NayNay Plans On Selling Her Messed Up Junk Purses To “The Masses”!

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  The black KimZolciak NayNay is continuing her “feud” with fellow behemoth WendyWilliams. The black KimZ NayNay has destroyed another bag… this time a clutch… by scribbling her favorite nickname for Wendy on it: And, look… the black KimZ NayNay’s … Continue reading


NayNay Blasts WendyWilliams… NayNay Calls Her Messed Up Birkin A “Work Of Art”!

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      NayNay, the KimZolciak wannabe, is feuding with WendyWilliams over Wendy expressing her opinions re NayNay on her talk show: “Wendy I am sure people think that I’ve done something to you, maybe we had a beef or … Continue reading


Housewives Ratings: RHOA Is NOT Number One

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During the first part of NayNay’s appearance on last night’s WWHL, MissAndy made sure to point out that the ATL was #1 in the ratings department.   This is total BS. The ratings results for RHONJ’s premiere episode (2.1 million) … Continue reading


A MUST SEE! The Hotwives of Orlando…

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Question: How does one successfully parody a show which has already become a parody of itself?  Answer: You study the cast of each franchise and pick the best of the bunch and write a very funny SCRIPT… and then you … Continue reading



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We’ve done extensive research to find which Housewife tweets smarter than that of a 4th grade reading level.  The 4th grade level… unfortunately… is the average reading level for those who use twitter! SMOG AFTER an analysis of 1 million public … Continue reading


NayNay Demoted… Pay Slashed In Half

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There has been lotsa chatter over who is staying on RHOA and who is going. The highest paid housewife, NayNay Leakes, wanted more money to keep her “starring” role on the ATL.  Instead of an expected pay raise, NayNay got demoted to part-time … Continue reading


EYE ROLL TIME! More Boooooring PR Crap… HWs Demanding Raises. Yawn.

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The moronic Housewives are SO yawningly BOOOOORING.   It is so typical between seasons that you will hear these moronic Housewives screeching about how they need a raise… or that they have demanded more money from MissAndy or else they … Continue reading

RHOA HouseHusbands… Talkin’ About Money And Beauty

The HouseHusbands who just won’t go away!!!  The ATL HHs talk about being married to women who make more money than them.  Apollo tells his story about buyin’ Phaedra a new car, which Apollo says she didn’t want.  Apollo describes the car in detail… only leaving out the PIN number.  Wonder why Phaedra REALLY didn’t want a car from Apollo???


None of the HouseHusbands chose NayNay…


HOUSEWIVES NEWS: Yoda…Vicki… RHONJ… PamDana…BubbaJax…New WhatCrappens!

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GOOD LORD!!!  There is another Housewife who just might knock BigFeetKelly Bensimon’s “BIG FEET” title from her! Take a look at YolandaFoster’s HUGE gnarled feet! Yoda was out with her cough, cough “model” daughter, Alana… at the DailyMail. Doin’ a … Continue reading


Come Back SHEREE WHITFIELD! From The SH Archives 2012

Only NOW others saying what we’ve been sayin’ on SH for two years!  Not only is Sheree the ONLY ATL Housewife who could demolish NayNay, but Sheree now has multiple story lines from which to draw for a season or … Continue reading


Kenyan/NayNay… Neither ATL Housewife Has Paid Up Charity Pledge

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  Remember when NayNay challenged Kenyan to a charity donation duel during the ATL reunion… taped on March 27?? ‘Since you felt that I behaved so badly at your charity event, I will do this for you,’ Leakes said. ‘Let’s … Continue reading

RHOA Reunion: MissAndy Wants Apology From NayNay For Gay Remark

How DARE anyone say anything about the gays… especially on Bravo!!!   BUT, NayNay gets off easy in her disparagement of the gays!  MissAndy will NOT put NayNay through the same torture that he put Alexis Bellino and JuicyJoeJoodice through.  What would have happened to either Alexis or Juicy had they said what NayNay said about kissin’ MissAndy’s azz???  AND, further… what do you want me to do, arranged a parade?    Will this chick get away with this???

