Mystery Email From 2012… Is MissAndy REALLY That Despicably Deranged?… Emailer Claims Andy Cohen Hates Teresa Giudice… How Two Years Have Made A Difference!!

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From December 27, 2012… It’s time to reveal a super-secret email sent to SH about two months ago… October 2012.  SH has kept every word of this email under the veil of secrecy… until now!  If this person is truly … Continue reading



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After observing several comments on this site, am somewhat saddened that people are STILL so personally invested in these producer-driven characters whose personalities/lives/families are served up on a phony baloney “reality” show.  Would LOVE to go back to when the … Continue reading

SH “HIT AND RUN” THURSDAY: Miami Housewife TearDown… Paula Deen… BruceBrigitte Jenner… RamonaSinger… HWs Awards… MissAndy Would NOT Date DrunkOtis



EX-Housewife from Miami, FemBot Lisa Hochstein, now has something to do.  The Miami Preservation Board has given up the fight to keep the Hochstein’s historical house … the Hochsteins will be tearing down.

Pauler Deen is makin’ a comeback!  YAY, Pauler!!

Bruce Jenner’s HS photos… yes, he would make a good looking girl even back then!  KrisJenner says Bruce will be back on the Kartrashian show.  Bruce/Brigitte will be playing the nosy transgender neighbor…

As if you didn’t know… the RHOBH (except DrunkOtis and DumbJoyce) are in the new LadyGaga video.

RamoanerSinger’s Valentine’s Day plans… goin’ out with girlfriends.

Yes, Bravo now has Housewives awards.  We’ve been doin’ Housewives awards for years!  Wonder if they have the “Stoopidest Housewife” Award???  MissAndy said in 2012 that he’s the biggest SH*T stirrer and he loves gettin’ paid to do it!

There is a brand new WatchWhatCrappens Podcast!

Since Valentine’s Day is approaching, thought it only fitting to slip this in… MissAndy says that he would NOT date DrunkOtis!  After all that face lickin’ she did on MissAndy’s father…would think DrunkO would be a fav date!

ALEXIA ECHEVARRIA: What RHOM Producers Told AirHeadAlexia… Says JoannaKrupa Doesn’t Understand… Adriana de Moura Answer To Mystery On Miami Reunion… Million Dollar Listing Miami Now Filming

Alexia Echevarria **EXCLUSIVELY** says that the Real Housewives of Miami is definitely coming back for Season FOUR.


“Despite various reports that the show has been canceled, Alexia Echevarria exclusively says that season four is happening.

“There will definitely be a season four for Miami. I have spoken to producers and they are currently working on dates for taping, since we usually begin taping this time of year we were told taping is being pushed back a little,” she spills.

“The producers spoke to all of us and told us all the same thing.” (A rep for Bravo had no comment.)”   

AirheadAlexia continues with this… a classic “pot meet kettle” statement:

“Joanna has poor comprehension and lack of understanding as to what [the producers] said because what she is telling the media is not what they said,” Alexia explains.   NOTE:  What exactly the producers said was not included in AirheadAlexia’s **exclusive** chat with E!Online…


NOTE:  Filming has been pushed back a “little”????  After checking with the Miami Film Office (and other sources), there are no permits for Purveyors of Pop, the RHOM production company, on file.  The Film Office explained that any filming done, with the exception of private property, necessitates a film permit.   Also mentioned was the fact that permits are usually applied for and given months in advance.  Purveyors of Pop indicated on their twitter account that there will be an “announcement” coming soon…. a vague statement which could mean just about anything!

Therefore, AirheadAlexia’s statement that filming has been pushed back a “little” might just be Alexia wishing and hoping that filming starts and another season of the RHOM actually takes place!  AirheadAlexia is in dire need of the money from her part-time Housewife status.  

AirheadAlexia also reveals which Miami Housewife screeched on the last Miami Reunion Show for MissAndy to “just fire me now”… it was Adriana de Moura-Side-Marq.  If you missed that mystery… MissAndy explains the RHOM reunion here.

MDL Miami

ALSO… Interestingly, what IS filming right now in Miami is “Million Dollar Listing… Miami”!  If all goes as it normally does, look for MDLMiami to premiere during Bravo’s summer season…

million dollar listing miami february filming


JOANNA KRUPA: SkankyJo Showin’ Her Desperateness… AGAIN

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Everybody knows (said like Phaedra Parks)… the official word re the Miami Housewives comin’ back for a third season has yet to be announced.  However, info obtained from an insider… a totally unnamed source… a source which cannot be revealed … Continue reading

BEST OF: MissAndy… Miami Housewives… ATL Housewives… RHONY

Rounding up the BEST OF the funniest photoshopped items from Miami, New York and Atlanta…also including MissAndy!!

