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SH “HIT AND RUN” WEEKEND: Buying Twitter FB Instagram Followers…Duck Dynasty “Top Ratings”… BigBrother Wins Ratings… MissAndy Cohen Fears For His Life… Teresa Giudice KimD’s Book Signing… Jax/Chris Laurita “Buy $25 GiftCard To Meet”… Camille Grammer, Faye Resnick on “Kris”

Interested in BUYING followers… like, perhaps, your favorite Housewives?   How about buying REAL followers?  22-year-old’s new business… CROWDS ON DEMAND… providing fake supporters or, if you like, protesters, is taking off! DuckDynasty Premiere on A&E […]

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MORE SH “HIT AND RUN” WEDNESDAY: We Got An Invite!… Blind Item Solved (If You Care About BFrankel)!… WatchWhatCrappens Now Available!!… Melissa Gorga “Needs Pen and Paper” STAT!!!… Teresa Giudice “Top Salary At RHONJ”

We just LOVE gettin’ emails!  Especially emails which invite the addressee to send $10 million to a person of royal lineage who  just can’t get to his money right now because of a terrible situation […]

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SH “HIT AND RUN” FRIDAY: Miss Universe “Housewife Judge”… LeAnn Rimes Alludes That Brandi “Looking To Be Famous”… Brandi Glanville Book… Project Runway… Heather Dubrow “Acting Gig”

Who will the Housewife chosen to judge the Miss Universe pageant this year? Since Trump took over the pageant and made MissAndy the host, there has been a Housewife judge every year… first year was […]

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