YOLANDA FOSTER: The RHOBH Are “A Bunch Of Clowns”! Just Using RHOBH To Get Her Own “Lifestyle” Show!

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From December 2013:  David Foster blabs to a TorontoPaper about his career goals and then talks about Yolanda Foster and her REAL reasons for being a clown on the RHOBH!  In an interview re David Foster’s quest to win a … Continue reading

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KingD Says AGAIN That The RHOBH Is Not REAL… And Addresses Divorce Chat!

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  In this very narcissistic interview with HauteLiving, David Foster once again bursts the bubble of all those who still think that the RHOBH has any shred of reality… and makes sure that he mentions those divorce “rumors”! “…nor does … Continue reading


Yoda **cough, cough** “Fights For Life” With LymeDisease!

From ETOnine… Yoda will be on the Doctors today to ‘splain her LymeDisease ordeal and how she fought for her life!  Yoda says that her symptoms started four months before marrying KingDavid…   NOTE:  “TheDoctors” is produced/owned by KingDavid’s BFF’s … Continue reading


BAD NEWS FOR YODA: New Study… “Is Lyme Disease The Next AIDS”?

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A new study from WholeHealthInsider concludes that many people who THINK they contracted Lyme Disease from a deer tick may be NOT have contracted the disease from a tick, but from sexual contact! For years, Lyme’s disease was thought to … Continue reading

YOLANDA FOSTER: Yoda’s Modeling Mini-Me… Begs Mom To Never Stop That Clown Show!!

YODA’s mini-me wore some **cough, cough**  ***eye rolls***  “FABULOUS” outfits at NYFW!

Alana (allegedly) was overheard chatting with other models saying that her mother better never stop bein’ on that show with those Housewives clowns… ’cause Alana doesn’t wanna be another “model” has-been at 18 like that Staub chick!  Alana allegedly also said that she hates lemons and refuses to wear the color yellow on any of her modeling assignments!

The 18-year old model—who you might recognize as the daughter of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Foster—opened and closed Jeremy Scott’s sporty show as well as walked in Desigual.


RHOBH yolanda house


If you haven’t seen YODA’s $27.5 million house for sale… see SH February 11, 2014!

YOLANDA FOSTER: On GMA This Morning… Why She’s Selling Malibu House… Where Is David Foster???

How strange.   How very strange.

Yolanda Foster obviously filmed this spot, which aired on GoodMorningAmerica this morning, to coincide with putting her over-inflated asking price of $27.5 million Malibu house up for sale PUBLICLY yesterday.   IMO, selling her house is the REAL reason for the GMA spot… but, it will be chalked up as YODA performing a PSA for LymeDisease!

What is “strange” about YODA, her house sale and all the PR she’s doing???

The  Foster’s Malibu house has been for sale PRIVATELY for the last several years…

  • The fact that YODA’s brain has decreased to 40% capacity (her words… she probably meant to include the word “functioning”!)…. but, is still functioning well enough to handle interviews and more than likely continue on the RHOBH!
  • her life is too stressful… but not stressful enough to stop interviews to sell her house!
  • she just discovered that her daughters will no longer be living in the house…but, she knew that while attempting to privately sell her house for the past few years!

Even stranger… where is David Foster????  Kinda strange that KingD isn’t around to assist his stressed-out debilitated wife…


YOLANDA FOSTER: What Will Happen? Will YODA Get Her Own Lifestyle Show And Get Away From Those RHOBH Clowns?

rhobh yo brain

In this recent interview, YODA tells why she agreed to be a Beverly Hills Housewife.

YODA and KosherKyle are shown pickin’ lemons to prepare for the ten-day MasterCleanse.  Whilst up in the lemon grove, you can see how far the Pacific really is and you can also hear the traffic… and that is with audio editing.

YODA also says that other women can live through her, ’cause others haven’t traveled the world or done anything that she’s done, lived or experienced.   NOTE:  We’re givin’ this delusional statement from YODA 3337464 eye rolls!

eye roll gif

Highlights:  at the 2:10 mark YODA explains that she lost 40% of her brain… at the 4:25 mark talks about her starring role on the Dutch version of the RHOBH.  YODA says that her role on the Dutch Housewives show was to “inspire” women.