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BRANDI GLANVILLE: Drunk Otis Is Now The Paula Deen Of Beverly Hills!… Brandi Booted From Tampa HardRock Appearance… Lashing Back At Detractors

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          Poor say-anything-do-anything Brandi Glanville. DrunkOtis said what was on her mind on the last episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and is now beginning to get the Pauler Deen treatment. Because of her … Continue reading


HOUSEWIFE NEWS: Kyle Richards… Mauricio Umansky…Kim Richards’ Nephew…Paul Nassif, Terry Dubrow… Yolanda Foster, David Foster…

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YIKES!!!   And to think that the paps were paid to take her pictures!  HagfaceKyle should destroy the digitals! See more photos of HagfaceKyle Richards at TheDailyMail… Speakin’ of HagfaceKyle… her husband, MO-Ree-C-O cannot unload Barry Bonds’ house!  The house … Continue reading

BRANDI GLANVILLE: DrunkOtis’ Very Strange Message…

What the hell is DrunkOtis talkin’ about?  Everyone knows the deal with the producers not showing everything that happened in a scene… and everyone knows that the bad-acting Housewives can’t reveal upcoming story lines.  So, why is DrunkOtis putting out this pre-emptive message re future episodes?  Probably because the RHOBH franchise is tanking in the ratings and the producers “suggested” to DrunkOtis to put out a teaser to make curious viewers watch!

Also, what the hell is DrunkOtis talkin’ about re the “hate” for her??  No one here “hates” DrunkOtis… she’s simply in the BLEEEEEEEECH! category!

PS:  “SugeKnight” for her dog’s name???  DrunkOtis is a moron.

We’re givin’ DrunkOtis’ Christmas message 993849938,3837483 Kens…


ASK MISS ANDY: Who Was Best WWHL Guest? … MissAndy Would Rather NOT Date Brandi Glanville!

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Wasn’t even gonna post this, but really wanted to know the “no BS” answer from MissAndy re who his very favorite WWHL guest was… he can’t decide between **eye roll** Cher and Opree.  If you’re wondering who the WORST ever … Continue reading


LEA BLACK: Lea Attempts To Defend RHOM Franchise… Denies Rumors of Miami’s Expected Demise

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ROY BLACK: You’ll be fine, Lea! You can just keep doin’ our AnnualBlack”Guilt”Gala…the Gala we throw to help those poor people who don’t and won’t ever have the money to hire ME when they get in trouble! Lea Black is … Continue reading


REAL HOUSEWIVES OF MIAMI: Done, Over… Don’t Look For Another Season…

I see London, I see France… I can spot a totally manufactured BS PR move immediately!  Well, that didn’t rhyme, but at least others are saying what we’ve been sayin’ at SH for months: Miami is done. The entire Mohamed/SkankyJo/DrunkOtis/LisaLivesInAVanDownByTheRiverPump … Continue reading


BRANDI GLANVILLE: DrunkOtis’s BravoBlog… Loves Her Mom and Dad… Skeered Of Bees And Kim Richards Pitbull… Explains Mohamed, SkankyJo, MissAndy and Yolanda… And Not Gonna Talk About It No More!

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Awwww Im so excited you all finally get to meet my maker, mother, and my love mamma Judy Glanville. My mother has always been the most giving woman I know, so when it came time to move I knew I … Continue reading


HOUSEWIVES NEWS: Yolanda Foster’s EX Calls Brandi Glanville “Scum”… There IS A Solution… Let’s Hear It, Lisa Vanderpump!

