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From Glamour: AAWWWWW… what a HouseHusband!!  Joshy found another product for his wife to push!!   “I really have this housewife situation where my son has obviously been in school for some time and my daughter’s not a baby anymore, … Continue reading


GO BACK THROWBACK THURSDAY: MissAndy Says He’s “Biggest SH*T Stirrer Paid To Do It”…MissAndy’s Gay Agenda…Andy’s Exploitation Of All He Surveys

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In light of MissAndy’s recent little tantrum about using the term “my gays”… let’s look at how MissAndy exploits anything he touches in this GoBack item from 2012. ORIGINAL ITEM FROM JULY 2012… Preface:  A new study by The Williams … Continue reading


GO BACK THROWBACK THURSDAY: Melissa Gorga… In A FAT SUIT! Scares Her Kids!

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FROM OCTOBER 2011:  Geez… everyone’s gettin’ all excited ’cause MeGo’s in a fat suit!  Honestly, what’s the big deal?  This has been done to death!  Oprah did it, Tyra did it… at least once a year someone gets dressed up … Continue reading

RHONY Sneak Peek Part IV: Off To The Berkshires

Off to the Berkshires!


MISS ANDY Says He’s “The BIGGEST Sh*t Stirrer Paid To Do It”

If anyone was surprised by MissAndy’s involvement and instigation of the battle between Kenyan and FrontPorsha while pretending to moderate the Atlanta Reunion Show, you haven’t been reading SH! In this item from June 28, 2012, MissAndy says: “I’m the … Continue reading



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Could someone please explain how this… a tweet by a 20-something living in his parents home… promotes any intelligent debate, solves any problems or makes one want to align themselves with this person’s political views?   Your thoughts come first… … Continue reading


SONJA MORGAN: Sonja Has Officially Dumped That Toaster Oven Plan!! Sonja Needs New Publicist!

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New York, NY (PRWEB) February 27, 2014 Long before Sonja Morgan became a household name from her television appearances, she was a mover and shaker among New York City’s high rollers and international jet setters. While she was working towards … Continue reading


BFRANKEL: 100th Episode… Imitating Cake Grab!

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Speakin’ of BFrankel… she celebrated her 100th episode of her talk show by copying Daniel DiCriscio!!!!! It seems as if Bethenny is copying Daniel DiCriscio when he first grabbed a piece of cake with his hand  and ate it at … Continue reading

RHONY Season Six Preview Ad…

Is it time for the RHONY to retire to Miami??


FROM THE SH ARCHIVES… TAKIN’ A LOOK BACK: What Was Goin’ On In December… One, Two and Three Years Ago!

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While looking for something else, got lost in the past! These are some of the interesting items discovered from around this time three years, two years and one year ago around this time, which you may have totally forgotten about… … Continue reading


TAKIN’ A SH DETOUR: Punography!!

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  Some say that puns are the lowest form of humor.  Well, those people can’t take a joke!  Thanks to SH reader “Miles” for submitting this pun collection… �I tried to catch some fog, but I mist.�When chemists die, they … Continue reading

LUANNIE DE LESSEPS, CAROLE RADZIWILL: Improv Classes Filmed Back in August… Will Be RHONY Story Line…

Read with great interest that CountlessLuAnnie has taken “comedy” classes at ThePIT (People’s Improv Theater) in NYC.  LuAnnie and Carole Radziwill will BOTH be featured doin’ their improv… the classes at ThePIT were filmed back in August.

More photos at ThePIT’sFBPage



Is Heather Thomson pregnant… or is this just a bad angle???  More photos and details about last night’s “performance” from TheLaughButton



Friends of SH used to teach at ThePIT… several years ago!!  However, they teached all they could teach at their time at ThePIT.  They have scattered to other parts to continue acting (MadMen) and to teach improv comedy!

But, we still have their very, VERY funny “Bridezillas” parody… from SH May 2012, which was shot right in Countless Luannie’s UWS neighborhood!!