RHOA Reunion: Who’s The “Star”??

Don’t nobody say that NayNay ain’t the “star”… ‘specially when NayNay goes all ghet-toe!  Oh, how we miss Sheree…


RHOA Reunion: Who’s Most Successful?

Everybody knows… said like Phaedra… that Kandi IS the most successful Housewife.  BUT, NayNay has to stomp out Kandi’s brief moment.


NOTE:  NayNay was soooo successful that when it came time for her to raise money for charity on CelebrityApprentice, she took off in a taxi and never went back!  As reported on SH May 2011 “NayNay Quits CelebrityApprentice”

Nene missing wanted poster  rhoa

RHOA Reunion: Who’s Most Rachet?

NayNay shoulda gotten this award…

RHOA Reunion Show: It’s All About NayNay…

From the previous RHOA Reunion show (sorry, this was stuck in draft mode!):  KimZolciak NayNay gets special treatment from MissAndy… ’cause she’s a “star”!  BLEEEEECH!!  From wanna-be KimZolciak’s NN’s responses to MissAndy re the other ATL Housewives… it seems that KimZolciak NN wants her own show, just like the one KimZ has.  Will someone pul-eeeeeeeze snatch that blonde wig offha her head…bleach, veneers and all the plastic surgery in the world try as she might, NayNay will never be KimZ!

RHOA Reunion Preview: NayNay Goes Ghetto… Schreeches Over Kandi … MissAndy Does Nothing

On tomorrow’s RHOA Reunion Show:  NayNay regresses back to her ghetto roots as she shouts over Kandi.  This is where Sheree woulda stood toe-to-toe with NayNay.  As usual, MissAndy does nothing…would someone pul-leeeeeze rip off NayNay’s blonde wig!?

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA Reunion Preview… “Someone’s Lying”

On the FINAL … Thank you, Jesus; sign of the cross; kisses to the sky…  ATL reunion show it’s Kenyan v Apollo.  MissAndy “demands” an answer, ’cause “someone is lying”… DUH!!!  Why didn’t Kenyan reach over and grab that ridiculous obvious blonde wig offa NayNay’s head???


NayNay’s Message To DumbCynthia…NayNay “Carried DumbCynthia On Her Back”!

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NOTE:  Are ANY of these moronic Housewives “life long friends” in real life????   The answer:  Of course!!!  The “Housewives” is a reality show… just showing these women in their real-life situations.  They’re ALL real friends in real life… nothin’ … Continue reading

RHOA Reunion Preview… MissAndy Doesn’t Condone Violence… RIIIIIIIIGHT!

On tonight’s RHOA reunion show:  MissAndy doesn’t “condone violence;” however, he WILL overlook a man’s death and continue airing his scenes:


We’re givin’ MissAndy 448633,9984754 Dr. Evils:

Dr Evil right gif



NayNay on Arsenio… Discussing RHOA Reunion Show

Note to moronic NayNay:  It’s “RESPECTIVE”… not “perspective” dressing rooms.  Another prime example of how these idiotic Housewives are to be emulated.  Ya can’t take the dumbness or the ghetto outta NayNay…


NOTE:  SOOOOOOOO sick and tired of any of these ATL Housewives braggin’ about their ratings.  The ATL switched their time from 9 to 8 pm on Sunday when “HoneyBooBoo” announced that they would air on TLC at 9 pm… the ATL was skeered of “Honey” as they knew “Honey” would whoop them in ratings.  Let’s see if the ATL’s ratings stand up when they’re scheduled on a week night.  But, we all know that won’t happen as that would be considered racist!!!  Gotta give them their guaranteed ratings…

RHOA Reunion Preview: DumbCynthia Wants NayNay’s Approval… NayNay Says Get Rid Of HouseHusband Peter!

On the next RHOA Reunion Show:  DumbCynthia is STILL looking for some NayNay approval.  NayNay reminds DumbCynthia that her HouseHusband should keep his nose outta the Housewives bizness.  NOTE:  Get rid of ALL the HouseHusbands… puh-leeze!!  Peter first!!