19 KIDS AND COUNTING… Prediction…Duggar Show Canceled

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TLC will soon be officially announcing the cancelation of 19Kids And Counting.   Per TLC’s site, the Duggar show airs Tuesday at 9 pm. TLC has replaced 19Kids on their Tuesday schedule with “TheLittleCouple” and “TheWillisFamily”…  in fact, 19Kids is … Continue reading


THE DUGGARS… Shunned Anna Duggar’s Pregnant Sister… REALLY???

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NOTE:  We checked with the definitive Duggar site… FreeJinger… and they’re calling this made up story BS:    “In Growing Up Duggar Jill talks about her midwifery and says she attends births of many different women in many different situations, … Continue reading


THE DUGGARS… And Their Sex Obsession

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JimBob and Michelle Duggar have a very inappropriate obsession with not only sex, but their children’s sexuality. Particularly their daughters. They start with the purity obsession and the creepy pledging of their virginity to their Daddy.  The whole “Daddy has their … Continue reading


THE DUGGARS… Where To Begin??

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Oh, the Duggars… where to begin?? We’ve been admirers of the Duggars for their self-sufficient ways since they had only FOURTEEN kids!  The Duggars have never relied on any person or government institutions to support their large family.  Their devotion to … Continue reading

BS OF THE DAY: From “flipit/Ronnie’!!!

Ma boo’s “BS of the Day” just keeps getting better… and funnier!!   And, don’t forget to see what else “flipit/Ronnie” has goin’ on over at TVGasm!!




SH “HIT AND RUN” WEDNESDAY: It IS Wednesday… Right?… Kyle Richards’ Friend, Faye Resnick “Phony Threat” Note FOUND!… Sin City Rules “Friends Threats To SH” “Cancellation Close By!”… Nene Leakes “I Wanna Wedding!”… Danielle Staub “Creates Caroline Manzo Monster”!!!… Michelle Duggar “New Hair Makeover”…

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So, what did we miss while takin’ some much-needed time away from the Housewives? The really BIG story is that the ever-faithful “she’s like a sister to me” friend of Kyle Richards’… Faye  KnickKnack WeedWhack  TrainTrack  He’sAHack  LoveShack  GiveACrap  TakeANap … Continue reading