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LOOKIN’ BACK AT THOSE MAURICIO UMANSKY CHEATING RUMORS!.. Toldja That Mo-Reese Cheating Would Be Storyline… Kyle Says That Cheating ONCE Is OK, Just Don’t Tell! VIDEO

ORIGINALLY POSTED APRIL 3, 2013… RE-POSTED OCTOBER 25, 2013   NOTE:  Let’s take a look back at those MORRIS CHEATING RUMORS… as predicted, Morris’ “cheating” will be HagfaceKyle’s storyline on this season of the RHOBH. […]

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LISA VANDERPUMP: LisaWLIAVDBTR’s Boring Blah, Blah, Blah BravoBlog… LisaVPump CONFIRMS That Sites Make Up Stories Which She Reads!… Seriously, Did ANYONE Believe That There’s A SEX TAPE With LisaWLIAVDBTR And MO-Reese???

Hello. So what do we have this week? Well it was Ken’s birthday.  Kyle said that Mauricio had his a short while ago without celebrating so we decided to do a joint birthday. Ken would prefer […]

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LISA VANDERPUMP: LisaVPump Saved From Elimination on “Dancing With The Stars”… Lisa’s RHOBH Housewives Were There For Support And Filming BH Next Season… Wynonna Judd Gets Da Boot…

Lisa Vanderpump was saved from da boot on last night’s “Dancing With the Stars” elimination episode. LisaVPump may not be in the ‘best dancer’ category in the DWTS competition for the mirror ball  trophy… BUT, […]

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