SH “HIT AND RUN” WEDNESDAY: Hurricane Sandy Customer Goin’ After Power Company… Gretchen Rossi “Sympathy Tour” Begins… Yolanda Foster “Capricorn Tough”… Andy Cohen “Warm Thoughts” In MissAndy’s Brain!

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In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, one very brave customer (who also happens to be an attorney) of the power provider to his Staten Island home has filed a lawsuit against ConEd.  Mr. Prignoli lives in an area of SI … Continue reading

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SH “HIT AND RUN” THURSDAY: Andy Cohen “RHONJ Rumors Put To REST!”… Slade Smiley “Grayson DENIED Coverage”… UPDATE: Grayson Fundraiser WAS Filmed In November For RHOC…

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August 30, 2012   3:40 pm Whoever started the rumor re Andy Cohen calling one of the New Jersey Housewives names has been corrected… by MissAndy. NOTE:  MissAndy and SH had a very nice twitter relationship… until SH wrote honestly … Continue reading


GRETCHEN ROSSI, SLADE SMILEY: Charity Party For Slade’s Son, Grayson… PHOTOS

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June 23, 2012   8:40 pm With the release of Wretched **BLEEEEEECH** CHRISTINE Rossi’s latest single, “Unbreakable”… and the setting for the  finale of the Real Housewives of Orange County continuing at Heather DO-BRO’s museum home…  it doesn’t seem as … Continue reading

GRETCHEN ROSSI, SLADE SMILEY: Wretched and Slimey Unknown Facts… About Each Other… VIDEO

April 25, 2012  10:25 am

Wretched **BLEEECH** and Slimey want YOU to know some previously unknown facts about each other…

NOTE:  Ordering drinks in several different languages does not constitute having a commend of that language.   Proof of Wretched’s total dumbassery:  “LAST and Foremost.”   Yes, Wretched is THAT dumb!   As for Slimey bein’ “the best Dad”… read what Grayson’s mother had to say about that… HERE.