RHONJ REUNION FASHIONS: Where Did Manzoid And BubbaJax Get Their Hideous Reunion Dresses??… Creations From PrinceAlbie’s EX!!

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ORIGINALLY POSTED SEPTEMBER 30… Yes, that horrendous dress was made by PrinceAlbie’s EX!  A “fashion/expert/designer”??  She’s as much a fashionista as LapBandLauren is a supermodel! OH MY GAWD!!  DonCaro must be really wantin’ PrinceAlbie’s EX to stick around!  Otherwise, why … Continue reading

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MANZOID: DonCaro’s Cliche Talk Show…

In a chat with HollywoodLife before the RHONJ season began, DonCaro kinda likes that idea of her very own talk show.  DonCaro’s would be the very first talk show to talk totally in cliches!


NOTE:  Contrary to the rumors of its demise, DonCaro’s ‘competition,’ KrisJenner’s talk show was NOT canceled


MANZOIDS: Who’s Gonna Watch Their New Spinoff?… Is This What To Expect???… PrinceAlbie Concerned About His Resume!!… Will PrinceAlbie Be Stuck In “Reality” Show Revolving Door?

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The SH poll is a reflection of Bravo viewers … and poll results have shown that the planned Bravo spinoff starring da Manzoids will not have many interested in watchin’ the trials and tribulations of DonCaro, PrinceAlbie, Critterfur and the … Continue reading


CAROLINE MANZO: DonCaro Chats Before Meeting Her Fans… Door-Bustin’ Throngs At Book Signing!

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DonCaro enthusiastically answers questions before meeting the throbbing throngs of her fans who were bustin’ down the door before her Mall of  America book signing. After accepting the description of being the “motherly figure” on the RHONJ, daDon explains the … Continue reading


CAROLINE MANZO: DonCaro’s BOYZ Goin’ To FL… Where is The MONEY Going?

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There is nothing I would like better than to expose a charity scam!   Especially if it involves any of the Housewives! Was hoping that da Manzoid “BOYZ” visit to the Whole Foods store in FL involved a charity scam! … Continue reading


REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY: Who Will Be Returning Rumors… AND… Interesting Emails From “FriendOfGiudices”… Will Sheila Giudice Be A Housewife?

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November 12, 2012   The Real Housewives of New Jersey is presently filming season FIVE. The following info comes from a pretty reliable source, which got the info from THEIR source.   So, not sure whether to give this all … Continue reading