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KENYA MOORE: Kenya’s BravoBlog… Kenya Pays Homage To Vanessa Williams, Hattie McDaniel … Kenya Takes On Phaedra Parks… Says “Smear Campaign” Was Epic Failure… Kenya Calls Phaedra A LIAR!…

Bravo… NOTE:  Cannot explain, but for some inexplicable reason, which cannot be defined or unlocked, uncorked, undulated, undetermined, unfathomable, whateva … find Kenya Moore and her words… entertaining and amusing!     YOU CAN’T BREAK […]

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KENYA MOORE: Kenya’s BravoBlog… Interest in ATL Housewives Wane… Kenya Moore’s Words Always Amusing!!… Calls Walter Jackson “Horrible Person” and “Stalker”… Kenya Takes On Phaedra Parks…

NOTE:  While the RHOBH have overshadowed the ATL women, as can be proven by the number of comments posted at each of the RHOA BravoBlogs at BravoTV.com, for some reason, Kenya Moore’s words are always amusing! […]

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KENYA MOORE: Kenya’s BravoBlog… “I have never called her a ho when she obviously got pregnant by a man fresh out of prison”… Calls Phaedra “jealous, fake, evil, and most of all a hypocritical villain”

Bravo… WELCOME TO HOLLYWOOD It’s truly a blessing when you see your dreams realized. You must have talent, dedication to your craft, and be a hard worker. When you diligently prepare, thus, when opportunity knocks […]

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