Mary Magdalene is making wedding plans with Jesus’ mother…will Jesus’ REAL father show up for the wedding??   Watch carefully… at the 2:56 mark Jesus turns Joseph’s cup of water into a wonderful BloodyMary!!


KRISTEN TAEKMAN: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About New RHONY Housewife… Kristen’s Passion? Greeting Cards!… How Kristen REALLY Became a RHONY Housewife… Josh Taekman Talks About EBoost “Buy My Stuff”!!

This gallery contains 5 photos.

KRISTEN TAEKMAN at Mermaid Parade… That little blurb from NYPost re how Kristen Taekman was chosen to become the new face on the RHONY is seriously misguided. The NYPost item implies that MissAndy just took one look at Kristen and wanted … Continue reading


MISS ANDY: Andy Sends His Best Wishes and Congratulations To Sean Avery… On His Engagement…To A Girl!

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As you all know, Sean Avery got engaged today to his girlfriend, MissAndy Hilary Rhoda. Hilary Rhoda flaunted her stunning engagement ring while getting ready backstage at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in New York City. Look at THAT **cough, cough** … Continue reading


FROM THE SH ARCHIVES, JANUARY 2011: RHONJ Teresa Giudice Babbles at Learning Annex… “Builds Fans Via Twitter and FB”… “Loves Kardashians And Wants Daughters To Grow Up Like Them”… “Does Not Regret Anything”… “Says Dina Manzo Getting Her Own Cooking Show”

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ORIGINALLY POSTED JANUARY 11, 2011 … RE-POSTED OCTOBER 23, 2013  Yes… this IS a SH **EXCLUSIVE**!!!!   **EYE ROLL** NOTE:  While searching for another item, came across THIS re Tree Joodice… from over TWO years ago!  This is the very … Continue reading


HOUSEWIVES NEWS: Shaving Face… Countless LuAnnie… PierogiPrincess… Million$Listing MIAMI…OC Housewife and Pit Bulls… RHONJ

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  A NYC dermatologist says that shaving your face gives you a glowing appearance.  “Dermaplaning” is the medical term… we all know that FEBUSzoid is the Housewife who introduced shaving her face; however, credit in the article is given to … Continue reading


SH “HIT AND RUN” TUESDAY: It’s Crime Time!!… AND… Buy My Jeep!!… Musical Guest THE CARS!!!

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What’s goin’ on in the REAL world… whilst some people are fixated on the moronic Housewives!! If you live in the NYC area, you probably already know that the LES WholeFoods featured on TopChef and ProjectRunway was robbed on Sunday … Continue reading


LOUIS CK: Ain’t Givin’ My Kid One Of Those “Smart” Phones!…Texting School Bus Driver…How Homer Simpson Fixed The iPhone… More About iPhones, Texting…

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Oh, how we love our Louis CK…saw him live in NYC before he was on TV.   We love him even more for his latest diatribe about cell phones/texting… not only is it bad for humans in general, Louis CK … Continue reading


oprah reality pg

There is a new space for SH readers… self explanatory.

A mysterious ‘maple syrup’ smell covered NYC this morning…the smell appeared to be headed south from the Upper East Side all the way to the City Hall area.  The source of the aroma remains a mystery.  However, Melissa Gorga WAS at the TodayShow… mystery solved!

The WORST and DUMBEST thing you could EVER say to a Congresswoman/MilitaryVeteran who lost BOTH legs in combat… and might lose her right arm.  Illinois Rep. Duckworth rips to shreds this idiot who has used and abused the system to get IRS government contracts, based on his “injury.”  Ripoff Castillo, the owner of “StrongCastle, Inc,” hurt his foot playing football in prep school while in the ROTC! HURT HIS FOOT!  We need more like her as representatives…   NOTE: If you check out @BraulimCastillo twitter… the ripoff phony hides behind Bible quotes and affirmations.

Friskies has finally replaced MorrisTheCat.  Friskies new spokescat is Grumpy!   “Grumpy?” asks Friskies Brand Manager Alison Coburn.  “She’s amazing.  She has a huge following on the internet and over one million Facebook fans.”

