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AMY’S BAKING COMPANY UPDATE: Will The GRAND Re-Opening Actually Happen Today??… The Bougazlo’s Get Letter From “Kitchen Nightmares”… Stops Their Tell-All Conference… Radio Interview Continues… ABC Does NOT Have “Wait Staff”!… Amy Swears That ALL Desserts Are Made In-House!

Will Amy and Samy’s grand re-opening of their restaurant, Amy’s Baking Company, really take place later today? Since announcing their “revenge” plan to prove that ABC is a great restaurant and not just an imaginary […]

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JACQUELINE LAURITA: BubbaJax’ For “Parenting Magazine” As “Guest Editor”… Son’s Autism is No Longer “Shameful Secret”… Says That The RHONJ is A “Meaningless, Drama-Filled” Series.

As you are all well aware, JaxLaurita was chosen by Parenting Magazine… not to be confused with the better-known and more respected “PARENTS” Magazine… as a ‘guest editor’ to speak with Parenting Magazine’s readers about […]

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