MessyG “Starring” At “LasVegas-Style” Club… In Connecticut!

MessyG got herself a brand new bag gig and she’s putting out the word a month in advance!!  In addition to selling her junky jewelry on HSN, Messy will appear at a LasVegas-style nightclub in Connecticut!!

melissa tweet melissa tweet

NOTE:  If MessyG had 1/1000000 of the talent found under JamesBrown’s fingernails, she actually could play… COWBELL!

(Thanks “anon”!!!)


The MessyG/ChineseBubbaJax “Mystery Source” Weak Link

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These chicks will do ANYTHING to stay relevant in the hopes of keeping their jobs.  According to ANOTHER “insider” mystery source item, MessyG is forging a friendship with ChineseBubbaJax.  Depending on which way the casting for the RHONJ goes, MessyG has … Continue reading


JUICYJOE: HIs Astonishingly Reckless Driving Record… “I would drive anyway even if I didn’t have a [expletive] license.”

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By the numbers, JoeGiudice was ticketed: Eight times for speeding. Five times each for driving a vehicle with a suspended license, for failing to observe a traffic control device, for unsafe operation of a vehicle and for improper passing or … Continue reading


TREE JOODICE: Sending Hate Mail To Brother JoeyOrgan From Danbury!

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Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in… … back into TreeJoodice’s BS, a day before “If It’s Tuesday, It Must Be Teresa”! A source close to The Real Housewives of New Jersey star tells ROL that … Continue reading



“ROMO” will receive the first copy of MissyG’s next book!  FinePrint:  Missy ran out of money for a ghostwriter.  Missy is still looking up words to use in the first sentence of her book.  Projected release date for MissyG’s book is August, 2028.

SH WITTY WEEKEND II: Caption This… Captioned!


“HBalls” will receive the actual necklace from MissyG’s HSN jewelry collection worn by MissyG during her Jamaica stay!!  FinePrint:  Upon receipt, the fine piece of jewelry may be extremely tarnished and/or in pieces. 


GUESS THE DRIVER!! Who’s Drivin’ MissJuicy??

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MissJuicy was out and about in Montville wearing his snazzy grey velour track suit. There were lots of photos taken of him, but the most important photo… showing who’s behind the wheel… was not taken!!   Cross JoeyOrgan and his … Continue reading


Housewives Selling Everything They Can Before Franchises OFFICIALLY Shut Down…KimZ Pulls “Mommy” Card

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These chicks are desperately pushing anything that comes their way before their shows are officially canceled.  While the Housewives shows are still cranking out new seasons, they are unofficially OVER. We simply cannot see any reason to subject ourselves to … Continue reading

Is MissyG Taking Over Tree’s Food Business?

Is MissyG trying to fill the vacancy left by Tree by selling food?  Will MissyG’s next step be selling ravioli??

gorga gorga

There are already paid PR people “begging” to buy it!!

gorga tweet ravioli melissa

And others who are suspicious…

gorga ravioli

(Thanks “romo”!!!)


FRIEND OF GORGA’S EMPORIO MOTORS UPDATE: Bobby Kahn Brother Arrested, Held On $1 Million Bail… Bobby Still A Fugitive

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From CliffviewPilot: The brother of fugitive Afzal “Bobby” Khan, a former Ramsey luxury car dealer wanted by federal authorities for defrauding dozens of customers and lenders, was being held on $1 million bail in the Bergen County jail following his … Continue reading


It’s a win-win situation … JoeyOrgan “Drivin’ Miss Juicy”!!

GORGA CAPTIONED driving miss Juicy!

Who Is The Other HW Who Turned Down Diving With The Stars?

From January 2013:

MissyG tweeted that she turned down “DangerDivingWithTheStars”… saying she was too skeered!  BigGayGreggy was there to tell her she shouldn’t be sayin’ that!

melissa diving tweet


NOTE:  If offered any “reality” competition show now, Missy would dive for it!!


Missy says that her music career is not just for fun … or a novelty!  Missy also says that her ‘fans’ are begging her to do a clothing line!  