A South Carolina woman faces domestic violence charges after, cops  say, she stabbed her roommate with a 14-inch serrated bread knife because he  refused to stop playing THE EAGLES!    Observers said they didn’t see any marks on her…her response was,  “Who are you gonna believe, me, or their ‘Lyin’ Eyes???”  And then said, “I Can’t Tell You Why” he’s been airin’ our “Dirty Laundry” after I been givin’ him “The Best of My Love.”   She “Took it to the Limit” and only acted “After the Thrill was Gone.”  As soon as she makes bail she’s gonna check into the “Hotel California” to “Take it Easy” and try to get a “Peaceful Easy Feeling.”  After all, she tried to run and be a “Desperado”… but, she was “Already Gone”…


NOTE:  Kinda amazing dat DonCaro is takin’ the time out to write ANYTHING… she should be scouring the intrawebby for her friends!


Hello and happy Sunday! Summer is officially over, everyone is in work mode, the kids are back to school, and fall is in the air. I love it!

We’re finally back from Arizona, and everyone is getting back to work. Teresa has a new food line, Melissa took her singing career to another level, Kathy’s cannoli make their way into New York City, and Jacqueline conquers her fear of public speaking while raising Autism awareness. As for me, all you got to see was me suffering from another migraine. One of these days I hope to finally be rid of them! I’ve had them since I was eight years old. I think I deserve to be migraine free at this point in my life, keeping my fingers crossed.   NOTE:  DonCaro is a dolt.  Imitrex now comes in pill form.  However, it is important to find the reason for the migraines… and DonCaro simply follows those reasons around!

I enjoyed watching all of the husbands support their wives in their endeavors. They were cute, weren’t they? Joe Giudice proudly showed the two mom’s Teresa’s showroom, Joe Gorga praised Melissa’s talent to her new manager, Richie was running around in circles trying to get Kathy to Dylan’s on time, Chris gave Jacqueline hugs and pep talks right up to the very minute she spoke, and even my Albert made sure I was comfortable with a back rub and an ice pack for my headache. They drive us crazy, but when we need them, they’re right by our sides, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.   NOTE:  Oh, they were so cute… BLEEEECH!!

The conversation between Rosie and Joe was unbelievable. Is it just me or are those two hilarious together? I’m thrilled to know that Rosie took her lessons from Mirival home with her and applied them to her everyday life. Arizona was a life changing experience for her and listening to Rosie tell Joe that she is finally comfortable in her own skin was awesome. Now if someone would just tell them that Joe does not have eggs, all will be right with the world.

All in all I think we finally managed to have a positive episode with everyone moving forward with good intentions. It wasn’t perfect, there were a couple of little bumps, but I’m choosing to ignore them for now. I’ve decided to take the glass is half full approach with this group.

As always, I thank you so much for watching. I’ll see you all next week!

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DANIELLE STAUB: Danielle On WWHL Tonight… Who Said What To Whom… Danielle’s Tweets

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Will Danielle provide any insight into the goings-on between the RHONJ on tonight’s WWHL? OR… will Danielle only give MissAndy the info necessary to keep viewers interested in the plummeting interest of the NJ subhumans? We all thought that Danielle … Continue reading

FROM AUGUST 31, 2012… Melissa Gorga’s First T-Shirts… NayNay’s Shoe Design… Kim Zolciak Mother’s Lawsuit… PT Housewife Unsure of Return To RHONY… Paul Nassif, Adrienne Maloof Divorce… AND MORE!

world's most interesting man pg

Let’s look back at MORE items from a year ago… August 31, 2012… which were makin’ news in the micro world of the Housewives…

SH Detour included Melissa Gorga’s first t-shirts for sale!

