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Since there is absolutely nothing new with any of the Housewives… really, what could be said or done which has not been already said or done…let’s take a look back at some of the preposterous items from New Year’s past! … Continue reading



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This isn’t going to look good when those court-ordered investigators pay a visit to Tamballs!  Tamballs forgot to pick up her daughter from school yesterday… @SBarney855 deleted this twitter message: “@TamraBarney school called.u didn’t pick up Sophia.on my way to … Continue reading


MORE SH “HIT AND RUN” WEDNESDAY: For SH Readers Only!!… Super-Secret RHOC Plot Plan… Explains Tamballs Reason For Continuing As An OC Housewife!… Wretched Turns Warehouses Full of Wretched Bags Into Diaper Bags!… Brandi Glanville “No Makeup” Day… Duck Dynasty Reminder!!

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The following is for SH readers eyes only!  If you are NOT a SH reader, please stop reading immediately!  If any non-SH readers have been found reading this, there will be stiff penalties to pay! If you are a non-SH … Continue reading


Bravo FINALLY!!!


Kathy Griffin said what we been sayin’ forEVER!  What is so hot about MO-reese??  Kathy says that she just don’t get it…



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What is it, really?  Is it the change in weather?  Is it how annoying these “reality” shows have become?  What is it, really? There are posts lined up ready for publishing.  However, after reading them, I ask myself, “Who cares?” … Continue reading



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  In just a few minutes, the taped party in Andy’s clubhouse will be aired on Bravo.  Somewhat like Miss Andy’s New Year’s Eve Party, there will be a buncha Bravolebrities attending… but unlike Miss Andy’s New Year’s Eve Party, … Continue reading


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Shana “Taylor Armstrong”… SHANA’S CHAT IN CHICAGO…

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 Shana… with the Bravo sweepstakes winner and her BFF, Jennifur Diamond… whoopin’ it up at her Circoc-sponsored New Year’s Eve party in Chicago Shana had a chat with Jerry Nunn from Chicago Pride before her fabulous New Year’s Eve Party … Continue reading


Real Housewives: Shana “Taylor Armstrong… Kim Zolciak… Alexis Bellino… Gretchen Rossi… CIROC NEW YEAR’S EVE PARTY PHOTOS…

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Beverly Hills’ favorite housewife Taylor Armstrong along with best friend, Jennifur Diamond and CîROC & Bravo’s sweepstake winner, Shaneeka Hickling joined Chicago’s elite to say farewell to 2011 at CîROC The New Year Chicago at hotspot  Enclave.  Before the parties… … Continue reading


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Shana “Taylor Armstrong”… New Year’s Eve Party… UPDATE

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So, how’s Shana’s party goin’?   As of 9 PM EST, tickets were still available at Enclave: AND… Shana’s kid is with her parents: ALSO… FOR THE PERSON STATING THAT LATOYA JACKSON IS CO-HOSTING WITH SHANA: INFORMATION PREVIOUSLY INCLUDED IN … Continue reading


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Shana “Taylor Armstrong”…EVEN PEOPLE IN CHICAGO DON’T WANT TO SEE HER!… OH, AND TICKETS ARE $95!!!

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                     DD Whitt and Shana… “Those people in Chicago don’t wanna see you, Shana!” OH!  This is just so funny!!! From the AV Club, Chicago: “Bravo, America’s second finest news source, … Continue reading


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Shana “Taylor Armstrong”… MOVING ON… AND CELEBRATING NEW YEAR’S EVE…VIDEO

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Was wondering what Shana would be up to today (yesterday, actually)… today being her husband, Russell Armstrong’s birthday. After doing a quick check on her Twitter account, Shana was busy today at a photo shoot and tweeted about her upcoming … Continue reading


Real Housewives of New Jersey: Albie Manzo… Shillin’ The BLK Water Swill

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                                                                            Oh, I KNOW … Continue reading

The Real Housewives of New Jersey: Tension on New Year’s Eve at The Brownstone

On tonight’s Real Housewives of New Jersey…

There’s a New Year’s Eve Party at the Brownstone…

Don Caroline explains to Tree that Kathy and Rich Wakile are also invited to this party… because Rich Wakile and BigAl Manzo go back 20 years…

Uh, OK… Rich and BigAl go back 20 years and Don Caroline likes both Kathy and Richie…

Then why the hell did Don Caroline act like she never laid eyes on or knew Kathy Wakile when Kathy went to Don Caroline’s house to apologize to her on the second episode this season???


