record) Defends… Mother Pushing For Marriage!

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The NYDailyNews is reporting that Simon Cowell’s babyMama, Lauren Silverman, had an affair with her married English teacher while she was in a Miami high school.   Silverman was booted from the school; the teacher was asked to resign. Interestingly, … Continue reading


TERESA GIUDICE, JOE GIUDICE: Juicy’s New Construction Company… Customer Complains of Shoddy Work… Tells Sandy Victim “Sue Me”!

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JuicyJoe Joodice has been workin’ construction via his new company, ModernEraConstruction. Juicy took advantage of his New Jersey neighbors when Hurricane Sandy hit and one customer of ModernEraConstruction tells NewJerseyNews12 that the work done on her home by Juicy’s company … Continue reading


GUESS THE “REALITY” STAR: The DIVA Who Thinks They Can Take Over Newspaper Column

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NYPost… WHICH reality TV star e-mailed us yesterday offering to fill in for Post columnist Andrea Peyser during her leave of absence? “I read that Andrea is taking a leave of absence from the paper” wrote the diva. “I would love … Continue reading


TERESA GIUDICE: “Experts” Weigh In On The Life Of Tree’s “Brand”… Can’t Figure Out WHY Tree Has Following!

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Fox411… Branding “experts” predict that Tree’s brands will weather her legal storm.   The second “expert” says what everyone has been thinking:  Why does Tree have such a huge, rabid fan base?     NOTE:  Here’s why Tree has the … Continue reading


TERESA GIUDICE: Still Featured On NephCure… Tree’s PR Person Also Repped Caro and Jax… Trump, CelebrityApprentice, RHONJ, NephCure Connection

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As mentioned previously on SH February 2012, Teresa Giudice was selected as a contestant on “Celebrity Apprentice” because of her association with Steven Levine. Steven Levine is not only Tree’s PR rep, but also represented Caro and BubbaJax at one … Continue reading


REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY: Which Housewives Are Talkin’??… All RHONJ Muzzled By Bravo!… No One Talkin’, ‘Cept KimG!

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After a quick perusal of the latest goings with the sub-human New Jersey Housewives, the NJ Wives are silent not only re the Joodice case, but none of the Wives are chatting it up on twitter.  The RHONJ have been … Continue reading


TERESA GIUDICE, JOE GIUDICE UPDATE: $1Million Bond… Passports Surrendered… Juicy Subject To Drug Testing, Possible Deportation… Arraignment August 14… Juicy’s Parents Tell Reporters “F Off” “Go To Hell”!

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After appearing in a New Jersey federal court Tuesday morning, reality TV stars Teresa and Giuseppe “Joe” Giudice were each released on $500,000 unsecured appearance bonds. Neither Teresa nor Joe entered pleas; and an arraignment was set for August 14. … Continue reading