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Me thinks the man dotheth protesteth too mucheth! Mohamed Hadid, Yolanda’s ex-husband… the emphasis on “EX”….is still begging people to believe his innocence in the whole DrunkOtis blabbering on WWHL about what Mohamed told HER about Miami Housewife, SkankyJo Krupa. … Continue reading


BRANDI GLANVILLE: DrunkOtis on WWHL… Spills It About Joanna Krupa And Mohamed Hadid

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This comes as NO surprise… that Yolanda Foster’s EX-husband is “friends” with SkankyJo Krupa. What is surprising is Adriana de MouraWhateverHerNameIsNow being so quick to bring up SkankyJo’s dalliance with Yolanda Foster’s EX-Husband, Mohamed.   Adriana is the Tamballs of … Continue reading


HOUSEWIVES NEWS: DinaManzo’s RHONJ Story Line… RHOA DragQueen Drama (tization)!… Drunk Otis Podcast… Alaska Shows… Kyle Richards… Carlton Gebbia

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Dina Manzo’s story line for the next season of the RHONJ will include her daughter, Lexi… as the “perfect” zen daughter.   NOTE:  Dina is so booring; even mentioning her …. ooops, sorry… dozed off there for a few hours! … Continue reading


SH “HIT AND RUN” THURSDAY: Duck Dynasty “Sin Control”… T-Mobile “FreeData For Life”… Starbucks “TeaStore Now Open”… KillerKin of Kennedys Gets New Trial… Marines Pissed At Hat Change… NJ Residents Pissed At Christie… PT Housewife “More Bikini Shots”…

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We LOVE DuckDynasty at SH!!   Phil and Si Robertson had a chat with Men’s Journal in which the duck brothers explained the rationale for their “reality” show.   Phil says, “We’re trying to infuse a little good into a culture … Continue reading


HOUSEWIVES NEWS: LeaBlack Is “STAR of RHOM”… Real HWs of ATL Preview…Kelly Bensimon “Sellin’ And Smellin”… Melissa Gorga “LOOK At Her Dress!”… Lisa Hochstein… Lea Black… Sonja Morgan… Amy Phillips Does Teresa Giudice

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OUCH!  Lea Black has been given the distinction of being the “STAR” of the RHOM:  “Woods will share her financial expertise by highlighting her best-selling book, “Its All About the $Money, Honey!” She was invited to appear on the show … Continue reading


MORE SH “HIT AND RUN” WEDNESDAY: RHOBH Carlton Gebbia “She’s A Wiccan”…Ken Todd “ConcreteChipper Lawsuit”… New “WatchWhatCrappens” Podcast… BruceJenner Moves Out “Ratings”!!… AdrienneMaloof Grabs KomaKathy’s “RedVelvet” Stuff!!!

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New Beverly Hills Housewife describes her life as a Wiccan.  Well, that is gonna turn off plenty of RHOBH viewers!   FYI: Carlton will be rumbling with HagfaceKyle this season.    NOTE:  Was NOT looking forward to the new season … Continue reading


RHONJ: Let’s Talk About Lawsuits!… JTG and Penny Have Plenty!…Who Has The Most?… Da Gorgas!!… Who Has The WORST?… Da Joodices!

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It is a shame that, IMO, Bravo/NBCUniversal/SirensMedia are using John and Penny Karagiorgis to bring more attention to the RHONJ. It is quite clear from reviewing public records, that the Karagiorgis’ do NOT have the where with all financially to … Continue reading


HOUSEWIVES NEWS: PT Housewife “LegsInBoston”…Lisa Hochstein “Raises House Price”… Brandi Glanville “SelfTweeter”… Brandi Glanville “OscarWorthyActing”…RHONJ Tweets… Lisa Vanderpump New Club Driving Out Retailers… BFrankel’s Talk Show Ratings BEAT By QueenLatifah… Teresa Giudice “FamilyTweets”

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This is truly pathetic!  PTHousewife just “happened” to be in the area for the 100th anniversary of Boston’s Children’s Museum.  The only other “star” in the area was John Travolta, but he was only there because he’s filming a movie! … Continue reading


REAL HOUSEWIVES STUFF: Tweet Reward… RHOM Fading Fast…Yolanda Foster Selling Malibu House; Asking $27 Million… Andy Cohen’s West Village Shack… New Bravo Show With Rihanna!

