VALENTINE’S DAY 2014: A Picture Says A Thousand Words… MissAndy, Sean and Hilary… Take The Poll… And Let’s Hear Your Own PR BS About The Upcoming DIS-Engagement!!

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MissAndy had an embarrassing moment a few months ago when his BFF and long-time vacation partner, Sean Avery…   …got pissed off at the mention of an “anniversary.”   Supposedly Avery does not want the spotlight on him bein’ MissAndy’s … Continue reading


SH **EXCLUSIVE** MissAndy Tells SH WHY Housewives Are REALLY Selected!!

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MissAndy came to the plush offices here at and chatted for days about how and why Housewives get selected for those coveted infomercial spots very important roles as women whom other women are so jealous of envy and wish … Continue reading

SH **EXCLUSIVE** … MissAndy’s Special Request Of SH Readers… Which Housewives Would YOU Dump??

MissAndy wants to know!!!




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This isn’t going to look good when those court-ordered investigators pay a visit to Tamballs!  Tamballs forgot to pick up her daughter from school yesterday… @SBarney855 deleted this twitter message: “@TamraBarney school called.u didn’t pick up Sophia.on my way to … Continue reading

BRANDI GLANVILLE: Calls Into WWHL To Apolgize…

This is totally ridiculous!  A pre-planned call into MissAndy’s Clubhouse if there ever was one!  DrunkOtis apologizes and says that people just aren’t ready for the REAL Brandi Glanville.  NOTE:  Yeah, everyone was READY… but no one cares for the REAL BLEEEEEECH! DrunkOtis!


NOTE:  You can also hear KimRichards call into the BravoClubhouse… at  You can also read all of the Beverly Hills’ Housewives BravoBlogs, which includes another apology from DrunkOtis… at   To be perfectly honest re these Housewives and what they have to say or do… we just don’t care!



KYLE RICHARDS: Kyle Appears On Wendy Show… PUH-LEEEEEZE!!

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  You just KNEW that Kim Richards could not be doin’ a tour of MissAndy’s NewYorkMediaMafia all by herself!  HagfaceKyle was escorting her sister around the NYCMediaMafia… and instead of Kim Richards dropping in on WWilliams, HagfaceKyle made an appearance. … Continue reading


ASK MISS ANDY: Who Was Best WWHL Guest? … MissAndy Would Rather NOT Date Brandi Glanville!

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Wasn’t even gonna post this, but really wanted to know the “no BS” answer from MissAndy re who his very favorite WWHL guest was… he can’t decide between **eye roll** Cher and Opree.  If you’re wondering who the WORST ever … Continue reading


FROM THE SH ARCHIVES: Takin’ A Look Back At Cheater Lauriter And “RoxyPoxyGirl”… How Many “Cheating” Scenarios Can There Be??

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NOTE:  How many “cheating” scenarios will the producers create?  CheaterLauriter had “RoxyPoxyGirl”… now there’s MO-Reese’s phony baloney “cheating” story line… RHONY’s Mario Singer also has an alleged upcoming “cheating” story line… Originally posted July 17, 2012…   According to “RoxyPoxyGirl’s” twitter… her … Continue reading

TERESA GIUDICE: What Nancy Grace Had To Say… Da Joodices Are Gonna Be In Stripes…

Nancy Grace gives an open-mouthed MissAndy da truth about what’s gonna happen to da Joodices.  It’s what we been sayin’ at SH… do NOT mess with the Feds!  Especially when it comes to the Feds MONEY!  Da Joodices are gonna be guests at the GraybarHotel… both of ’em!


NOTE:  JuicyJoodice’s forgery trial date is scheduled for November 19…. 



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This BlindItem was sent to SH from BlindGossip… they assured SH that this blind item was re a “reality” star.  Which leaves the field wide open to include ANY “reality” wife on ANY “reality” show!   So… shall we play a … Continue reading

MISS ANDY… ‘Splains How Housewives Are Selected…And WHO Comes Back!

MissAndy takes full responsibility for selecting ALL the Housewives… and claims that Lauri Waring Peterson really didn’t wanna come back to the RHOC.   PUH-LEEEZE!  MissAndy must have given Lauri an offer she couldn’t refuse…obviously!

NOTE:  MissAndy’s partner in Housewives selection, Shari Levine, said over a year ago that NayNay has an “exceptional personality.”  

