GO BACK THROWBACK THURSDAY: Melissa Gorga… In A FAT SUIT! Scares Her Kids!

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FROM OCTOBER 2011:  Geez… everyone’s gettin’ all excited ’cause MeGo’s in a fat suit!  Honestly, what’s the big deal?  This has been done to death!  Oprah did it, Tyra did it… at least once a year someone gets dressed up … Continue reading

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We’ve done extensive research to find which Housewife tweets smarter than that of a 4th grade reading level.  The 4th grade level… unfortunately… is the average reading level for those who use twitter! SMOG AFTER an analysis of 1 million public … Continue reading


RHONJ Season Six, Episode One… “What A Difference A Plea Makes”… Premieres Sunday

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RHONJ Season Six, Episode One “What A Difference A Plea Makes”… premieres Sunday: Teresa Giudice and her husband, Joe, fight to keep their family intact as they embark on a very public legal battle for their freedom. Fortunately, Teresa has … Continue reading


Melissa Gorga: “My NEW House Is Just Like My OLD House”…

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NOTE:  This item was originally posted April 21, 2014. MeGo held a Q&A session at the Tampa Home and Garden Show in April 2014, where the emcee was waaay too excited in her introduction of Mego. The almost 20-minute chit-chat … Continue reading


RHONJ $100 PremiereParty Tickets…Order Now!… It’s For CHARITY!

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HURRY!!!  Get your tickets for the Real Housewives of New Jersey premiere party.  ONE ticket will cost you $100… oh yeah, there’s that Housewives fee of $5.99.  So, that’s $105.99.  That amount includes one glass of Fabellini and an hors … Continue reading


Da Gorgas “Scammed”… Let Loser Live In Their First “Dream” House… UPDATE: Renter Claims Gorga House Is Beaver Infested With Bad Plumbing!

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Da Gorgas are spread thin after entering into a purchase agreement with Kai Patterson who “bought”/rented their Montville marble mausoleum for the $3.8 million asking price, but is paying monthly rent, part of which will be applied toward ownership of … Continue reading


MORE GoBack Thursday!! From 2011…Missy And JoeyOrgan Eatin’ and Greetin’… Still “On Display”!… VIDEO

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FROM DECEMBER 2011…look at how far those Gorgans have come since this item from 2011!  They no longer make those crappy appearances at local spaghetti restaurants to sell MeGo’s CDs for $10! Melissa and Joe Gorga of the Real Housewives … Continue reading

RHONJ Preview: Joey’s Organ… Tree Steals Koma’s Desserts… HouseHusband Brawl

What would the RHONJ be without a scene about Joey Organ’s organ?  What would ANY Housewives show be without the fight at a dinner party?  Luckily, this dinner par-tay scene will be the last of KomaKathy and her disgusting pervert HouseHusband, RancidRichie.  BigGayRosie shows up 30 lbs lighter… maybe BGR can squeeze a spinoff about her weight loss from MissAndy.  To round things out, the HouseHusbands get into “disagreements.”  Oh yeah… James van Praagh tells Tree something that everyone already knows and  lil Gia is featured cryin’ her eyes out for her Daddy.  How much lower will Bravo stoop?   Never mind…we all know the answer.

RHONJ Goes To A Casino… Let The Fights Begin!

More of the same from the RHONJ… just the players are different.  Amber has taken MeGo’s place as the troublemaker; but, when it comes to takin’ sides, Amber aligns with the twin Napolitanos.  Tree and MeGo are now best friends…’cause they’re FAMBLY!   Amazing what a producer-induced Housewives’ script can do!

BLIND ITEM: Guess The Housewife!

From CDAN:

“This east coast Housewife should know that her husband has been seeing two different women on a fairly regular basis. I can’t believe the wife doesn’t know about them. It is not like he is trying too hard to hide.  Not Ramona Singer.  Not Teresa Giudice.  Not Melissa Gorga.”

NOTE:  “East Coast” includes Atlanta, New York, New Jersey and Miami…


From three years ago… June 2011:  Whatever happened to these chicks who were sitting around da Joodice house?  Are they still Tree’s BFFs??  Juicy was drinkin’ a bit and told Tree what he thought of Tree and her brother, Joey Organ… “I thought I got rid of youz”!


GO BACK THURSDAY: Gorga’s MoneyMaking Scheme… Sheree… FEBUS

From May 2011… Da Gorga’s had their money-making scheme in place! Well, Melissa and Joe Gorga have learned their lessons well from Joe’s more-experienced-in-ripping-off-making-money from being on TV sister, Real Housewives of New Jersey‘s Teresa Giudice. After paying off tax … Continue reading

RHONJ Season Six Preview: Premiering Sunday July 13… at 8 pm

How inter-essss-ting!  To assure big ratings, the RHONJ aka “The Tree and Juicy We’re Off To Jail Farewell Tour” has taken the Sunday air date and time of ATL…



HOUSEWIVES NEWS… TreeJoodice Ramoaner Chrisley JillZ GorgaJewelry LeAnn/Eddie

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  More bad news for Tree is that her once very popular cookbooks have stopped selling… according to TheBusinessInsider, cookbook sales are down 97%: According to figures from Nielsen BookScan, Giudice’s book, Fabulicious! On The Grill sold 5,920 copies from … Continue reading


Da Gorgas… First Housewives Couple In Playboy!?!?

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  MeGo havin’ some bikini beach photos taken for her and by her in Florida.  Hope you all know by now that the paps aren’t just hangin’ around waiting for these Housewives to appear… the Housewives PAY the paps to … Continue reading

RHONJ: Teresa Giudice’s Easter With The Kids…

What would a Tree Joodice item be if Tree wasn’t posin’ with her four daughters?  Tree HAS to keep that “motherly” image ingrained in everyone’s brain… otherwise, Tree would just be a scammin’ wife who was supporting her husband in his scammin’ ways!  The whole Joodice fambly (‘cept for Juicy, of course!) was posin’ in front of their marble mausoleum on Easter Sunday…




NOTE:  In another item re Tree Joodice, it was mentioned that da Joodices would have to sell their house because of their bankruptcy.  Bankruptcy laws PROTECT the family home.  Da Joodice’s ONLY reason for selling their house would be to pay for their astronomical legal fees…and, of course, to pay back the $11 million owed in restitution.  It will be interesting to see if Tree can part with her re-done house… Tree would have to live in a skeevy used house!!  YIKES!!!  But, hey… perhaps that’s the big prison lesson for Tree!  Imagine how many past occupants there have been in that prison cell!!






Would Tree have lived in any of her once-owned properties???


REAL HOUSEWIVES NEWS: Models Ghostwriters Ramoaner Alana AND MORE!!

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  What happens when you’re a “model” and your mother is no longer a Housewife???   You are no longer an “international” model and have to send out “selfies”!     SkankyJo poses in ANOTHER see-through dress.   NOTE:  It’s … Continue reading


HOUSEWIVES NEWS KKKelly BF… Miami Season Four… HagfaceKyle HairyLegs…GorgaBikini Shots… Ramoaner WITH Mario…

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Did ANYONE believe that total bullsh*t story about Ramoaner divorcing Mario????  Don’t wanna say “TOLDJA SO”… BUT… Ramoaner tweeted this cozy photo… Next announcement will be Ramoaner on a talk show explaining how much she LOVES Mario and they just … Continue reading