GO BACK THROWBACK THURSDAY! Juicy’s New Construction Company… Customer Complains of Shoddy Work… Tells Sandy Victim “Sue Me”!

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FROM AUGUST 3, 2013… JuicyJoe Joodice has been workin’ construction via his new company, ModernEraConstruction. Juicy took advantage of his New Jersey neighbors when Hurricane Sandy hit and one customer of ModernEraConstruction tells NewJerseyNews12 that the work done on her … Continue reading


“Experts” Weigh In On The Life Of Tree’s “Brand”… WHY Tree Has Following?

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ORIGINALLY POSTED AUGUST 2013… Branding “experts” predict that Tree’s brands will weather her legal storm.   The second “expert” asks what everyone has been thinking:  Why does Tree have such a huge, rabid fan base?       NOTE:  Here’s … Continue reading


WHATEVER WEDNESDAY! WHATEVER HAPPENED TO… Kelly Bensimon “Building A New Family… And Buying A Farm”???

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IN THIS ITEM FROM JANUARY 22, 2012 … EX-NY Wife, BigfeetKelly Bensimon wanted to start another family on a farm!   Ex-Real Housewife of New York, Kelly Bensimon, put her Hamptons house up for sale recently for the asking price of $12 … Continue reading


RHONY Recap “Model Behavior” by Sandi Duffy

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW YORK Recap “Model Behavior” by Sandi Duffy   I was sick last week so this will be a double recap which works because this is a two-part bookgate episode. So last week, Aviva pulled out the … Continue reading


PT HOUSEWIFE Scathing Personal Book Review… PiggyDaddy Has Druggie Kid

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PT Housewife has a few customer reviews at for her book… THIS review seems to have some personal information re PT Housewife… the writer states they’re from Washington DC, where Harry Dubin’s family is from. Harry Dubin is the son … Continue reading


PT HOUSEWIFE: Could This TodayShow Interview BE Any Duller???

PT Housewife visiting with Hoda and KathieLee… PT says nothing that ain’t already known… she’s there to push her book. NOTE:  PT fails to mention that her PoopiePiggy sex-addict Daddy ripped off MaryLouRetton for $1.4 million! PT also fails to … Continue reading



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This Sunday will be the premiere episode of “Blood, Sweat and Heels”… a “Sex and the City” meets the “Real Housewives of New York” and the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” hybrid. From BravoTV press release: “Blood, Sweat & Heels” steps up … Continue reading



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The worst ads of 2013… What happens to old PizzaHut buildings… Skype hacked… Oh yeah… Snapchat was hacked, too. Did you like those romantical horse-drawn carriage rides in NY??  Well, they’re gone.  NannyBloomberg’s replacement mayor has thrown down an executive … Continue reading

BEST OF: MissAndy… Miami Housewives… ATL Housewives… RHONY

Rounding up the BEST OF the funniest photoshopped items from Miami, New York and Atlanta…also including MissAndy!!

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SH “HIT AND RUN” THURSDAY: Duck Dynasty… Light Bulbs… MissAndy’s Boss, Frances Berwick

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NOTE:  Please click the underlined words to read more at the link… “Where’s your spine, America?”  Perhaps you need reminding of a few important facts. Here goes: 1. The President is NOT a king Barack Obama does not behave like … Continue reading


KIM RICHARDS: Dogs, Dating and DrunkOtis… Kim Loves Her Dog… Kim Is Now Dating… And Kim Is “Helping” DrunkOtis!

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Kim Richards gave an interview to OK!Magazine while she and her sister, HagfaceKyle Richards, were in New York last week.  OK! just released the interview in which Kim states that her dog, Kingsley, is “always there for her.”  Note to … Continue reading

LUANN DE LESSEPS: LuAnnie On The Loose!!… David Schwimmer Finally Free!

RHONJ Luannie Johnny Depp pg

Well, who didn’t see this comin’??  Countless LuAnnie is doing her part to push the Real Housewives of New York’s new season by participating in the usual pre-season PR work.

NOTE:  If you are new to all this Housewives stuff, all the Housewives start buzzing around approximately six weeks prior to their new season beginning.  The RHONY’s season six will start in February.  Therefore, watch for the NY Housewives to pop up in all the usual places aka MissAndy’s NYMediaMafia… and any other media outlets which will have them… to drop some hints which will attempt to entice you to watch!  All of this pre-planned PR work never, ever proves to equal the actual episodes which make up the franchise’s season!  

All this to say this:  the RHONY Housewives are climbing out of hibernation… a sure sign that they are springing into a new season!  

While we’re talkin’ about the RHONY… we did a complete “Everything you ever wanted to know” item about the alleged newest addition to the RHONY, Kristen Taekman.   If you wanna read everything about Kristen, see SH November 23, 2013.

