FROM THE SH ARCHIVES: PumpMyStomach Says She “Would Rather Go Into The Ring With MikeTyson” Than Go Back To RHOBH! What Happened???

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From March 29, 2014… What happened that PumpMyStomach decided to return to the RHOBH this season??   Why would PumpMyStomach put herself through such torture???  When asked if she plans to come back to the show, Lisa says: “I would rather … Continue reading

LisaVanderpumpMyStomach Would Rather Fight Mike Tyson Than Go Back To RHOBH!

On last night’s “Hello Ross!“… LisaVanderPumpMyStomachTodd begins her farewell to the RHOBH tour!

Later in the interview, when asked if she plans to come back to the show, Lisa says:

“I would rather go into the ring with Mike Tyson.”



PumpMyStomach also said recently about leaving the RHOBH:

“If it becomes about a b*tchfest then it is not something I signed up for; but if it becomes about documenting my life, which is the show I signed up for and having fun and supporting women that is something I want to do.  I have a lot to consider I am opening a new business.”

NOTE:  PUH-LEEEEEEEZE!!   LisaPump has taken this whiney quote “I didn’t sign up for this… blah, blah, blah” directly from all the other Housewives on their way out!  BUT, just like the other EX-Housewives, they are not complaining WHILE playing along with all the producer-induced “b*itchfest” while filming!  LisaPMS agrees to her character’s story line BEFORE the season starts filming,  knows what’s in store and PMS is well aware that the Housewives shows are NOT documentaries!     

We’re givin’ WhiningLisa 398374743,30384373 laughing DrEvils…  ’cause we’re laughin’ AT you for the very bad “I signed up to support other women”  excuse!

dr evil gif



AND… an “off the charts” for her total BS!! 


bullshit BS GIF


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Her talk show is gasping for breath.   Whomever is scrounging around for guests at BFrankel’s show has discovered the bottom of the ocean floor… TeenMom/Porn”Star” FarrahAbraham is clearly seething at BFrankel’s questions on today’s show: NOTE:   Farrah is … Continue reading

MELISSA GORGA: Missy With Mike Tyson… On WWHL After Show…VIDEO

July 9, 2012  9:40 pm   IronMike will visit DonCaro’s house for dinner… if the check is big enough!  MeGo and JoGo attempt to ingratiate themselves with Mike.   Wonder why MissAndy didn’t make MikeTyson do splits?!


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