The disgusting beginning of the above video can be seen at…absolute pigs.


TAKIN’ A LOOK BACK… From July 2012… LapBandLauren and Mommy on BFrankel Talk Show… The Beginning of the END for BFrankel!!… Watch As FEBUS Has The BurglarBalls To Talk About “Character”!!

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As you all know, sometimes when looking for something on SH, other items pop up!  Those items from weeks, months, years ago seemed to make no sense at the time.  However, looking at the items now gives a whole new … Continue reading

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY: Reunion ‘IceBreaker Convo’… Subhumans Get FanMail…

At least MissAndy’s not askin’ them their bra size… the type of “fan mail” these subhumans are receiving says it all!

More of the usual crap pre-reunion show questions posed by MissAndy… like, who cares about MissAndy’s favorite shoes.

RHONJ REUNION PREVIEW: Does BigAl Cheat On BigManzoid?… FEBUSzoid and KomaKathy’s BravoBlogs… KomaK Still “Keepin’ It Sweet”

Yes, this very hard lookin’ 52-year-old, who looks 72… even scares MissAndy!   Of course, the answer to the question will have to wait…


If you’re interested in FEBUSzoid’s total waste of a BravoBlog… she has the absolute burglar balls to state this:

“Complete strangers were willing to take marching orders to hurt people they’ve never, ever met before. Somebody tell me why, I don’t get it. That’s all the attention this mess gets, not worth my time. Shame on all of you.”   NOTE:    YOU keep your hands clean while you have others do your dirty work….Yes, SHAME on YOU, you FEBUS subhuman.

And, KomaKathy’s uber-borrrring BravoBlog… Koma is still saying “Keep It Sweet,”
xoxo Kathy!   Warren Jeffs told his followers to “Keep It Sweet,” too!!

TERESA GIUDICE: Tree and Joe Giudice on WWHL… Talkin’ About Lawsuit… Keeping “Strong”… And “Goin’ Away” Jail Time!


Tree is tryin’ to keep cool while talkin’ about how to keep cool whilst dealing with the 39-count Federal indictment, which led to the Federal lawsuit against da Joodices.  Tree’s doin’ it all for her girls… OK, let’s keep the obvious play for sympathy any time you draw your children into your mess kids outta this…

Tryin’ to keep cool a bit more… as Juicy seems a bit irritated that he’s in the same room with MissAndy.  Juicy tries to look at the humorous side(?) by kinda jokin’ about the possible length of time both he and Tree are lookin’ at… or maybe Juicy is thinkin’ how humorous it is to see MissAndy tryin’ to be a real “JOURNALIST!”   Don’t let his flagrant flippancy fool you… Juicy knows exactly how much “going away” time he AND Tree are facing.

NOTE:  Henry Klingeman, Tree’s attorney (Juicy’s attorney is Miles Feinstein), just HAS to be thrilled that his client relies on “those magazines” to keep updated on her lawsuit!  Will “journalist” MissAndy get the answer to which of those magazines Tree relies on for her info???  Will Tree con-veeeen-e-ently slip in every one of her “brands” when answering MissAndy’s questions??


TERESA GIUDICE: MissAndy Chats With Close Member Of His NYMediaMafia About Teresa Giudice… Tree Says She’s Gonna Beat The Lawsuit…

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  MissAndy talks about Tree’s upcoming pre-taped chat on this Sunday’s WWHL… and the RHONJ finale.  Tree says she’s gonna beat that 39-count lawsuit… UH, yeah… OK. You KNOW things in the ratings department are BAD when MissAndy has to … Continue reading


REAL HOUSEWIVES NEWS: Camille Grammer “Still With GreekGuy”… “I Didn’t Do It” NayNay… Slade Smiley “HairModel”…JKrupa “Pre-Emptive Butt Shot”… JackKlugman “Ignored”… BFrankel “FrozenFace”…Kyle Richards “Scared of Brandi”… BigBrother

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All info included in “RH News” on SH are from reliable, verifiable sources… Camille Grammer is still with Dimwitri… and he’s actually wearin’ a suit!!!! Camille had sunthin’ to do with that!  Looks good in a suit, Camille!! Nene Leakes, … Continue reading

WWHL AFTER SHOW: MissAndy Denies Dating SeanAvery AGAIN… Tamballs and Ellie In Clubhouse

WWHL Part II MissAndy vehemently denies his relationship with SeanAvery and says that Sean is straight….AGAIN!  MissAndy covered that subject last week on his “AskAndy” YouTubeVideo.  MissAndy just might be doth protesting too much!