Real Housewives of New Jersey: Dina’s Back… On HGTV

Dina Manzo may have walked off (she kind of slinked out is more like it) ‘The Real Housewives of New Jersey,’ but her TV career is far from over (she had a TV career?  Oh yawn yay!). With a project in the works, Manzo is excited to return to TV.
“You’ll see my face pop up on TV in the near future (are you sure we didn’t already see it, Dina… remember your unforgettable role on ‘The Fashion Show’). I’m working on something very exciting, but it’s not reality TV,” she says. (Dina, we can only hope it’s a show about your tablescapes.)
                                                                Dina Manzo at Berdorfs

Manzo, who admits she’s “happier than ever” since quitting the franchise, still roots for her former castmates. “I love them all (Dina: except for a Joo-dice, they’re all your relatives). They’re great. The show just wasn’t for me.
I’m a private person,” (Uh… you did sign a contract to be on the Real Housewives of New Jersey, right?) she revealed at Bravo’s New Year’s Eve Party in New York.  Ringing in the New Year, Manzo, a self-described “workaholic,” said her resolution is to let loose and start having more fun.  “I am always so goal-oriented and serious. I want to stop and smell the roses, live in the moment and enjoy life,” she says. “


Dina’s very private wedding:

HWs and ‘Bravolebrities’ New Year’s Resolutions

Andy Markovitz was in the Andy Cohen clubhouse (lucky!) last night and wrote about it for EW’s

The ball-drop in Times Square is one of the most hallowed traditions of New Year’s Eve. But this year, just a couple miles downtown, Bravo ringmaster Andy Cohen was busy inventing a brand new tradition of his own on Watch What Happens Live: Andy’s New Year’s Eve Party: The dropping of the wig. Packed into a cozy studio, Cohen and a merry band of so-called Bravolebrities — including a smattering of Real Housewives, and draconian decorator Jeff Lewis — capped off a debaucherous night by cheering a hairy disco ball as it descended from the ceiling at midnight. A newly pregnant Kim Zolciak (Real Housewives of Atlanta), sporting a humdinger of a wig herself, sang “Tardy for the Party,” while Lewis did his best to cover her in silly string; a few feet over, Cohen was on the receiving end of a sloppy kiss from Real Housewives of Orange County‘s Tamra Barney. It was a fittingly zany climax for an evening that was part live television variety show, part boozy office party. And through the night, your intrepid reporter braved the spilled champagne, the flying hair extensions, and the impromptu raunchy dance-offs (the image of Cohen motorboating Atlanta housewife NeNe Leakes isn’t easily forgotten) to find out what New Year’s resolutions the Bravo crew had made for 2011.

Here’s what they said:

Andy Cohen: “My New Year’s resolution is, I want to try to be healthy and stay in shape. Which will then allow me to drink as much as I want and burn the candle on both ends.”

Tamra Barney (Real Housewives of Orange County): “My New Year’s resolution is to not cuss anymore in life. It’s a big one. I’m gonna try, but I’m the one who stubs her toe and is like, ‘Oh godd— you f—ing s—!’ So this is a big deal for me. I’m going to to get it all out tonight. So mother—-er d— you, you f—ing stupid piece of s—!.”

Jeff Lewis (Flipping Out): “I know I want to make more money in 2011. I also want to lose weight, like the seven pounds of holiday weight that I gained. I want to read more than one book a year. And I want to make love to a woman — it’s been since 1993.”

Dina Manzo (Real Housewives of New Jersey): “My New Year’s resolution this year is just to have fun. Sometimes I’m focused so much on my goals that I don’t stop and smell the roses. So this year I’m stopping and smelling them.”

Jenni Pulos (Flipping Out): “My New Year’s resolution for 2011 is to live and love every day like it’s your last.”

Kim Zolciak (Real Housewives of Atlanta) : “I’m so damn healthy right now. I’m so healthy! I always wish for happiness. And for my girls, health. I’m pretty damn happy. I’m in a great place.”


NOTE TO ANDY:  It was a great party!  Loved that Andy Cohen was a great host and, of course, as ‘the gayest man on television,’ would expect no less.  IMO, Andy’s New Year’s Eve Party was a cross between ‘Playboy After Dark’ and ‘PeeWee’s Playhouse.’  As Ramona would say, “Ka-dooz,” Andy!


Real Housewives of New Jersey: Kim Granatell and Tom Murro… Uh…OK, you two…

How to be together (without really being together) on New Year’s Eve?

Host a New Year’s Eve party!…  

Just like Tom ‘the Celebrity Magnet’ Murro and the Real Housewives of New Jersey‘s Kim Granatell will be doing tomorrow night…

                                             Really, what’s up with these two???

Note:  For anyone attending this bash, please take some photos!   Everyone would love to see these two together at midnight…