REAL HOUSEWIVES V MOB WIVES: “Those Housewives Fights Are Not Fights…”

MobWives’ fourth season finale is tomorrow on VH1.  This site doesn’t normally pay atten-shun to MobWives, but couldn’t resist their discussion on today’s KathieLee and Hoda!  The MobWives were asked about those Housewives “fights”…

Drita explained:  ‘The Real Housewives fights are not fights to me.  To me, that’s just the way we talk on the phone. Nobody’s bleeding, and there’s no limbs that are broken. It’s kind of like, that’s not a fight.”

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SIN CITY RULES: Last Night’s Premiere Episode… The “Reality” Show Connections…

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November 21, 2012   NOTE:  “Sin City Rules” will debut on TLC December 9 at 10 pm… “SCR” is another production from Evolution Media, the same production company responsible for the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and the Real Housewives … Continue reading


MOB WIVES CHICAGO RECAP: Season One, Episode Two… “The Aftermath”… Last Recap

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NOTE:  Sandi Duffy wrote an amazing recap, considering how painfully producer-induced MobWives Chicago has demonstrated itself to be.  Therefore, this is the LAST MobWives Chicago recap… this show is so phony baloney, even more so than the Housewives franchises!   … Continue reading

MOB WIVES: Introducing a Brand NEW Cast Member!!!… VIDEO

June 11, 2012   12:05 pm   From CandySliceComedy… Check out the TraceyPetrilloShow (Tracey reported on the RHONY Premiere Party for SH)!


MOB WIVES CHICAGO RECAP: Premiere Episode… “Chicago Is MY F-ing Town!”

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Mob Wives Chicago Episode 1 – “Chicago Is My F—ing Town” by  Sandi Duffy This is the premiere episode, so we are just being introduced to the characters. Being from Jersey, I am having a tough time with the “Fargo” … Continue reading


FOR ALL SH READERS: TVGasm… Mob Wives… Applause All Around!!!!

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