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JTG is offering five bills for anyone who can produce his kid-bashing tweet: In response, a tweeter asked: NOTE:  Think JTG should shell out the measly $500 for fake tweets!  A REAL tweet should get $5,000, but payin’ that 5K … Continue reading


REAL HOUSEWIVES NEWS: Camille Grammer “Still With GreekGuy”… “I Didn’t Do It” NayNay… Slade Smiley “HairModel”…JKrupa “Pre-Emptive Butt Shot”… JackKlugman “Ignored”… BFrankel “FrozenFace”…Kyle Richards “Scared of Brandi”… BigBrother

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All info included in “RH News” on SH are from reliable, verifiable sources… Camille Grammer is still with Dimwitri… and he’s actually wearin’ a suit!!!! Camille had sunthin’ to do with that!  Looks good in a suit, Camille!! Nene Leakes, … Continue reading

HOUSEWIVES NEWS: PT Housewife…Jeana Keough… Kim Zolciak…BubbaJax… Melissa Gorga… NayNay… Joanna Krupa… VanderpumpRules Premiere… The Duggars…


WATCH PT Housewife showin’ off her new UES rental… PT moved to permit better filming.  This is not an “official” Bravo tour, which is what Bravo usually issues when their upper tier Housewives find some new living space!

YES… PT’s poopy piggy daddy is still bein’ dragged into the RHONY…


RHOC ex-Housewife Jeana Keough’s daughter, Kara, will be on “SayYESToTheDress” airing Friday at 9 p.m. on TLC.

Does anyone really need to see pregnant-with-twins, KimZolciak in a bikini???  KimZ let everyone see her pregnant-in-a-bikini her last two pregnancies.  UH, once is enough… really.

OMG!  New company, AllerMates, is braggin’ that BubbaJax is doin’ some PR for them!  Jacqueline Laurita from “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” also purchased autism-awareness wristbands from AllerMates for her son, according to AllerMates’ publicist.   Wonder how much Bubba got paid for puttin’ that band on her kid?

Bubba oughta be pissed… the Kartrashian teens got $100,000 each for lending their NAME to a nail polish brand!

mohamed joanna krupa

Just like MissAndy ‘doth protesting too much’ his alleged relationship with @imSeanAvery, hockey player Sean Avery… PierogiePrincess, Miami Housewife, Joanna Krupa is still talkin’ about those nasty rumors of her bein’ an escort!  “… she was still bothered by the accusation that she’d worked as an escort saying, “that definitely hit below the belt.

“Real Housewives of New Jersey” diva Melissa Gorga and her hubby Joe enjoying pineapple cocktails at Empire Asian Restaurant & Lounge at a table next to the Bruins, who were having a team dinner.  UH, who decided to add “DIVA” to MeGo’s description?  WHAT is MeGo a “diva” for…OR of??  Someone got some ‘splainin’ to do!!   A bit after this blurb, KomaKathy  and her puke-worthy hubbend were mentioned… briefly.

If you’re one of the gazillions of viewers who have been havin’ nightmares at the thought of a NayNay spinoff Dreamin’ of NayNay… stop takin’ the Xanax in anticipation!  Bravo has given you a gift of the first look at Dreamin’ ofNayNay!  NayNay better hope that Bravo/MissAndy continues their misguided adoration of her by puttin’ her on screen… NayNay’s other adoring gay white guy, Ryan Murphy’s shows are done.

As you know, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will be returning on November 4.  LisaVPump’s “VanderpumpRules” second season premieres immediately after the RHOBH premiere, mentioned during last night’s Real Housewives of Miami.  If you’re really into Miami, check out their BravoCastBlogs…  NOTE:  The RHOBH PR machine has already started… Brandi BLEEEEECH! Glanville has been tweeting her ‘dislike’ of LisaVPump and her continued like of Yolanda Foster.


NOTE:  Will there be hair wars between new BH Housewife, card-carrying-SAG-actress Joyce Giraud and HagfaceKyle???

Just as a reminder, we are huge fans of “19KidsAndCounting”… Jessa Duggar, 20, the third daughter of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar of Tontitown, Ark.,has entered into a courtship with Ben Seewald, 18, who lives in nearby Hot Springs, Ark.

(Thanks to SH readers “GF/LB” “Jon” “Jozy” “BBTL” “PDM” and “FLPhil”!!!)

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF MIAMI Preview: “HouseHusbands In A Tiff”… **eye rolls** AND **Kens**!!

Bravo There has been some chat re coverage of the Miami Housewives on SH.  The RHOM is simply NJ with a better climate….it’s no wonder, as producers from NJ are producing Miami.  Miami, as well as the other Housewives franchises, have used the same story lines repeatedly… which makes for continuos **eye rolls** and **Kens** when viewing!   AND… the HouseHubbends are increasingly included in the producer-induced drama, as shown below, which elicit even MORE **eye rolls** and **Kens**!!

Perhaps the HouseHubbends need their own spinoff show, “HouseHubbends In A Tiff”!