NOTE:  The next time Missy is begging tweeters to ask questions, ask her about her singing “career”!

melissa gorga tweet questions

AND… an extra added bonus!  Watch Missy chew gum!!  A soundless symphony of lip-smacking cracks and pops better left to the imagination!

gum chewing


MissyG On BMB: Tried To Push Jewelry; Asked About FELONTree! … Missy Can’t Spell Braciole… Missy LIED!! Jewelry Made In CHINA, Not NYC!

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MissyGorga was on VH1’s BigMorningBuzz trying to push her junky jewelry yesterday, and as usual, the topic of FELONTeresa was broached by NickLachey.  (Nick is a surprisingly excellent interviewer!)  And, as usual, Missy has those lines about FELONTree memorized… Missy … Continue reading


Missy Forced To Talk About Tree As She Tries To Push Her Crappy Jewelry! AND… Asked For ID To Drink?!?

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BEFORE getting to Missy…does she really think that she was asked for ID because the bartender thought she was under 21???  Is she that dumb that she doesn’t know about bartenders complimenting age for bigger tips?? NOTE:  Before a guest … Continue reading


THE TOTAL BS HOUSEWIFE STORY OF THE DAY! MissyGorga Makin’ Big Bucks For RHONJ Comeback… Says “Mystery” Source!

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From the always reliable ROL… and those “mystery” sources!! “Bravo producers have decided the show must go on while Teresa Giudice sits in jail and her estranged sister-in-law is going to benefit from her lock up: has exclusively learned … Continue reading



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KimR breaks her twitter silence to wish her beautiful sister… who is ALWAYS there for her… a HappyBirthday! Tamballs’ son Ryan didn’t last long in Northern California. It appears he and his new family are moving to OC… MissAndy gets a … Continue reading


MissyGorga’s New Dog… “Saved At The Airport” Bogus Story

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MissyGorga’s hairdresser gifted a Pomeranian puppy to Missy.  Missy was very busy tweeting her followers to suggest names for her new puppy… as we told you four days ago. Missy’s followers wanted to know what happened to the other pomeranian … Continue reading


SH “HIT AND RUN”… Weekend Edition!

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MissyGorga is really pushing her stuff!   Someone is begging Missy to “write” another book!   And, not to be outdone by any dog-loving Housewife, Missy got herself one! Promise for a brighter day coming our way #SpringTime #HopefulAndDetermined #LymeDiseaseChallenge … Continue reading


A STRANGE PLEA FROM TREE FANS TO STOP THE MADNESS!! Why Were They Asking HagfaceKyle For Help?? What’s Going On With Lil Gia??

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NOTE:  It’s all great to support your incarcerated relative… and get them a “millions” followers…but, what does that prove or do for them?   The last sentence in this diatribe is perplexing… to say the least!   Is there a … Continue reading


Did Gorgas “Suggest” Homewrecker Traci Barber For RHONJ? WATCH Appearance Of Gorgas With TikiBarber And New Pregnant Wife On 2013 BFrankel Show…

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From the 2013 SH archives! It’s JoeyOrgan telling BFrankel that he doesn’t change diapers… but, Missy explains that JoeyO makes up for the dislike for diaper changing in so many other ways. And, look who’s also there… newly pregnant Traci … Continue reading

WHATEVER WEDNESDAY! Whatever Happened To JoeyOrgan’s Secretary?

There is some excruciatingly bad acting by MissyG as she questions JoeyOrgan about his “secretary”!  Whatever happened to JoeyOrgan’s secretary… and his business… and his office?


Tallmark Prances On Beach For Bikini Shots! RHONY Must Be Desperate For Viewers!

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SERIOUSLY???  Tallmark paying paps to shoot her while prancing on a beach in Miami… already?  Housewives don’t NORMALLY do bikini shots until after their season has premiered.  Could the RHONY be desperate for viewers?  Will the RHONY’s big “star” BFrankel … Continue reading


BEFORE THERE WAS THE HOUSEWIVES GAME ON WWHL… There Was The SH Questionnaire! Read MelissaGorga Answers From 2012… Wanted To Trade Places With NayNay!!

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ORIGINAL DATE:   April 27, 2012   Another Housewife came through and answered ALL the questions posed to her!!!       Q:  What is the first word that comes to mind when you see a photo of Andy Cohen? A:  CUTE Q: … Continue reading