WHATEVER WEDNESDAY! Whatever Happened To These NJ HouseHusband’s? AND… The “Sexy” Gorgas??

Are they still pushing SizzleTans?   OR… have all of their “career” opportunities dried up since their Housewife wives are swirling the drain fast?

gorga sizzle tans

gorga wakile sizzle tans

AND… we really have to ask!!!  Whatever happened to the Gorga’s “we’re sexy” persona??  Gorga’s gave sex tips for marriage after their appearance on DrOZ back in September 2013.  Whatever happened to those SEXY Gorgas??

Whatever Wednesday… Whatever Happened To Melissa’s “Singing” Career???

“Bringing the party to Orlando FL!”   Says Johnny Wright…

rhonj melissa gorga johnny wright

Where’s MelissaGorga?  

 FF to around the :28 mark…In 2011, Melissa explains her passion and “On Display”!  Missy also slams RHONY LuAnnie…

NOTE:  For anyone who thinks that Melissa is too old to participate in JohnnyWright’s PopNationTour… keep in mind that Melissa did the tour in Orlando two years ago when she was 36 (or around that age)!!



MELISSA GORGA: The “Official” Video… MeGo at “Red Hot and Boom” In Orlando…Doin’ Same Dance Moves Since 2011…

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Yes, da Gorgas even brought their kids to watch mommy…and Missy shows off her gum-chewin’ techniques.   Why the need for backup dancers??  Of course, the REAL performance is overdubbed with the auto-tuned version!   Just for the hell of … Continue reading

The Joe Giudice Joe Gorga Fight CONTINUED … “We’re Goin’ Home”… “What Is That Black Stuff?”

WHAT IS THAT BLACK STUFF?”… starts around the 4:30 mark!


It’s Ron Popeil’s GLH Formula aka “SprayOnHairColor… For Men!”

Keep in mind that MeGo is a serious vocalist who shares her talent in the best of venues… which is why she could not contribute to the melee physically!


MELISSA GORGA: MeGo’s SuperSecret Recording!… Listen And WATCH MeGo Without Auto Tune!!

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October 20, 2012 It’s Melissa Gorga!  Caught in pre-production for her latest video! JillZarin was invited to MeGo’s latest rehearsal of a video recording session for her newest, bestest and goodest ever song.  Jillz took the same recording devices she … Continue reading


Real Housewives of New Jersey: Melissa Gorga… Responds To Teresa Giudice… AND… MeGo’s Comparing Herself to Britney…

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Melissa Gorga… Melissa Gorga responded to Tree Joodice’s take about what happened at the Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion Show via twitter… Melissa also tweeted this… which, IMO, is pathetic: Seriously, Melissa??  Seriously??  Comparing yourself to Britney??  Now THAT’S … Continue reading