We at SH have been following YODA while she was on the Dutch Housewives show… one of our long-time reader/commenters “sd” travels to Holland on a regular basis and had been keeping all at SH apprised of YODA’s activities!



YODA on DutchHousewives show preparing for marriage to KingDave:

NOTE:  IMO, and as stated before YODA was officially crowned the replacement for Camille Grammer, was shocked that DavidFoster would agree to be a part of another “reality” show, as “Princes of Malibu” was the last straw which led to the DavidFoster/LindaThompsonJennerFoster divorce.


Let’s take a look back at some statements which come directly from the parties involved… KingD and YODA!

On TheView in early 2013… KingD starts to chat about YODA’s “platform” on the RHOBH, which is to sell her “romance” illusion and products.  KingD also says that YODA won’t get caught up in all that Housewives chaos… she’s above all that!

An earlier interview… from 2012!  YODA swears that she’s never watched the RHOBH.  And why should she???  YODA played the part for years on the Dutch version!  At the 2:05 mark, KingD and YODA say that nothing will ever come between them, especially not a “reality” show!!!

What will YODA do???  Will YODA continue on the RHOBH even though her brain capacity has dwindled and she needs less stress in her life??  WHY would YODA want to re-up?  The answer is VERY clear!

Here’s why YODA will continue:  Like ALL of her colleagues, YODA has a vested interest in playing her part on the RHOBH.  YODA has stuff she wants you to buy and also has an entire “lifestyle” she wants you to buy into!  YODA’s whole schtick is based on her and KingD’s “romance”… which she wants eventually to evolve into her very own “reality” show based on her healthy, fit and romantic lifestyle.

Contrary to what YODA has stated on twitter re SH “trash talking” about her, ALL items re YODA and KingD are straight from their own mouths or from public information!  SH requested YODA to point out ANY errors on any items re her on SH… as usual, YODA continues to “trash talk” about SH; however, has never pointed out any inaccuracies.  ‘Cause there are none.



KingD said in this December 4, 2013 interview with a Toronto paper that YODA told him that all those BeverlyHills Housewives that she works with are “clowns” and that what YODA really wants is her own “lifestyle” show.  IMO, it’s pretty clear that KingD views the RHOBH with a bit of contempt… could KingD have been goin’ along with YODA bein’ a BH Housewife until she lands her own show, at which time he could bow out??

David reveals that the REAL reason Yolanda is doing the RHOBH is:

“… She’s doing it for a specific reason, and her reason is that she wants to have a … lifestyle and fitness show.”

David continues:

“She’s also been sick with Lyme disease for going on two years now, so she’s battling that, and she wants to tell her story. So she thinks — and she’s right —that

(the) Beverly Hills housewives show is a platform for her to tell her Lyme story and to get her point across and then to catapult her to the show that she ultimately wants to do.

David then explains that Yolanda says that the RHOBH is a bunch of clowns… tryin’ to make a living:

“The Beverly Hills show, like she says, is just a bunch of clowns trying to make a living,” he adds.  It’s a show about nothing basically but people seem to like it.   

Yolanda seems to enjoy it and I think she comes across very classy on the show and doesn’t really engage much in all the banter that goes on.

Also in the mix for YODA’s consideration is keeping her daughter’s “modeling” careers going.  Alana and the other one need to be associated with their mother’s “fame” to keep booking those “modeling” jobs… or they will shoot right down the model daughter’s of Housewives abyss ala “international modeling sensation” ChristineStaub!

RHOBH Yolanda Gigi Hadid pg

There is something just not sitting right re YODA and her “official” reasons for selling off her dream Malibu house, especially the **insert eye rolls here** “I can’t take care of my five (but are actually three) ACRES of house”!   Who the hell was taking care of the lemon house and acreage for the past several years??  YODA has been shown with plenty of help around her “estate”… so, we’re callin’ BS on that lame excuse!

gif bs

Are the Foster’s preparing for divorce???  The bloom is definitely off that rose and perhaps that moldy vase water is beginning to smell… time to throw it out and start anew.  IMO, all signs point in the divorce direction, however, we’ll just have to wait and see…


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