SH “HIT AND RUN” MONDAY: Tamra Barney… “BuyMyStains”… Adrienne Maloof…”FireTrauma!!”… PHilton “Appearing On RHOBH?”…

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July 2, 2012  11:30 am   UPDATE 4:15 pm Who wants Tamballs old, used, sweaty, stained items that have been pressed against her skin by the hot California sun?   YOU can actually OWN one of Tamballs castoffs!  Tamballs is … Continue reading

LISA VANDERPUMP: Lisa’s Last House “Burn Baby, Burn!”… 120 Firefighters, 1 Injured!… VIDEO

June 30, 2012  7:50 pm    NOTE:  A dark, scruffy man screaming in a second story window was spotted by Adrienne Maloof, a neighbor whose husband, Paul Nassif reported the fire.  The scorching flames were dangerously close as firefighters quickly smashed the window with old-fashioned fire axes to save the man!  It was later revealed that the man had been squatting in an  800 sq. ft. sweater closet in the 35-room mansion since the sale of the home!  The man was identified as only “Cedric”…

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