SH **EXCLUSIVE**!!! Top Five Torture Songs Replaced… By Housewives Tunes!… New Top Torture Song… Melissa Gorga’s “On Display”!!

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The five songs used to torture people…has been replaced! The US government was deluged with protests, led by many members of the band’s mentioned, after this “top five torture song” list was published by TIME in October 2013… just three … Continue reading

MELISSA GORGA: MeGo Says It’s All “Editing”… And “Sings” Live…UPDATE: YouTube Performance TAKEN DOWN!

MeGo starts her “singing” at the 9:00 mark… Cannot imagine her new management being very happy with her performance.   NOTE:  **Warning**  BEFORE listening to MeGo’s “singing”… Please locate your nearest ER to arrange for an immediate morphine drip!

SH “HIT AND RUN” FRIDAY: Sonja Morgan; Ramona Singer; Melissa Gorga; Joe Gorga; Heather Dubrow; Lauri Peterson; Brooks Ayers; Brandi Glanville; PT Housewife; Larsa Pippen; Cristy Rice… AND MORE!


RHONY PT Housewife getting character overhaul; Cougar Sonja Morgan ditches charity for 20’s boyfriend

Ramoaner has the “I’m the STAR” ‘tude … and plot lines for the upcoming season of the RHONY

RHONJ Melissa Gorga meeting her “fans” who showed up to see the Jonas Bros… AND… MeGo, JoeyMarco Gorga and kids in Orlando before her overly auto-tuned and lip-synched “performance”…

RHOC Heather Dull-BRO wedding “advice“…

RHOC Lauri Peterson’s daughter says she has NO hooker or porno star friends “dating” Crooks Ayers

RHOBH BlabberMouthBrandi Glanville blocking all “negative” tweeters

PT Housewife says next season of the RHONY  “is making massive changes, taking major turns, I can’t even believe it myself.”  NOTE:  That’s what ALL the HW’s say!

Brand NEW “WatchWhatCrappens” from TrashTalkTV!

SH Poll Results… 

rhonj poll results richie rhonj richie sh poll results

Bravo circus freaks pg


EX-Miami Housewife, Cripsy Rice dating Jamie Foxx

NBCUniversal (Bravo’s corporate parent) is included in lawsuit re “underpaid” interns

The Scottie Pippen… RHOM Larsa Pippen’s husband… 911 Call

WHY those moronic Housewives buy twitter followers… more followers, more money they make to tweet!  NOTE: Like the HWs shows, HWs tweets are all about their products!


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Good grief!  It’s already July… It seems as though we were all just recently celebrating Festivus! In reality, the Festivus tree should be a permanent fixture in everyone’s home… it does go with any style of decor!       … Continue reading


MELISSA GORGA: MeGo’s Latest… “Never Let Me Go”

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Yes… it’s what everyone’s been waiting for!  ANOTHER of Melissa Gorga’s iTunes “hit” singles! This one was so exciting that it was forgotten about and left floating in “draft” mode for almost a week!  WARNING: “Never Let Me Go” will … Continue reading


TAKIN’ A SH DETOUR: Nuthin’ About Housewives…Moments In Time…

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Let’s take a break from those moronic Housewives!  Time for a look at some real life moments isolated in digital form… Spectacular images which you may want to look at several times! (Thanks to SH reader “PDM”!!)    


SH “HIT AND RUN” THURSDAY: flipit/Ronnie’s “BS of the Day”… New Jersey’s MOST Eligible Bachelor!!!… AndyCoop Contest… Someone Gave NayNay and Her Shadow Some Bad Advice!

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The very latest addiction from Lisa VanderpumpRump’s “DivineAddiction” is her love of garlic knots!   That lone leaf of basil makes the dish come together… don’t it? *************************** The irony in this screenshot! ****************************** PrinceAlbie is scheduled to be Hoboken’s … Continue reading


MORE Blind Items!!… “Guess The Housewife”… “Guess The Band”… Madonna Birthday?

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From CDAN… 1:45 pm                    Kyle Richards… “It ain’t ME… is it?  I’m pretty sure I’m not on the East Coast… right?”   NOTE:  “East Coast” Housewife… that could mean RHONY, RHONJ, … Continue reading