MARY AMONS: EX-DC Housewife Wants Back On “Reality” TV… Says That Being A Housewife Is “Power”!

RHODC mary amons

Quite an interesting interview with EX-DC Housewife, Mary Amons, who tells about her experience as a Housewife.   The MOST interesting part of the interview was Mary’s reasons for wanting to be back on “reality” TV:

Part of why I want to go back on TV too is that I also love the positive influence I can have on people. I have so much more of a chance to inspire people, and be a positive influence. This inspires me to stay grounded, humble, and working hard to achieve my personal best!

This is definitely power — a power I did not have before the show. I think about this a lot, as the power of influence can be used for good or evil… I always want to use my power for good.  I want to encourage and inspire people to be their best. I want to do this, whether on another reality show or my own lifestyle show, maybe both!

NOTE:  Good grief!!  Once they’re a Housewife, they just never let go of that desire to be back on “reality” TV!  MaryAmons is going the “dropping hints via interviews” to let anyone who will listen that she’s available for filming… immediately!  Mary’s “hinting” is in contrast to her fellow EX-DC Housewife, Lynda Erkilitian, who never lets MissAndy forget that she’s ready for her close up via twitter.  

The DC Housewives attempt at getting attention and staying relevant via interviews and twitter is NOTHING compared to the EX-NewYork Housewives!  JillZarin and Silex have been campaigning to get themselves back on “reality” TV since they got da BravoBoot!  

JillZ and Silex are the Rev Al and Jesse of booted ‘wives… anything Housewives-related and there they are!!   Speakin’ of “Rev” Al, he infected the BravoClubhouse and MissAndy was crawlin’ all over the bobblehead…. the “Rev” is all for gay rights! 

The only thing we care about in regard to the DC Housewives is whatever happened to Sparkle!!!!  We wanna know!!!





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