NayNay “designs” a shoe… Brandi spots SUR waitress who “dated” Eddie… and LeAnn Rimes sues CA schoolteacher…

Kim Zolciak’s mother files lawsuit against Kim… 

HoneyBooBoo premieres… Sherman Helmsley died… Lindsey Lohan made LizTaylor Movie…

Blind item “Former Housewife Begs For Job Back” solved… 

PT Housewife reluctant to go back for another season of the RHONY…

LeAnn enters “stress” rehab facility…

Paul Nassif says “Never say never” about goin’ back with Adrienne…

Something to think about:   “Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit, wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.” – Miles Kington

MELISSA GORGA: “Removed” Performance Resuscitated!!

Mysteriously, this video suddenly appears on YouTube!  MeGo sings her newest “NeverLetMeGo.”  This one has been polished… auto-tuned… a bit; however, it’s still damn awful!

NOTE:  **Warning**!! It is highly recommended that you locate your nearest ER… you may need some morphine after watching and listening!

MORE…SH “HIT AND RUN” WEEKEND: Opree v Housewives… Black/Krupa On RHOM Intrigue(?)… Joanna Krupa, Romain Zago Sued For Rent… RHONY Producers Add More Staff… Brandi, LeAnn More Bikini Wars!… Manzoid’s Beach House…Duck Dynasty Prom Dresses/Wedding Crasher!… BubbaJax ALMOST “Most Heinous On TV”… New Jersey Music


Opree came to MissAndy’s Clubhouse, but no one cared!   Opree’s appearance drew less than 1 million viewers… much less than that of a Housewife guest!

Shed Media, producers of RHONY, had added more staff.   NOTE:  Shed is owned by Warner Bros…. no wonder MissAndy decided to pay less and less attention to NY Housewives!

PierogiePrincessJoanna Krupa and Lea Black chat about all the intrigue, backstabbin’ and everything that has been already done on all the other Housewives franchises the excitement of what’s to come on the RHOM!

RHOM’s PierogiePrincess and her hubbend, Romain Zago forgot to their $15,000 a month rental payment… made good immediately!  NOTE:  Seriously?  Their landlord sued for missing ONE payment?  Can anyone say “total PR stunt”?

RHOC Kimberly Bryant is publicly begging MissAndy to come back

rhoc tweet kim bryant

It’s another round of BikiniWars between BrandiGlanville and LeAnnRimes!  When will it end!

Is this the Manzoid’s beach house… looks like the photos they been tweetin’!   It’s a $5,500 a week rental…

DuckDynasty is taking a page from the HousewivesHandbook… sell, sell, sell!  Lil SadieRobertson now has a line of prom dresses…and will be in a fashion show September 9.

duck dynasty sadie robertson prom dresses

DuckDynasty’s Willie Robertson crashes wedding at opening of new Field and Stream store… the newlyweds loved it!

Syndey’s version of Bravo’s Housewives:  Real Housewives of Australia!

TWOP has given BubbaJax only an honorable mention in their “MostHeinousPersonOnRealityTV”…  that piece of skin deserved more!

New Jersey knows their music!


NOTE:  David Foster was stumped re who wrote “BlindedByTheLight”!  A full ‘investigation’ of “BlindedByTheLight”… including lyrics and Bruuuuce’s explanation of the lyrics… was covered back in February 2013!   Very interesting!!!  Also interesting ’cause Tamballs was givin’ away free classes to CUT fitness! 

(Thanks to SH readers “AOM” FLPhil” “DaPa” “PDM” “Donna” “GF” and “BlueIvy”!!!)


SH “HIT AND RUN” WEEKEND: Buying Twitter FB Instagram Followers…Duck Dynasty “Top Ratings”… BigBrother Wins Ratings… MissAndy Cohen Fears For His Life… Teresa Giudice KimD’s Book Signing… Jax/Chris Laurita “Buy $25 GiftCard To Meet”… Camille Grammer, Faye Resnick on “Kris”

This gallery contains 2 photos.

Interested in BUYING followers… like, perhaps, your favorite Housewives?   How about buying REAL followers?  22-year-old’s new business… CROWDS ON DEMAND… providing fake supporters or, if you like, protesters, is taking off! DuckDynasty Premiere on A&E attracted 11.8 million viewers! MissAndy … Continue reading