Milania The Spy…

Milania the spy.   Teresa chatting about her child with another of her children is disturbing.  Perhaps there is more to Milania’s acting out than is portrayed on the RHONJ…


RHONJ PREVIEW: Apologize!! SaintZina And Gorga Highly Recommend… TeresaGiudice Not Bowing Down To Nobody!

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SaintZina was not supposed to open her mouth and spread the rumor which Teresa told her…unless the rumor was repeated in an “improper way”.  There’s bombs dropped about Teresa all the time.    Teresa’s not bowing do to anyone for … Continue reading

Miss Andy Lets TeresaGiudice Slide… Makes Teresa Look Innocent! She’s Guilty As Sin…

There are no words for this farce which MissAndy has created.  MissAndy knows very well that Juicy was not alone in the Giudice’s bankruptcy fraud, yet he allows Teresa to dump the blame on Juicy!   This is a blatant example of how Bravo is encouraging their lying Housewives to LIE!  Teresa was every bit involved in the activities that led them to file for bankruptcy as Juicy was…


YOUR WEEKEND READING PROVIDED BY AmberMarchese’s BravoBlog… Eye Masks Necessary For Naps!

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Florida…well let me start by reminding you I was there to celebrate being 5 years cancer free! Did I ever mention that I was diagnosed with breast cancer?  Who could forget??  How much of those millions that LawsuitJim received in … Continue reading

RHONJ Deleted Scene: Amber LocksLips With HouseHusband…SaintZina Picks Her Nose!

The only reason to see this is to witness SaintZenDina pick her nose…

NOTE:  They all watch with amazed looks on their faces, when everyone knows that they would ALL do the same if the script called for it!  Which of these new HouseHusbands will get the required butt shot for MissAndy??  JoeyOrgan is out, as he’s already happily done the butt shot… twice!

Let’s Compare And Contrast: RHONJ At Grocery Store vs Milania At Corrados

Which is worse?  The RHONJ adult subhumans grocery shopping in Florida in early 2014 or Milania ripping it up at Corrados back in 2011??


Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 10.40.17 AM

RHONJ Preview: More Of The Same BOOOOORING Story Lines

SaintZenDina shows again why she’s no SaintZenDina…BigGayRosie returns… another scene with OrientalBubbaJax…and viewers are supposed to care about the ridiculous HouseHusbands feud:


Joodices Fire Realtor… Juicy Cryin’ Over House Sale

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“Joe and Teresa were stunned when media reports revealed the house was going to be put up for sale, even before it the market,” a source close to the couple revealed. “They immediately fired their realtor because they suspected that … Continue reading


RHONJ Housewives Refuse To Film With HouseHusband… Another Planted PR Item

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Another “SHOCKING” allegation re the RHONJ subhumans fed to ROL to create more interest in the dump of a NJ season.  This is in addition to the disgusting spoon-fed item describing the allegation from yesterday of a “raunchy sex scene” … Continue reading


“Experts” Weigh In On The Life Of Tree’s “Brand”… WHY Tree Has Following?

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ORIGINALLY POSTED AUGUST 2013… Branding “experts” predict that Tree’s brands will weather her legal storm.   The second “expert” asks what everyone has been thinking:  Why does Tree have such a huge, rabid fan base?       NOTE:  Here’s … Continue reading


RHONJ: Why Viewers Aren’t Watching… UPDATE: Poll Results… No One Wants To Watch Scammers OR Felon TreeJoodice!

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  Last Sunday’s Season Six premiere episode of TheRealHousewivesOfNewJersey attracted 2.1 million total viewers, down from 2.8 million for the Season Five premiere, and 3 million for Season Four. It is the RHONJ’s second-lowest premiere audience. Is there an explanation … Continue reading


BubbaJax Laurita DUMPED By Signature Apparel Attorneys …For Not Paying Legal Fees!

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BubbaJax and the rest of their subhuman FEBUS clan have been notified by their attorneys representing them in their Signature Apparel bankruptcy case that they’ve dropped the Lauritas as clients.   The law firm has expressed that it might be … Continue reading


The First Melissa Email…Fake Gorgas Want To Look Rich For Bravo! Living in Spec House

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  May 11, 2011  9:54 pm Received the following email: Melissa is a complete faker. Worse than Teresa b/c she never even intended to live in her “dream house.” It was a construction model her husband built, and they are … Continue reading


GO BACK THROWBACK THURSDAY: Melissa Gorga… In A FAT SUIT! Scares Her Kids!