Uh, don’t know too many STRAIGHT guys who prefer to take vacations with a gay guy… for YEARS.  @imseanavery has suddenly gotten a girlfriend, HilaryHoda.  Sean even put up a photo of the both of them… the photo at “PhotoByImSeanAvery”  says it all.  Sean is hiding behind Hilary looking directly at the camera, as if Hilary were not there.  Hilary is smiling, as if she’s not there.  There is zero chemistry… they look like they both just met each other.

When initially asked about his relationship with Sean, instead of confirming or DENYING that he was dating SeanAvery, MissAndy coyly said to “ask @imseanavery.”  Interesting that no one has asked @imseanavery.  MORE interesting is the fact that Sean threw up the photo with his “model girlfriend,” Hilary,  just last night.   Does Sean want to keep any relationship with MissAndy closeted??

Oh yeah… Tamballs and Ellie are in the Clubhouse with MissAndy…

NOTE:  As predicted, Tamballs did everything required of her:  trashed Wretched to create more drama for season nine of the RHOC; trashed Vicki to create more drama for season nine of the RHOC; made sure to mention that Ellie’s dad was at the wedding; then made sure to blubber over how MissAndy saved her life!


DANIELLE STAUB: Danielle On WWHL Tonight… Who Said What To Whom… Danielle’s Tweets

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Will Danielle provide any insight into the goings-on between the RHONJ on tonight’s WWHL? OR… will Danielle only give MissAndy the info necessary to keep viewers interested in the plummeting interest of the NJ subhumans? We all thought that Danielle … Continue reading


TAMRA BARNEY: Tamballs’ SpinOff…Where Are Ellie’s Kin?… Will Ellie’s “Father” and Sister, Shalimar NAVARRO Torres, Ever Be Seen?… Lawsuit Shows Ellie’s Involvement in TheJudgeLawFirm

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Here’s an understatement:  Tamballs is not a favorite at SH. Summa these Housewives are very transparent and Tamballs falls into that category. Tamballs’ transparency was first noticed watching that kiss she laid on MissAndy during his one and only New … Continue reading


SH “HIT AND RUN” THURSDAY: WWHL Beats ChelseaLately in Ratings… “It’s TV!” With Ronnie and Carrie…

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What is hap…pen…iiing??? MissAndy has surpassed Chelsea Handler in cable talk show ratings! “For Monday through Thursday of this week, “WWHL” averaged 379,000 18-49 viewers and 659,000 total viewers. That’s 23 percent more than “Chelsea Lately’s” 308,000 18-49 viewers and … Continue reading


SH “HIT AND RUN” SUNDAY: MissAndy on Wendy… Takin’ A SH Detour… Shoes On Sale! Only $2,877!!

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It is excitement galore… as MissAndy takes a few steps from his office at 30Rock to pop on over to the WendyShow, where he will chat with Wendy about his book, which is now in paperback.  Exciting. There will be … Continue reading


SH “HIT AND RUN” WEDNESDAY: Dumping Dubai… Andy Cohen Says “What Makes A Good Spin-off”… Heather Dubrow “Gets A Cover”!!!… Duck Dynasty On Tonight!!… Brand New “WatchWhatCrappens”!!… $$$ Million Dollar HWs…

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You have seen those architectural wonders of Dubai.  BUT, did you know that Dubai doesn’t have a sewage system for all those big new buildings… so they haul it all away in tank trucks. You would have thought that by building all … Continue reading


ANDY COHEN: Where Does MissAndy’s Influence Stop?… Book Now in Paperback And “Thinking” About Second Book!… YOU Can Buy MissAndy FASHION… Starting Tomorrow At Noon!!… Names “Most Stylish On Bravo” … MissAndy’s Best Advice: “Just Be Talented”…

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SHEESH!!  MissAndy has given so much already!   The Housewives… The Clubhouse… WWHL… his thoughts all rolled into book form so all can quickly reference! But, WAIT… there’s more!!   MissAndy has much, MUCH more to give!! MissAndy’s book “MostTalkative” … Continue reading