OK… back to Countless Luannie.  There was nothing more for her boyfriend, Jawks, to do… nowhere to take that story line.

rhony luann de lesseps boyfriend is really david schwimmer


Luannie and Jawks’ pregnancy story was a joke… simply so NOT believable that the producers were probably laughing when they were sittin’ around before season five started as they were bouncing off story line ideas for each of the Housewives!  HAHAHA!!

Let’s see if viewers will go for Luannie gettin’ pregnant… if they do, we’ll keep Jawks; if they don’t, Jawks will have to marry Luannie and if he don’t wanna marry Luannie, then he’ll just have to get used to no more Bravo paychecks!  Oh, this is so much fun!! A-HAHA-HAAH!!!

Needless to say, Luannie is no longer with Jawks.  That leaves Luannie on the loose!!



As part of Luannie’s pre-season PR work, Luannie agreed to have a blind date filmed.  The date was arranged as part of the SteveHarveyShow… ’cause if you’re a Housewife, you must have everything you do filmed!   After all, it IS their “real” lives you’re supposed to be watching!

OK… now that I’ve caught my breath from laughing so hard at that last sentence… about the Housewives bein’ “real”… let’s watch Luannie on her date!!   NOTE:  Didn’t Martha Stewart already do this?? 

What will happen next to Luannie’s quest for men on the RHONY??

Now that there are THREE New York Housewives with no HouseHusbands… will these single Housewives be fighting over the ever-available PoopyPiggyDisgustingDaddy (PT Housewife’s father)??

RHONY  PT HW Father George pg

Oh, never mind that story line… the RHONY producers already have PoopyPigggyDaddy lined up with a much younger woman!   BLEEEEECH!!

Let’s take a look at one of the funniest scenes from the RHONY… Luannie on a camel!!

(Thanks to SH readers “LB/GF” “PMG” “Jozy” and “PDM”!!)


KRISTEN TAEKMAN: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About New RHONY Housewife… Kristen’s Passion? Greeting Cards!… How Kristen REALLY Became a RHONY Housewife… Josh Taekman Talks About EBoost “Buy My Stuff”!!

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KRISTEN TAEKMAN at Mermaid Parade… That little blurb from NYPost re how Kristen Taekman was chosen to become the new face on the RHONY is seriously misguided. The NYPost item implies that MissAndy just took one look at Kristen and wanted … Continue reading


WINNER, WINNER… CHICKEN DINNER!! MORE Winners In The Gorga Caption Contest!!

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  THANKS TO SH READER “ANA CEPHALY”!!  THANKS TO “DENNIE ZEN”!!!  (Sorry… should read “POOPular!)  THANKS TO “JD”!!!    THANKS TO “MOMA JACKIE”!!!  THANKS TO “ROMO”!!! THANKS TO “MATT”!! These winning captioneers get a big “ThankYou”!!! And, of course, a … Continue reading


REAL WORLD NEWS: NFL Under Investigation… Rod’s Kid Returns (Or Not)… Looking for PANKs… UPS Don’t Care… Poor Daisy!!!

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Rookie players are being “forced” to pay for senior NFL teammates social outings. Young Dolphins players are under pressure to dig deep into their pockets to pay for veterans’ social outings, a practice that is straining their finances and locker … Continue reading


E! NEWS Tries Their Best… The Housewives Halloween Show!

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Loved PornoKing aka “photographer” Terry Richardson thrown in there!!  Bobblehead Rancic is soooo untalented… At the 2:20 mark NayNay appears, ruining an otherwise mediocre take on the HousewivesHalloweenShow… or, you may know it better as “TheTERESAShow”!!!


HOUSEWIVES NEWS: Shaving Face… Countless LuAnnie… PierogiPrincess… Million$Listing MIAMI…OC Housewife and Pit Bulls… RHONJ

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  A NYC dermatologist says that shaving your face gives you a glowing appearance.  “Dermaplaning” is the medical term… we all know that FEBUSzoid is the Housewife who introduced shaving her face; however, credit in the article is given to … Continue reading


FROM THE SH ARCHIVES, JUNE 2012: TERESA GIUDICE Says… Tree, Joe and Melissa Gorga Were ALL Speaking At The Time Of The Christening… VIDEO

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June 20, 2012  7:45 pm  RE-POSTED October 20, 2013 12:50 pm  While looking for something else… an item pertaining to Sonja Morgan no less… came across this interview which Tree gave while promoting her latest cookbook at the time (Fabulous and … Continue reading