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FROM OCTOBER 2011:  Geez… everyone’s gettin’ all excited ’cause MeGo’s in a fat suit!  Honestly, what’s the big deal?  This has been done to death!  Oprah did it, Tyra did it… at least once a year someone gets dressed up … Continue reading


RHONJ Season Six, Episode One… “What A Difference A Plea Makes”… Premieres Sunday

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RHONJ Season Six, Episode One “What A Difference A Plea Makes”… premieres Sunday: Teresa Giudice and her husband, Joe, fight to keep their family intact as they embark on a very public legal battle for their freedom. Fortunately, Teresa has … Continue reading


MORE GoBack Thursday!! From 2011…Missy And JoeyOrgan Eatin’ and Greetin’… Still “On Display”!… VIDEO

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FROM DECEMBER 2011…look at how far those Gorgans have come since this item from 2011!  They no longer make those crappy appearances at local spaghetti restaurants to sell MeGo’s CDs for $10! Melissa and Joe Gorga of the Real Housewives … Continue reading

RHONJ Goes To A Casino… Let The Fights Begin!

More of the same from the RHONJ… just the players are different.  Amber has taken MeGo’s place as the troublemaker; but, when it comes to takin’ sides, Amber aligns with the twin Napolitanos.  Tree and MeGo are now best friends…’cause they’re FAMBLY!   Amazing what a producer-induced Housewives’ script can do!


HOUSEWIVES NEWS! Yoda…Apollo… NayNay… PT HW… Joodice

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Yoda was asked WHY she was referred to as a “FORMER” Beverly Hills Housewife in an InTouchMag item. “@EzyJ530:   Why is In Touch mag calling you a “former” #rhobh star?   Yoda’s reply: @YolandaHFoster:  ❤️Unfortunately I don’t have any … Continue reading


GO BACK THURSDAY: Gorga’s MoneyMaking Scheme… Sheree… FEBUS

From May 2011… Da Gorga’s had their money-making scheme in place! Well, Melissa and Joe Gorga have learned their lessons well from Joe’s more-experienced-in-ripping-off-making-money from being on TV sister, Real Housewives of New Jersey‘s Teresa Giudice. After paying off tax … Continue reading



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THOSE MORONS AT NPR  are pushin’ MORE people besides that human garbage can, Andrew Zimmern, to eat those great tasting fish heads.  Fish heads which were designated as TRASH.         NOTE:  Getting sick of all those shows featuring … Continue reading


BUBBA JAX Explains WHY She Skipped RHONJ Reunion Show…Does NOT Mention Signature Lawsuit!

BubbaJax tweets the reasons WHY she there was an empty space on the sofa at the RHONJ reunion show: “Wasn’t at season3 reunion bc I was upset w/some people that I couldn’t discuss at reunion&was also during the height of … Continue reading

“THE TALK” Talks About Tree And Juicy Goin’ To Prison…

Sharon Osbourne goes soft on da Joodices… Sheryl goes hard line, “If you do the crime, you gotta do the time…”  MEH!  We’re givin’ these chicks 393473,883436 Kens!


(Thanks to SH reader “Chris”!!!)


TERESA GIUDICE, JOE GIUDICE: GUILTY Plea Deal Explained… Repay Money… Forfeit Property… Tree A “Minor Participant” IF Both Fully Cooperate

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Teresa and Joe Giudice formally changed their plea from “NOT Guilty” … to “GUILTY”… FOUR documents have been filed in connection with the Federal cases against Tree and Juicy.  First, is the Plea Agreement with Giuseppe Giudice a/k/a “joe Giudice”. In … Continue reading

TERESA GIUDICE: Tree Now Sellin’ Coffee!

Tree Joodice is selling “TuscanSunset” coffee…  Hazelnut/Vanilla/Maple…

Teresa selling coffee RHONJ

NOTE: Don’t be surprised to see TreeJoodice pushin’ more products… she has an enormous legal bill to pay!