SH “HIT AND RUN” WEDNESDAY: Opree… Kartrashians Tanking… LapBand Photo Tips… Ratings Numbers… FEBUS On Dr. OZ… Ellen on BFrankel Show

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Opree, the person behind political names (including total phony Cory Booker!)… is tryin’ like hell to get Kartrashian hubbend, LamarO, to tell all on her show.  Does she still have a show???? Speakin’ of the Kartrashians… their show is tanking. … Continue reading



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NOTE:  Received this today… cannot vouch for the truthiness of what is written; however, it is quite amusing!      AND… certainly whichever New Jersey Housewife this is will get the message! Hi Mrs. SH, Hi, I was told it … Continue reading


FROM THE SH ARCHIVES, OCTOBER 2011: Melissa Gorga’s Cousin… “TreyC”, Who Actually CAN Sing!… Missy Turns Down Comparison Interview…

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ORIGINALLY POSTED OCTOBER 14, 2011… almost TWO years ago!!  While looking for TreyC items, found one of the first! TreyC (Tracy Caprioni) has added another single to her repertoire… “Bitter Suite.”     Click to listen to…  Bitter Suite  (Keep in mind, that … Continue reading


REAL HOUSEWIVES NEWS: Kyle Richards… BubbaJax… PT Housewife… Lisa Vanderpump “Phoniest Story Of The Day”!… Look At The RHONJ Reunion Show “Fashions”!

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HagfaceKyle talks about Shana:   “She’s never been one to backstab and always supported all of us,” says Richards.  HagfaceKyle obviously had somma her brain cells sucked out while undergoing that massive lipo surgery! BubbaJax had a tummy tuck??  AND… a … Continue reading


REAL HOUSEWIVES NEWS: Daryl Hannah “Cured of Autism”!… Kyle Richards “Shape Tips”…Alexis Bellino “No Makeup”… Vicki’s Vodka…Cynthia Bailey Book… PierogiePrincess Naked Again…PT Housewife “Different Sides”…RHOM”Kiss of Death” New Time Slot… RHONJ Reunion Shows

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BubbaJax has a brand new “advocate” for autism.  Daryl Hannah says that she rocked back and forth because she was extremely shy as a child, which she says was autism.  Looks like Daryl got herself healed! What a load of … Continue reading

HOUSEWIFE NEWS: Peggy Tanous “Knew” That Night!…Carole Radziwill…Cynthia Bailey Book…PT Housewife HouseTour…Melissa Gorga New Management.. PeteGiudice Pissed!

Former Orange County Housewife, @PeggyTanous, just “had that feeling” when she shared the BravoClubhouse with MissAndy and Sean Avery!   (See Sean and Peggy’s June 2011 appearance… )

RHOC Peggy Tanous tweet re Sean Avery Andy

KKKelly Bensimon is sick and tired of BFrankel’s BS!  “I just want the record clear: Bravo hired me for a job, I did the job, I promoted it and I moved on. I don’t want my reputation defamed for one more second. She’s never even made an effort to have a conversation. This is real life now, this isn’t a storyline.”  How interesting that KKKelly uses the words “real life” and “storyline”!!  

OH NO!!!  ANOTHER Housewife has a book to sell!!!  RHOA Cynthia Bailey’s book has a twist… she “wrote” the book with her HouseHubbend, PeterThomas.  Good ole Peter has assured himself a place on that book signing tour… can’t allow Cynthia to go off by herself now, could he?  Look for Cynthia’s book to be in the DollarStore quicker than DonCaros!

PT Housewife will be showin’ off her brand new RENTAL tomorrow morning on NBC.  Obviously, PTHousewife does not rate with Bravo!  Bravo usually does an official Housewife Housetour.  What the hell is “OpenHouseTV”???  Has PT sunk to a new low??  Don’t forget… PT is another “highly educated” Housewife!!!



That lousy boozy NY Housewife… Carole Radziwill, believes in psychics!  “I don’t put a lot of weight into what psychics say, but one told me I’d meet my next husband in Europe, while I was wearing a flowery dress.  I bought one straight away.”  Note to Carole:  You  will meet your next hubbend whilst playing Scrabble with Tripp…really. 

THIS is the dress!!!

RHONY Carole flower dress

duck dynasty  crooks pg

We love us some DuckDynasty!  Terry Bradshaw explains how he became QB at U of LA… Phil Robertson had more interest in duck hunting than bein’ a QB.

gorga pg

Melissa Gorga’s NEW manager, Johnny Wright, is all proud of his brand new “singing” protege...@JohnnyWright wants everyone to watch him on Sunday’s RHONJ.  Somma his twitter responses were not encouraging!

RHONJ Johnny Wright tweets Gorga

@PeteGiudice is pissed… at Penny and JTG!!!